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Tues, 4 Sep 07 - Episode # 4497

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Emotions Poles Apart “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 4 Sep 07 - Episode # 4497)

Note – I didn’t see the 1st few minutes of this ep [buses, rain, traffic etc] and there is no Readers Digest version from a family member either.

VAN PARK HOUSE : As the girls [sally, Leah, Martha, pippa, little Pippa, Cass, Rachel, Irene, Colleen etc] get themselves ready for the wedding, Rachel talk to Amt. Rachel insists that she really should have told Martha about henks’ history etc.

Pippa raises a toast to the big occasion that is to come today – and to great friends.

RACHEL'S PLACE : As the boys [Dan, Alf, Brad[ get ready, brad insists that he is not drinking before the wedding. Ric enters – he tells bard that she found the wed rings, but they weren’t where he expects Henk to have them.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Rachel enters the living room – after having finished gett8ng ready. Leah comments that it’s now Sally’s turn to get all frocked up. Leah goes with Sally as she begins to head upstairs – and then Sally expressed her concerns about how she is still very unsure about all of this. Indeed sally thinks that this has ALL been rushed.

HOSPITAL : Henk is quite surprised when Cass enters his room. She insists that she has to know why he did what he did to Rachel. Henk explains that he was weak at the time, and that although he’s been in rehab etc since, when he saw Rachel again recently, it’s like NOTHING had changed in him. Cass insists to Henk that she should see that he’s a bad man etc, but she doesn’t, and that she is willing to continue their relationship.

RACHEL'S PLACE : As the boys continue to get ready, Dan &^ bard accidentally bump into each other, and fruit juice form Dan’s glass is spilled onto brad’s shirt. Brad insists that he’s have to go h9ime and get another one.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Fisher comments on the girls all acting like models whilst their photos are being taken. All are also waiting to see the bride, but when sally does emerge, its’; just as brad enters the house. Colleen comments all the bad luck thing, whilst sally is more interested in finding out where Cass is – Maddie looks away sheepishly.

HOSPITAL : Cass insists that she can see that henk can work through his problems etc, but Henk is well against the idea of any further involvement with Cass. Brad & Martha rive – and brad “suggests” that henk should stay away form Cass. Henk then gives brad something that is in a little red pouch – not sure what, assume wed related.

VPH : Cass enters with Martha, and sally insists that they will talk after the wedding. As Cass heads upstairs, maddie tells her that she couldn’t avoid telling them where Cass was – and the latter insists that she IS going back to the hospital after the ceremony.

Back in the main room, pippa is holding her little namesake – and when little pippa sees a photo of Flynn & sally on the mantelpiece, she calls out “daddy”, which means to affect sally a little

HOSPITAL : Henk wonders trod r young if he can be transfer to another hospital – preferably far away form this place. Dr young insists that it’s not wise given henk’s injuries, but it can be arranged. Henk “suggest” that the predations etc be made.

WED LOCATION [NEAR SURF CLUB] : All appear set for the big occasion, with a sizable marquee etc, and chairs with bows on them. All; the men of the weeding party are there. Indeed, bard asks Dan to be his best man – and Dan accepts. The rings are handed to him, whilst Martha says that the girls will be here soon.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally comments to pippa, Leah etc that her shoes are killing her – and worse still, sally never got around to writing or rehearsing her vow. The likes of pippa insists that sally can make is tough this but she isn’t so sure.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Soon after, with the others [Rachel, Cass, colleen etc] gone outside already, Leah & fisher do likewise, leaving only pippa & sally in the house.

Sally insists to pippa that this is all too much – and that she CAN’T marry brad today!!!! [END OF EP]


Will there actually BE a wedding???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Martha – electric blue spaghetti strap dress

SILVER : Sally – ivory satin low cut thin strap [wed] dress

BRONZE : Maddie – light peach thin strap dress


Alf - white button up shirt/maroon tie/dark suit

Brad - white button up shirt/silver tie/dark suit

Cass – grey [with a sky blue band at the waist] halter dress

Colleen – purple [white floral] dress

Dan - white button up shirt/sky blue tie/dark suit

Dr Young - white button up shirt//dark suit

Fisher - white button up shirt/dark tie/dark suit

Irene – royal blue low cut dress

Leah – grey [with a black cross over the bust] dress/sky blue hair band

Little Pippa – blue denim overalls [with baby pink top beneath]

Little Pippa – ivory satin dress

Pippa – maroon elbow length sleeves v neck top/white lacy skirt

Rachel – dark stylish grey dress

Ric - white (with purple horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Ric – white button up shirt/sky blue tie/dark suit

Sally – red v neck top/bone shorts

Sally – silver satin [wed prep] nightgown

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