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Mon, 3 Sep 07 - Episode # 4496

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ How To Save A Life “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 3 Sep 07 - Episode # 4496)

DINER FLAT : Rachel & to a lesser extent Martha berate Henk, whilst Cass bails form, the scene [in kinda disgust at Rachel etc. Rachel bails – to go after Cass, whilst Martha “suggests” that Henk should put some clothes on.

CLEARING NEAR DINER : Rachel catches up with Cass. She suggests that Cass shouldn’t be with Henk for reasons that Rachel doesn’t want to go into. A decent verbal duel twen the two ensues – and the nearby Fisher wonders if he can help the situation. Cass uses fisher’s approach as a way of get away form Rachel.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Alf, Ric, Dan, Leah, Sally & Brad are taking about the upcoming wedding when Cass enters, closely followed by Rachel. The news about Cass/Henk is told by Rachel or Cass to the assembled group. Cass quickly bails upstairs – leaving Rachel with a world of intrigued looks from the others.

DINER FLAT : Martha verbally lays into Henk about how enlightened he was claiming to be. She then tells him that she wants Henk out of the flat [permanently] in next 15 mins.

VAN PARK HOUSE : On back patio, Rachel slowly & way emotionally at tomes tells Brad about what happened 8 years ago on THAT trip overseas. Brad is clearly NOT impressed, and he exits – with Ric not far behind.

DINER FLAT/DINER : Henk is about to exit when Brad enters – and flattens him, with a punch to the face. Brad lays into Henk again – and this causes him to tumble down the internal stairs into the diner kitchen. The likes of Irene & Colleen are stunned at what’s happened – and Ric is too.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally enters Cass’s room and talks to her about her relationship with Henk. The emotional Cass insists that she REALLY likes Henk, and nothing anyone can say will change that.

Downstairs, Leah tells Alf & Dan that although she knows what all this is about, she’s not at liberty to tell them.

DINER : The ambulance officers wheel Henk out of the diner, and moments later, Rachel enters. She can tell that Brads’ “perhaps” gone too far.

VAN PARK HOUSE : The, likes of sally & Alf get the info that Henk has been taken to hospital. Sally once more goes updaters and talks to Cass. She tells Cass that hospital info, but she “suggests” that she doesn’t want Cass to go to the hospital. Cass says that she won’t, but not long after Sally exits the room, Cass does a Kirsty and goes out the window.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Later, Brad & Alf are talking on the back patio. Brad can’t believe that Rachel hid this form him – especially even after he invited Henk to they bay t be his best man. Alf insists that there’s nothing that he can so about that now – but Alf suggetsthat Brad should be by Sally’s side at the moment [given all that’s happened].

HOSPITAL : Dr Young talk to Rachel about Henk. Young says that Henk is insisting that he fell down some stairs, but his wounds indicate that he was punched etc. Dr young further comments that he doesn’t know why someone wouldn’t want that person who attacked them charged.

Cass arrives and she goes into henk’s room. She tells him about how ppl not want her t see Henk again – but then Henk tells Cass what he did to Rachel. Although it at 1st looked as though Cass was even going to take that in her stride, she is then taken aback and has a look of horror on her face.

HOSPITAL : Soon after, Cass approach Rachel, and she apologises for not listening to Rachel. They hug [Cass is way in tears btw].

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric is on the phone – sound like its Rachel on other end telling him about where Cass is. When call ends, Ric tries to tell sally that it was wrong number, but is forced to admit tho her about Cass being at hospital.

Sally is keen to go get Cass herself, but Ric volunteers. Ric the bails.

HOSPITAL : Cass & Rachel talk about what happened to Rachel. Cass can way identify when Rachel says that she [rach] seemed ashamed even when she shouldn’t be.

Nearby, henk’s vital signs take a nose dive, and dr young & Rachel begin to try to revive him.

DINER : The likes of Leah & dan & colleen are rather surprised when fisher tells that about Cass/Henk, whilst there are questions about whether the wedding WILL take place morrow afertre all. Leah insists that it will – whilst colleen suggests that they are get their beauty sleep.

HOSPITAL : Hank goes into cardiac arrest – Rachel uses te “crash cart” to try to revive. Rachel insists that henk is NOT going to die.

HOSPITAL : The battle to save henk’s life continues - - before he is FINALLY bought back into the land of the living.

VAN PARK HOUSE : After having got word about henk, sally, Brad, Ric & Cass talk about the situation.

When Ric & Cass bails upstairs, sally wonders to brad if they should get marry morrow – after all that’s occurred. Brad is headstrong, and says that they should, but sally doesn’t look so keen on the idea [END OF EP]


it's all set for the wedding - but will Sally's secret prevent bthe happy day form occuring???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Rachel – black velvety plunge v neck halter top/black [orange leafy motifs] skirt/black long pants

SILVER : Leah – red spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE : Sally - bone v neck dress


Alf - bright blue polo shirt/bone long pants

Brad – white t/white [blue tropical motifs] board shorts

Cass – blue [white tropic motifs]/white spaghetti strap top/grey long pants

Colleen – purple blouse/sky blue long skirt

Dan – green polo shirt

Dan – green t/dark shorts

Dr Young - olive green button up shirt/dark long pants

Fisher - red button up shirt/denim jeans

Irene - cream [with apricot floral motifs] plunge v neck top/white long pants

Martha – grey strapless dress

Ric - black (white typed alphabet) t shirt/ green & white (rising sun motif) board shorts

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