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Friday, 31 Aug 07 - Episode # 4495

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ And I Thought 'Princess' Dani Was Bad !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Friday, 31 Aug 07 - Episode # 4495)

DINER : Whilst everyone [incl Irene, Alf, colleen] are congratulate Sam & jack, Sam insists that she was hoping o keep the info secret until after sally’s wed. Martha congratulates Sam – buit then as she goes to exit, Alf approach her. Martha sys that she’s got to get something form upstairs for the sally weeding prep.

VPH : Sally & brad are talking about fisher – sally hopes that he at lased have enough money to go to see the cancer stricken Marilyn.

Henk enters – he wheels on more beer for the wed reception. When Henk wells in onto the back patio, [the annoying] Cass deliberately flirts with him by putting her uncovered legs up on the table – naturally when sally briefly comes out onto the back patio, Cass pus her legs back under the table etc.

DINER FALT : Alf enters – and wonders if Martha is a tad upset bey the news. Martha insists that she is happy for jack/Sam – but she has to do this wed prep stuff right now. Alf could tell that Martha was unconvincing but he didn’t push the point.

DINER : The likes of jack. Dan *& Alf insists that bread is going to have a bucks party whether he likes it or not, whilst the girls [incl Rachel, Sam, colleen] talks about sally’s hens party.

VPH : Brad insists that he’s not going to have a buck’s party. Naturally, Ric enters just as sally & brad are kissing and Ric makes a comment about how “perhaps” sally & brad should get married.

Henk enters, which Cass like, but he’s just her to get the wed rings.

DINER : Rachael tells Leah that she has a feeling that Henk & Cass are going way close, whilst when Henk tells Alf, jack & Dan that brad isn’t keen on a buck party, they insist that it’s not up to brad.

RACHEL’S PALCE : Sam tells Rachel that she & jack were planning on their announcement to be more discreet that it was [with Rory blurt it out and all]. Sam joyously tells Rachel how waaaaaaay happy she is.

DINER FLAT : Jack enters –and he wonders about Martha’s kinda sullen mood. She eventually admits to him that they are NOT divorced.

DINER FLAT : Jack wonders how that [not divorced] could be. Martha says that she ripped up & three away the divorce papers. Henk enters – and jack bails. Henk comments to Martha that he thinks that he just interrupt something.

RACHEL’S PALCE : Jack arrives home, and he is most impressed by the candlelit diner that Sam was prepared. Sam suggetsthat she wishes that they could be the ones get married in a few days [instead of sally & brad]. Jack agrees – but you can tell that he is thinking of the whole Martha thing when he says it.

VPH : Next day, the likes of colleen, Cass & sally are all set to get for the hens party. The boys [jack, Dan, Alf etc] arrive – and them they bails – along with brad & Ric to go to the buck party [which will involve a game of footy on the beach etc].

RACHEL’S PALCE / BEACH : The next few scenes are a mesh of both the bucks and the hen’s party.

As the girls drink champagne at Rachel’s house, beer is the choice for the boys on the beach – and whilst the bys play football [rugby league, that is]. The girls give sally several presents – incl an great old style oval shaped mirror and some racy red underwear [no prices for guessing what colleen had to say about that].

Back at the beach, Henk dives to catch a bad pass – and dislocates his finger. Although Henk inlet keen on the idea, Alf & co suggest that it’s best if they take him to see Rachel.

RACHEL PALCE : Rachel uses all her medical knowledge etc to quickly push henbk’s finger back into place. She give him same painkillers ec.

Sam tells sally and the other that she has to bail – to get to work.

Irene & co then suggest that the boy’s shopuld bails, but sally thinks that there is certainly enough food to go around for the boys to stay. Colleen suggests that that they’ll need some more champagne, which Martha says that she will get.

VPH : Martha is on the back patio [get the champahne] when jack approaches. He wants to finish their previous shat. Martha insists that just before she rec’d the divorce papers, she &n jack got friendly again, and she wished that she hadn’t rec’d them. Then the whole boat disaster happened, and she destroyed the divorce parrs and wanted to tell jack that, but when she wanted to do that she discovered that jack had bought Sam back dorm the city etc. Martha insist that she didn’t think that jack would just “dump” Sam again after bring her back to bay so she stayed quiet – not knowing that jack/Sam would get engaged etc so quickly.

There’s muichly an unease as jack, and then Martha, bail.

RACHEL PALCE : At the now combined party, there’s are comments about Henk having sushi a good nurse in Cass, wilts sally talk to brad about how she is feeling uneasy about recent events. Thing then get worse – Ric & Dan had been throwuing football to each other, and naturally, a misdirected pass smashes THAT mirror. [Great shot of sally looking into her now fractured present].

HOSPITAL : Sam is rather surprised when jack approaches her with some flowers. She comments to a nearby patient of her that this is the Jack that she’s always talking about.

Jack then tells Sam about how now both parties are combined at Rachel’s place.

RACHEL PALCE : Colleen and esp. the girls comment on both the bad luck aspect of the mirror break, and the fact that they shouldn’t have let the boys in.

In te corridor, Henk comments to [the now tiara wearing] Cass that he isn't feeling the best. Cass suggests that she should take him home, and as Rachel enters the corridor, she can see that her suspicions about Henk & Cass seem to be correct. She doesn’t actually say anything about it though – she does give him stronger drugs for the pain.

DINER FLAT : Cass & henk are already kissing when they enter. Items of clothing are shed are the 2 pash. They then enter the bedroom.

DINER FLAT : Soon after, Rachel & Martha enter the house, and they are shocked to find Henk & Cass in BED together!!!!! - thankfully the pair are no longer in the throws of passion [END OF EP]


The wedding is approaching – but will Sally’s nervous feelings prove to be too much???

Someone is fighting for their life in hospital – Rachel insists that she is NOT going to let this person die!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Leah – red spaghetti strap dress

SILVER : Irene - cream [with apricot floral motifs] plunge v neck top/white long pants

BRONZE : Sam – cream V neck ruffled “old school” dress


Alf - bright blue button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf – brown & white check button up shirt/bone long pants

Brad - light blue long sleeve top

Brad – white t/white [blu tropical motifs] board shorts

Cass – pink singlet top [with white spagheeti strap top neath/grey long pants/tiara

Cass – red [with white tropic motifs] short shorts/black [with dark splotches] bikini top

Colleen – pruple blouse/sky blue long skirt

Colleen – purple & yellow floral top

Dan – green t/dark shorts

Dan - light blue & grey polo shirt

Henk – black v neck t/light blue shorts

Henk – maroon shirt/dark shorts

Irene - white [with gold, sky blue & brown swirls etc] top

Jack - green, yellow & white (with a yellow ’5” on the left side of his chest) polo shirt

Jack - grey [green BONT logo] singlet/white board shorts

Leah - orange halter top

Little Pippa – green [red floral] dress

Martha - black ruffle collared v neck top [with grey halter top ‘neath]

Martha – grey strapless dress

Rachel – black [with grey swirls on the lower half] v neck dress

Rachel – dark blue dress/red beaded necklace

Ric - black (white typed alphabet) t shirt/ green & white (rising sun motif) board shorts

Ric – black board shirts/white t

Rory – red [white butterfly? Motif] t

Sally - bone v neck dress

Sally – red v neck top/black knee length skirt

Sam - grey scoop neck t/light blue jacket

Sam – mauve polo shirt/denim jeans

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