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Thursday, 30 Aug 07 - Episode # 4494

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I Hope There’s Nothing To Worry About “

(Screened in Australia on Thursday, 30 Aug 07 - Episode # 4494)

Note – the info below for the scenes pre the 1st ad break are VERY muchly the Reader’s Digest version [relayed to be by a family member] as my bus was running late

BEFORE 1ST AD BREAK ACTION : Rory IS able to persuade Annie into NOT hitching with the car that awas approaching.

Naturally, “everyone” in the bay is frantic about the missing kids – especially Irene & Sam – the latter has a MAJOR go at jack for all of this.

Meanwhile, Cass & Henk spend some time together ion a dessertered beach – and on their way back to the bay, they just happen to travel ion the road where Annie & Rory are still trying to foot it home by. Annie & Rory only flag down their car as they recognise Cass.

Naturally Sam is ecstatic when Rory is returned to her – but she ^ others demand answers about what occurred. This incl. Sally & Brad enquire about how Cass was with Henk on that road at time – Henk & Cass both say that they were arrange to pick up the suits for the wedding.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rory insists to Sam that it was Annie’s idea to hitch hike, not his. Rory is keen to go out and paly – but Sam “suggests” that he shouldn’t she also fiercely tells jack that she is going to the school to discuss what happened.

DINER : Annie promises Irene that she won’t EVER be that much trouble again. When Annie tells tam about how Cass & Henk were the one to find them, Leah, and partic Martha & Rachel are intrigued, esp. Since it was Dan’s job to do the suit pick up thing.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sam lets Sally have “a piece of her mind”, and after Sam bails, Sally talks to Brad. She wonders how she could possibly be that one to end the carer of the person who started hers.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Henk talks to Sally about some of the wedding prep before bails – Cass gives him a flirty look as Henk bails.

Fisher enters – and Sally confronts him about not just what happened on the excursion, but other recent events [like some discipline issues etc in his classes]. Fisher bails – after saying that he will have the report about the Annie-Rory incident for her 1st ting morrow

NEAR BEACH : Martha sees Cass and approaches. She wanders about the whole finding Annie & Rory when she was with Henk. Cass is forced to admit that she is muchly interested in Henk.

SURF CLUB [sURF BOAT BAY] : Fisher & Alf are talk about the Annie incident. Fisher admits to Alf that he went back into teaching for all the wrong reasons, I.e. because he needed the money.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Rachel is intriqued when Dan tells her that he forgot about the suits and will take care of them soon.

After those 2 bails, fisher enters. When he hands Sally an envelope, ashen says that he can have more time for the excursion report. Fisher tells her that the letter is his resignation.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Sam tells jack that she doesn’t think high school is the right thing for Roy and that she is going to drop him back to primary school. Jack thinks that that’s a bad idea, but Sam says that she not care about his opinion when it comes to her son.

This leads to a BIG row about their relationship.

BEACH : Henk & Cass encounter each other. Henk tells Cass that she is about to go through with the suit arrangement thing, so their story is plausible etc.

Cass then admits that she muchly has felling for him – but Henk says that he not fel the same way about Cass.

Naturally, Rachel sees [from afar] these 2 chatting.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Fisher says goodbye to Sally before bailing.

Cass enters the room – and reminds Sally about another wedding prep meeting that’s about to take place. Sally insists that that world is not going tyo end if she misses this one.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB : Sam approach Jack – and apologises for the way that she behaved towards grim. Sam says that she’s been Rory’s mum AND dad for soooo long that its hard to change her ways – but she’s willing to try etc.

DINER FLAT Henk enters and sees Martha & Rachel talking. Martha bails, and Henk tells Rachel that she just returned form doing more ting to do with the suits for the weddings.

Rachel tells Henk that she saw Henk & Cass talk on the beach. Rachel says that she hopes that she has nothing to worried about – henk says that he doesn’t, but Rachel not look convinced.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Sam & jack talks about Rory – before Sam suggests that they [jack/Sam] should make their relationship more official/formal.

DINER : Martha, Alf, Leah, Irene, Henk etc are talking about the wedding preparations when Rory, jack & Sam enter. Rory gleefully announces that jack & Sam are getting married – much to Martha’s annoyance. [END OF EP]


Jack & Sam are joyously happy – so what does Martha say that changes all of that???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Rachel - navy blue [white floral motifs] dress

SILVER : Martha - orange (with grey cross straps) top

BRONZE : Cass – red halter top/green bikini top/denim jeans


Alf - brown polo shirt

Alf - white [red & blue check] button up shirt

Annie - SBH uniform

Brad – white button up shirt/black long pants

Cass – red & black crossover top

Cass – red [with white tropic motifs] short shorts/black [with dark splotches] bikini top

Dan - light blue & grey polo shirt

Fisher – dark blue [green check] button up shirt/denim jeans

Fisher – dark blue button up shirt

Fisher - light blue button up shirt/dark suit/black [with red diag stripes] tie

Henk - black button up shirt/grey shorts

Irene - orange top/red long sleeve blouse

Irene - white [with gold, sky blue & brown swirls etc] top

Jack - green, yellow & white (with a yellow ’5” on the left side of his chest) polo shirt

Jack - red (mustang motif) t shirt

Leah – black thin strap dress

Leah - orange halter top

Martha - black ruffle collared v neck top

Rachel – dark blue dress/red beaded necklace

Rory – dark blue [white naval-like motif] t

Rory – red [white butterfly? Motif] t

Rory - SBH uniform

Sally - black [with red & blue curvy motif] top/black suit

Sally – red blouse

Sam - grey scoop neck t/light blue jacket

Sam – tie die green singlet top/grey jacket

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