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Wednesday, 29 Aug 07 - Episode # 4493

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Innocent Annie “

(Screened in Australia on Wednesday, 29 Aug 07 - Episode # 4493)

Note – as the 1st scene of this ep proves, Drew wasn’t at the memorial for Lisa after all [thought I saw him, but must have been a guy with similar hair.

MANSION : Belle enters, and drew urges her to forgive him about what’s hoaened, he is quite surprised when she tell him about the memorial for Lisa that she’s just come form.

Jack enters, and drew & jazz are NOT pleased when jack tells that the drews’ car has been stolen form the garage, jack then gets a phone call = look like more bad news

BUSH : Drew, Bell & jazz are at the crime scene with jack and other police. The car is totally guttered by fire. Jack insists that there is no way now to ascertain wether the parts for Drew’s car were for the stolen car.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Next day, Sam & Rory about talking about how he still doesn’t really have any dfriorneds at school. Sam suggests that Rory should hang out with Annie – who’s in the same boat as Rory friend wise. Rory think that befriending a girl will not help his “stocks” at school – but jack suggest othersie.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Fisher tells Belle that there’s been a computer error – and her special assembly speech about Lisa has been wiped. Belle goes off at fisher – and Geoff voices his disproval at Belle for speaking to an elder like that.

After Belle charges off, Sally approach fisher and says that a teacher is unwell, so fisher with Dan, will be taking the year 7’s on a frilled trip. When Sally walk away, fisher looks bewildered.

POLICE STATION : Jack insists to jazz that they will need new evidence to get drew in the clear. Jazz sees Dom exiting the station, and thinks that that is terrible, but jack insists that there is nothing concrete against Dom.

BACK ROADS : Dan is a little concerned when Fisher tells the excursion bus driver to stop at a place not where Dan thinks that should be stopping. Fisher urges to students to bail from the bus – before they begin, Rory looks over to where Annie is sit on the bus.

MANSION : Dom enters, and Jazz basically asks Dom to name his prize – in rtn for Dom go to the police. Dom suggests that he wants Jazz to9 arrange a meeting with Belle for him.

BACK ROADS : As the last of the students are getting back on the bus, fisher insist to Dan that he didn’t know that a certain track that lad to where teyt are going had been closed. Whilst Dan seems annoyed with fisher, Rory sees that the standing Annie is looking for a place to sit – Rory says that she can sit next to him, which Annie does.

DINER : Jazz approaches Belle, and says that she knows a way to help drew – but delle isnl;t that keen on meeting up with Dom. Jazz is able to convince bell to do so.

HEADLAND : After the lat of student’s get of the bus, Annie sees a sign pointing the direction of the toilets. She tells Rory that she has to go – and he does too. After they head off, Fisher & Dan realise that the excursion worksheets are back at the school [both thought the other had bought them].

Dan ask fisher to do the roll call as the students get back on the bus, but fisher is distracted by a scuffle tween some of the boys, so after he goes off at them, he doesn’t call the roll.

The bus takes off, just as Annie & Rory get back the areas where they got off the bus – the 2 try to give chase/alert ppl that they aren’t on bus, but they are unsuccessful.

DINER : Drew approaches bell, who tells him that she is rewriting her Lisa speech for the assembly because of the whole fisher/computer incident. Drew responds trop this by really seeing how passionate Lisa was for life, and how great it was for her to be on your side etc.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sally is rather surprised to see Dan & fisher back at school so early. Dan “suggest” that today was a complete disaster.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB : Belle apaches Dom, and he says that he will go to the police with what he knows about the car parts racket IF belle kisses him!!! Belle initially objects but doom is able to convince her to do so – for drew’s sake. Dom kisses belle – and just as it looks like belle is kissing him BACK, belle breaks away for the kiss.

POLICE STATION : Jack tells jazz that Dom has agreed to tell the police what he knows. After jazz bails, Dom wonders what will happen to h9im. Jack insists that any charges against Dom will be minor, as will be any time “inside” that Dom has.

HEADLAND : Annie suggrtys tat she & Rory should start finding their own way home – but Rory think that Sam & jack will look for them here. Annie isn’t take no for an answer – she starts walking, and Rory DOES follow her.

MANSION : Belle enters, and drew & jazz inform here that drew is no in the clear about whit’s happened.

After jazz leaves the room, belle moves even closer to9 drew. Belle tells drew that that is great news, as she really REALLY loves him. Belle kisses drew with much passion – a tad TOO much I think.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sally is on the phone – sound like she is being informed that Annie not him yet. When off phone, Sally is approach by Sam – Rory isn’t home yet either. Sally ask Dan & Fisher what’s happened – and fisher has to admit that he Didn’t call to roll as the kids got back on the bus.

BACK ROADS : Annie thinks that best chance is to hitch hike back to home. Rory is way against this idea – but Annie says that form her experiences, ppl are nice. Annie sees a car approach – and signals the thumb it down. [END OF EP]


The search for Annie & Rory is on in earnest!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Jazz – white billowy elbow length sleeves top/black long pants

SILVER : Annie - SBH uniform

BRONZE : Belle - SBH uniform


Belle - red (with black horizontal stripes, and black “stranger” logo) dress/denim jacket

Dan – apple green [white unknown writing motif] t/black jacket

Dom - blue [black check] button up shirt/olive green shorts

Drew - black [grey naughts & crosses] t/olive green shorts

Drew - light brown [black tiger motif] t/black long pants

Fisher =- light blue button up shirt/dark suit/black [with red diag stripes] tie

Geoff - SBH uniform

Jazz – off white coat

Rory - SBH uniform

Sally - black [with red & blue curvy motif] top/black suit

Sam – tie die green singlet top/grey jacket

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