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Monday, 27 Aug 07 - Episode # 4491

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Dangerous Dragsters “

(Screened in Australia on Monday, 27 Aug 07 - Episode # 4491)

VAN PARK HOUSE : Drew, Ric & luc enter – Drew is partic pleased that they won the race. Luc wonders why they did what they did [come to his rescue] as drew & Ric insist that it’s what mates do. Luc then expresses his concerns about Lisa.

OLD QUARRY ROAD : Maddie & belle are in a police car with Lara & a male officer, constable Hannah. As they are driving, they see Ric’s abandoned van. Belle makes a comet to Maddie about the race.

Soon after, they all com across Denni’s crashed vehicle. After exit the police crashed, Lara approach Denni’s car – he’s still at the wheel, looks way hurt. The police the find Lisa – she’s some distance form the car.

HOSPITAL : Denni is wheeled in and Dr young etc goes about treat him. Lara or Dr Young comments that Lisa is critically injured – and has been helicopter to the city.

MANSION : Maddie & belle arrive, and they tell drew what’s happened [denni crash – Lisa in city hospital]. Belle suggest that the police are thinking that drew might have run Denni off the road. Drew insists that he MUST hide his car – but belle & Maddie can’t reason with drew before he bails. Jazz then comes downstairs – wondering to the girls what’s happened.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Luc leaves a msg on Lisa’s phone – he is way worry about her. Lara arrives – and asks Luc & ric about why the van was out in the middle of nowhere. They insists that they weren’t arcing Denni – and just as Alf enters the room, Luc is shocked when Lara tells him about how injured Lisa is.

POLICE STATION : Jazz has a go at lira & the other place for suspecting that drew had anything to do with this. Drew, however, enter and was admits that he does know something’s about what happened.

DINER : Luc gets nowhere when he tries to phone the hospital wondering about Lisa’s condition. When Tony approach, luc tells his father that this is “ALL my fault”

POLICE STATION : Drew, in a formal interview, tells Lara the truth – that he & Ric went out there to stop Luc form being hurt,, and that Denni chases sfater them. Drew [with jazz by his side] insists that this wasn’t a race. Lara insists that they’ll have to examine drews’ car.

MANSION : When drew, Lara & jazz enter, Lara is a tad suspicious that draw’s car has been stolen. Drew insists that his car didn’t have damage before it was stolen. Lara insists that drew better be telling the truth about ALL of this.

DINER : Luc talk to belle about that whole situation – incl telling her that she didn’t know Lisa the way that luc did.

Drew wnetrs – he insists to belle that they weren’t racing denni, but belle can’t believe drew’s seemingly lack of cari9ng about Lisa, as drew harps on about his precious car. Bell wonde3rs if she REWALLY knows drew at all.

VAN PARK HOUSE : When maddie wonders, ric insists that he was only there [drag race site] to stop luc form being beaten to a pulp. Ric is clearly affected when maddie says that when she saw the crashed car, it felt like [to her] that ric was in the accident etc.

Belle enters – and voices her frustrate about drew. She also wonders why to ric that drew’s car has mysteriously gone missing.

MANSION : Ric enters the kitchen, and drew has tools in his hands. Drew insists that he needs a few hours just to remove those illegal parts that Dom sold him for the car. Ric try to stop drew form exit the blouse, but he is unable to.

HOSPITAL : Lara, with dr young’s approval, approaches denni – and questions him about the crash. Denni tells her about Luc/Lisa and he also say that DREW ran him off the road.

Lara exits the room, and Dr Young tells her that they’ve just rec’d a call form the city.

DINER : Jazz, Luc & Tony are talking when Lara enters. She tells them what denni has said. Luc fiercely denies, but when he suggests that they should speak to Lisa, Lara informs him that Lisa is DEAD!!!

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric tells Maddie & belle about drew’s latest actions, and that how although he thought Dom was dodgy, he could never prove it.

Luc enters – and tells them about Lisa.

GARAGE : Belle arrives outside and grabs a milk crate so she can see inside through one of the high up windows. Seconds later, drew exits the building, and bell tells him about Lisa. An emotional belle all but pleads with drew with she says [words to the effect of] “tell me you REALLY realise what’s happened today?”

POLICE STATION : Lara is discussing police business with another officer when drew enters. He tells Lara that his car in outside the police station.

HOSPITAL : Luc enters dfenni’s room, and both blame the other for Lisa’s death. Luc gets so worked up that he tries to suffocate denni. Tony & dr young hear denni’s cries for help, and that drag luc of denni. Luc is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay emotional [and blaming himself] as Tony holds him [toy stop luc doing anything else in this state].

MONTAGE : Its night time now, and to sorrowful? music, we see Luc & Tony on the beach, Ric comforting Maddie at the VPH, and Belle crying in the internal stairs that lead to the diner flat.

POLICE STATION : Lara informs Drew & jazz that drew is in the clear for the Denni crash – wheel tracks prove that he turned off the road at an earlier point.

Lara thought sys that drew could still face charges – of obstructing an investigation AND posseion of stolen [car parts] goods!!!! [END OF EP]


Drew isn’t out of trouble yet, whilst many ppl [incl Belle] attend a memorial etc for Lisa


Sally’s wedding

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Belle – stylish dark grey jacket/ hot pink [red motorcycle – with wings motif] top/baby pink Converse shoes/brown shorts [with black “leg ins” beneath]

SILVER : Maddie - apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top/purple cardigan

BRONZE : Ric – black [yellow swirls on sleeves] long sleeve top/olive green long pants


Alf - brown polo shirt/khaki shorts

Dr Young - “medical blue” top & long pants

Drew – brown button up shirt/purple t/blue-grey jeans

Jazz – white low cut [strapped] dress

Lara - light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Luc - white [blue horizontal stripes on the back, and a blue stripes on the sleeves] hoodie/denim jeans/sky blue t

Tony - dark green (with a lighter green horizontal strip across the chest) polo shirt

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