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Busy mother Bec Hewitt has joined forces with designer Bruno Schiavi to collaborate on a children's clothing range for boys and girls. Ready for summer 2007/8 Bec Kidz is a practical yet fun range for active children from ages 4 through 11 years. The first collection consists of bright, vibrant and trendy patterned duos and seperates that are both practical and affordable. Made from predominantly cotton fabrics, this trendy cute range offers everything from shirts and jeans for the boys to dresses and matching bags for the girls.

The outfits offer comfort and practicality allowing movement as well as allowing kids to enjoy fashion with fun. Both Bec and Bruno travel the world extensively and found that there was a limited range of kid's designer clothing in Australia, especially one that was affordable.

Source: Jupi Corperation

No idea if this has already been posted, can't seem to work this site at the moment.


Also, well done to Lleyton who rocked in Cincy, good luck to him for the US Open.


Pic source: Some article about Gwen Stefani hanging out at Bec's house. Apparently their kids have play-dates together. Gwen's husband is a big tennis fan, I think he plays games with Lleyton and Roger Federer at times. Roger and Mirka have been seen with Gwen and Gavin also.

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