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Thursday, 23 Aug 07 - Episode # 4489

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I Think I’m Dying !!!!!!! “

(Screened in Australia on Thursday, 23 Aug 07 - Episode # 4489)

Note – Charlotte Best, as Annie, was OUTSTANDING in this ep !!!!

NOAH’S : Yhe ep begins with Cass & Henk waaaaaaaaaaay kissing, but he eventually breaks off. Henk insists that he really can’t do tis, and he exist the storeroom.

Cass goes back behind t bar and when fisher arrives, he talks to her about how he has reconsidered things about the formal. Cass tells fisher that she is “over” that and doesn’t car anymore.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony, Annie & Geoff are having dinner. Annie says that she can't finish hers. She is also keen to speak to Maddie, whom Tony tells her will be home late.

After Tony bails form the room, Geoff takes offence at Annie turn on the TV. Annie admits to Geoff that although she kinda likes their new freedoms, she waaaaaaay misses Bruce too.

DINER : Next day, Sally talk to Cass, who confirms that she’s not so keen ion the formal thing now. Irene then approach and talks to Sally about the upcoming wedding.

Annie enters, and tells Sally that she is not feeling well – Annie says that will head for home soon [and doesn’t need doctor’s appointment].

NOAH’S : Jack tells sam that Rory was told him that the votes stunt he pulled has gained Rory MUCH respect at school.

Whilst jack offers some breakfast juices form Alf, Sam approach Martha – who tells her that Henk is truing up to be a fantastic flatmate.

DINER : Irene tells Tony [kitchen] about Annie – Tony thinks this could be more emotional than physically illness.

In main apart of the diner, Geoff approach Annie – wonders what’s going on. Annie insisted that she is being punished for all that’s happened – but she doesn’t elaborate on that.

NOAH’S : Cass & Henk once more find themselves in the storeroom together – but Henk insist that the kiss they share was REALLY wrong.

DINER : Irene & Sally approach Annie – who insists that she not have the energy to get home. Cass enters and Sally wonders about the weeding invitations – Cass say that she will get them form up in the diner flat.

DINER FLAT : Cass enters, and as well as get the invites, she speaks to Henk. He admits that he likes Cass, but insists that he can’t be togther with her.

After Cass bails, Jack enters –and suggest of Henk to tread carefully with Martha [if he’s planning a relationship with her.

HUNTER HOUSE : Irene enters, and she sees the forlorn Annie on the couch. Irene sits beside the girl – who WAAAAAAAAAAAY emotionally tells Irene “I think I’m dieing!!!”

DINER FLAT : After Martha enters, she & Henk telak about how jack had a word in hank’s ear, and that Rachel did same to Martha.

Henk admits that he’s not interested in Martha, and although he’s not celibate, he’s tying t focus on others things.

HUNTER HOUSE : The crying Annie tells Irene that she knew that it was all over when she started bleeding just like a man she knew who died of cancer. Irene insists that Annie is NOT dieing –and that what she is going through happens to ALL women.

After Irene sys that puberty means that Annie can get pregnant, Annie takes that to mean that she IS pregers right now, but Irene hoses down those concerns.

Annie wants all these changes to stop, as they make her feel ashamed. The frustrated etc Annie then bails.

DINER : After Irene tall him what’s hooened, Tony can’t believe that he didn’t see this coming etc. Irene suggests that Annie talking to Maddie might be the way to go. Tony gets a phone call – and [when off] he tells Irene that he can’t go home like he planned [to be there for Annie], so Irene offers to get the hunter place and wait for Annie to come home.

Cass enters, and sees Henk. She suggest that they should talk – and both exit the eatery together,

NEAR DINER : Cass & Henk talk about their situation – henk admits to Cass that he does like her, but he just can’t “go there” at this time of his life.

HUNTER HOUSE : Irene get off the phone just as Geoff enters. There’s no sign of Annie anywhere. Geoff winches that he had got one of the women form the church group to tela to Annie about such things. Irene suggests that they go to the farm just in case – but just as they are about t bail, jack [in uniform] arrives with Annie. He tells Irene etc that annie was caught shoplifting for a corner store. [END OF EP]


Lisa & luc get close but Denni finds out – looks like both luc & Lisa are in Denni’s car THAT CRASHES during the race against Drew

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Annie - dark green [white typewriter style letters] top/mauve track pants

SILVER : Martha - royal blue [with a silver V across the bust] thin strap top/bone shorts

BRONZE : Sally – light grey suit/white [with red lining] top


Alf - yellow (thin blue check) button up shirt

Annie - SBH uniform

Cassie - light brown (Noah’s) shirt-dress

Cassie - rainbow coloured long sleeve jumper/dark long pants

Cassie - SBH uniform [with red headband]

Fisher - red button up shirt

Geoff - red rugby jersey/dark blue shorts

Geoff – SBH uniform

Geoff – white button up shirt/denim jeans

Henk - black button up shirt

Henk – grey [black mystical type circle motif] t/bone long pants

Irene - red scoop neck t/bone long pants

Jack - green “Feel The Need” t shirt

Sam – flesh coloured swirl patterned spaghetti strap top

Tony – dark blue [white collar] rugby top

Tony - SB gym t shirt

Tony – white [pin stripe] button up shirt/dark long pants

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