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Tues, 21 Aug 07 - Episode # 4487

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Taking Things TOO Far “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 21 Aug 07 - Episode # 4487)

NOAH’S : Henk chats to Martha & Cass – and after he bails, Martha comments is how it muchly seemed like Cass was flirt with him. Cass doesn’t really deny that either.

DINER : Next day, Belle tells Irene after what’s been going on tween her & drew lately [esp. how he’s changed since get THAT car]. Irene is quite surprised that belle is really fired up about her relationship issues [esp. since belle IS usually so fiery when talks about such matters].

Drew enters, and he wants to talk to belle. She insists that it working now – but agrees with drew that they will meet up later.

DINER FLAT : Brad talks up Henk’s kinda womanising old days – although Henk clearly looks a tad embarrassed by this.

BEACH : Drew is sitting on the sand when Lisa approaches. She insists that she never meant for all of this [revenge against drew] to go this far. After Lisa sits beside drew, He can see that she is honetly distressed about all this. Drew puts his arm around Lisa – just to comfort her, but Dom [from afar] sees this.

DINER : Dom enters, and tells belle about drew & Lisa. The nearby luc looks antiqued, whilst wen drew enters, bell is most displeased with him. She then bails – follow by Dom.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Dom catches up with Belle. She insists that she has to study at the library. He suggests that he will drive her there – after he gets something form his house. Belle agrees.

HUNTER HOUSE : Luc enters, and is surprised that Lisa is in the house [looking at a magazine]. Lisa says that Tony let her is before bailing.

Lisa tells luc that she is really worried what denni might do if she breaks up with him. She also insists that Dom got things all wrong with then things he told belle in diner. Lisa tells luc that she’s not interested in drew – she likes luc, and, after the 2 move physically closer, they start to kiss.

HUNTER HOUSE : As the lip locking continues, luc notices that Lisa is getting more passionate by the second, and he pulls away. Luc insist that this isn’t that way to deal with things – esp. since Lisa started all of this because drew cheated on her, and now she is cheat on denni.

DOM’S HOUSE : Dom suggests that the stressed out belle isn’t exactly in best frame of mind to study. He offers her a beer – and belle reluctantly accepts.

The 2 go onto the back porch, where belle tells dom about her issues with drew. He starts smoking – and offers one to belle [for her to relax]. Belle is once more reluctant, but [because she is angry with drew] agrees.

LEAH’S PLACE : Sally, Leah, Cass & Rachel are talking about bridesmaid’s etc dresses. Sally insists that she wants them top chose something that they can wear again after long after the wedding is done & dusted. The girls joke about what they soooo don’t want form dresses.

Brad & Henk enter – after having suit fitting. They joke to the girls about upstaging the girls in fashion stakes ion wed day. Rachel then tells the other that she has to bail – she’s on call at hospital.

Bard & Henk go into kitchen, and brad comets on how frosty things seem to be tween Rachel & Henk. Brad sys that he now longer is against Henk & Rachel get together – as Rachel is big enough to take care of her. After brad leaves the room, Henk very quickly consumes a glass of wine.

DOM’S HOUSE : Belle is sooooo looking not the best now, and she wants to bail, but Dom insists that she opens a present that he has got her. He insists that because he listened to her rant about drew, then this is her time to listen to him etc. belle opens the gift bag – an I-pod is inside. Dom “suggest” that belle should listen to the 1st song on it – as it’s really has lyrics etc which explains how Dom feels about belle.

DOM’S HOUSE : Belle listens to the rock song, but she says that she couldn’t rally understand the singer in her current condition. Dom insists that he could write out the lyrics for her etc. belle gets up and moves towards the front door – but Dom blocks her exit. She then goes into the bathroom – unlike recent detention thing, she really does look like about to be sick.

When belle is in bathroom, she hears Lisa talk to Dom – Lisa wonders why Dom lied to belle about Lisa & drew. Belle exits bathroom - lisa sees ho badly she looks. Dom tells her that belle freely smoked with him –but all Lisa is interested in is getting belle out of there.

MANSION : Jazz is quite surprised when Lisa brings the clearly mostly out of it belle into her house. Lisa tells jazz that she just knew that Irene would “kill” belle for being like this. Drew enters the room, and belle admits that she was at doom’s house etc as she was mad with drew. Belle insists that drew shouldn’t go and “deal” with dom.

NOAH’S : Rachel sees Henk – she notes that he is “slightly” drunk. He urges her to forgive him for what happened – but Rachel insets that it’s NOT that simple.

DINER : After taking drew’s food order, Leah goes into the kitchen. Both comment of how much [the supposedly new age] Henk had been drinking. Cass tells Leah that she is heading upstairs to give to give Martha what appears to be a letter.

DINER FLAT : When Cass makes in up the stars, she finds Henk on the floor in front of the door. He is waaaaaay drunk, and says that he couldn’t unlock the door.

DINER : Dom enters, and he seated drew gets up and approaches dom. Drew insist that doms hold stay away form belle. Drew punches Dom in the stomach – and insists that belle thinks Dom is a loser.

DINER FLAT : Cass puts a blanket on top of the sleeping on the couch Henk. She then kisses the sleeping Henk on the cheek. He awakes – and fiercely pushes Cass away. Cass rushes outside – all the pain of her previous violent encounters with men comes rushing back, whilst inside, Henk looks like he is muchly regretting his actions already. [end of ep]


Cass tells maddie that she kissed Henk – but will his dark past be exposed???


Before the week is out, someone will die [in Denni’s car] during the street race rematch

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Lisa - white (with red & sky blue floral motifs) dress

SILVER : Leah – purple spaghetti strap top/dark shorts

BRONZE : Sally - brown (native Australian artwork) long skirt/black top


Belle – orange-red [white skull and castle motifs] wide collar t/black [just below knee length] pants/red converse shoes

Brad – white v neck t/dark shorts

Cassie - stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Cassie – yellow [black rose motif] singlet top/denim jeans

Dom - blue [white check] button up shirt/grey long pants

Drew – green “camo” board shirts/grey singlet

Henk – maroon button up shirt/olive green shorts

Henk – off white button up shirt

Irene - green long sleeve blouse

Jazz - white [black ducks? motifs] low cut v neck dress

Luc - yellow polo shirt/dark shorts

Martha – denim shorts/grey singlet

Martha - light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Rachel – dark blue top/aqua & brown beaded necklace

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