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Mon, 20 Aug 07 - Episode # 4486

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ True Colours “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 20 Aug 07 - Episode # 4486)

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Luc quizzes Lisa about the race – she insists that she not know where it is, as the location is always a secret until just before race. Lisa also insists to luc that this isn’t her fault.

Maddie app Luc & Lisa – she too is annoyed about the race, and is especially worried that Ric seem to be involved.

DINER : Belle wonders to do where to race is – same answer about the text msg. doom then does receive a text about the race – and he tell Belle.

MANGROVE RIVER : Denni hits a bit of car trouble before the race starts – but he insists that the race will still taken place soon. Drew is kinda surprised when Ric gets into his [drews’] car for the race.

MANSION : Tony & jazz are talking and she isn’t that keen to do too much with Tony – but he changes that when he starts give her a back massage.

That is however interrupted when jazz gets a txt msg – she tells Tony that it’s her lawyer and she HAS to deal with this now.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony talk to Luc about jazz’s concerns about drew be involved in street arci8ng. Luc insists that he not know anything about what is gfgoing on. Tony thankfully wasn’t looking straight at luc, who has a very sheepish face.

MANGROVE RIVER : With Denni’s minor car problem fixed the race [on winding roads, in the rain] begins.

NOAH’S : Jazz is VERY concerned when her lawyer Dane tells her that one of his admin staff accidentally sent DREW a letter about the will. Jazz is REALLY eager to get it back – and worse still, it’s depressed to Leah’s place.

MANGROVE RIVER : Denni seems to have the upper hand on Drew but drew gets a better run out of one of the many corners and he passes Denni, whose engine [soon after][ has smoke pouring form it. Drew & Ric LOVE that they have won the race.

MANGROVE RIVER : After drew & ric etc arrive back at the race’s start point, Maddie & Belle & Dom arrive. Belle in partic is REALLY not pleased – and her mood isn’t made any better when Denni insists that that race wasn’t fair. He insists to draw that they race again – as a win doesn’t count if BOTH car don’t make the finish.

LEAH'S HOUSE / NOAH’S : Dan looks throught the mail – and sees a leetr for drew. Leah & Dan exit their house via the back door, and seconds after they do, Jazz phones them – and has to leave an answering machine msg.

Jazz tells Dane what’s happened – and she also insists that this just isn’t ALL about the money. Jazz likes that she is bonding with drew again – and she not wants to risk that.

DINER : Maddie & belle make it VERY clear that they do not approve of drew & ric’s actions. Indeed, when colleen wonders if they’d like to order, Maddie & belle say pas they are bailing] that they want to be away form idiots

HUNTER HOUSE : Lisa enters an talk to Luc. She is clearly shaken by how out of control denni is. Lisa apologises for the whole showing the entire class that photo of drew & belle kissing earlier this year.

Lisa gets a txt msg form denni – and she and Luc agree to meet up later.

NEAR BEACH : Lisa approach denni and he insists that he always need her there when he races – as she is his good luck charm. Lisa agrees to DEF be there next time – and after she bails, denni chats with Dom. Denni insists that drew WILL race – or belle will get hurt.

GYM : Dan gives Tony THAT letter.

SURF CLUB : Lisa meets up with Luc – she tells him that denni seems to hev calmed down now [it helps that Lisa played all innocent with him]. Luc comments about good looking girls”falling” for losers.

ROAD : Belle is walking along when doom [in his car] pulls up beside her. Dom tells her about what denni has said. Belle insists that she sooooooo isn’t getting into Dom’s car – and after she keep on walking, he drives off.

NOAH’S : Lisa insist to Luc that when drew dumped her earlier this year, it came as a big shock – as Lisa thought that she would never EVER get dumped.

Maddie & ric enters and see Lisa & luc talking. Maddie can’t help herself – she well & truly tells Lisa that she thinks that this is ALL Lisa’ fault.

Lisa bails – and its clear that luc isn’t too happy with what maddie;s just done.

GYM : Jazz is more than a tad annoyed when Tony tells her that Dan gave him THAT letter. Indeed, jazz launches into a verbal tirade about how she isn’t Tony’s wife or [a goody goody] like Beth.

HUNTER HOUSE : Jazz arrives, and apologises to Tony – but he says that he’s now seen the REAL jazz, and she’s not a person that he wants to be hanging around with. Jazz bails – she seem top be the one in shock now [that a man HAS stood up to her].

MANSION : Belle & drew talk about this – and they appear to be back on track. They even kiss – but then belle mentions about Dom’s warning, and she is kinda freaked out that drew knows nothing about what Dom has said to her.

DOM’S HOUSE : Dom arrives, and his mum shows him a print that she got him of a photo of Belle. Dom’s mum wonders when Dom is going to bring bell over to their house for diner etc. Dom enters his room [car etc posters on walls] and he looks as though he is thinking “what can I go next to get [romantically] belle” [end of ep]


Belle sees Drew hugging Lisa


Belle’s in danger – she call out to Lisa for help

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Leah – sky blue spaghetti strap top [with black top beneath]/bone long pants

SILVER : Lisa - red (white floral) tube top/denim shorts

BRONZE : Maddie – green scoop neck t/apple green long sleeve crop top/grey shorts


Belle - grey & black horizontal stripes singlet top/red long pants

Belle - SBH Uniform/dark blue [sBH?] jacket

Colleen – blue [white swirls] top/white [red & black floral] blouse

Dan – black [with several white horizontal stripes on each sleeve] t/light brown long pants

Dane – white shirt/dark suit/gold tie

Denni – white jacket/dark purple t/brown [unknown motif] cap

Dom - blue [black check] button up shirt/black shorts

Dom’s Mum – mauve v neck top/white [floral] long skirt

Drew – black rain jacket/grey [unknown black motif]

Jazz - black [orange leaves etc] tube top/dark long pants

Lisa - SBH Uniform

Luc - SBH Uniform

Luc – pink & brown horizontal stripes polo shirt

Maddie - SBH Uniform

Ric – dark blue rain jacket/black [mosaic pattern] t

Tony - purpley/blue t shirt, olive green shorts

Tony - red (with a stylish X near left shoulder) polo shirt

Tony - white [sB gym] t shirt/dark track pants

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