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Fri, 17 Aug 07 - Episode # 4485

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I’m Quite Good With Words “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 17 Aug 07 - Episode # 4485)

MANSION : Denni [having followed Drew & Lisa] has a massive verbal clash with Drew in his living room. Denni insist hat Drew will race him or else.

SURF CLUB : Drew talks to Dom about what’s happened. Dom insists ha Drew will “pay” is he not race. When dre4w is out of he room, Lisa tells Dom ha she didn’t’ realise just how “mental” Denni could be [when she initially hooked up with him o get revenge on drew[

MANSION : Drew talk to Ric about he situation. Ric thinks ha is totally out of hand. Jazz enters – having jus woken. She wonders if there anything drew needs help with – as she kinda heard he heated discussion earlier [tweeny drew, Lisa & Denni]. Drew insists ha he can handle things.

DINER : Belle, Maddie & Luc talks about what happened a he Campbell farm [and how Annie & Geoff are now living a he hunter place]. Dom, Denni & Lisa enters, and is no long before Belle is giving Lisa & Denni a piece of her mind about what’s been happening. Denni “suggest” hat after he bests drew in a race, he’ll come after Belle – looks like Belle doesn’t exactly take he threat seriously.

BEACH HOUSE : Fisher talks to Irene about how he’s struggling with all his new technology. She suggest hat he takes his own advice [hat he give o students] and ask for help.

DINER : Belle ells Luc & Maddie hat she’s NOT leaving the diner before Denni etc do, as hey will hink hat she’ll just go running to drew and tell him what’s occurred. Luc & Maddie wonder what h plan is IF belle’s theory doesn't work,

NEAR DINER : Next day, Ric approaches Drew, and comments on drew parking his car out of he way so it’s no spotted by various ppl. Drew has no idea what Ric is talk about – but hen he looks where he parked he car, and its not here. Drew suggests that his car has been stolen.

NEAR DINER : Dom pulls up in his car. He gives drew a note – it’s from Denni, saying hat he will text drew with ace location AND that Denni has drew’s car. Ric is kinda keen o go to police about all his – but drew doesn’t want have his highly modified car impounded. Note: although I LOVE motor sport, this illegal racing story isn’t really grabbing me. Now if Drew & co were trying to prove themselves on a REAL racetrack, THAT would be GREAT.

DINER : Luc approach Lisa – and he insists hat she wasn’t the only one messed by what happened tween Drew & Belle earlier this year.

Jazz enters, and she & Dan talks about how tony eventually arrived back a her place – after he rescue of the Campbell kids. Jazz then asks Dan is he could talk o drew about what’s going on lately.

SBH : When Belle tells Maddie that this car of drew’s is ruining their life’s, Maddie wonders when belle ever hough that their life’s were simple.

As Lisa walks by Maddie etc, belle has a go a Lisa.

Dan approach fisher – and wonders what he thought of Dan’s proposal – fisher wonders if Dan could give him a printed copy, bud an says hat the info is in a power point presentation, so it’s easier [and more environmental] for fisher to check it out on computer.

NOAH’S : Dom insist o drew hat he ABSOLUELY must race Denni – drew agrees to do so, but he insists to Ric that he ISN”T going to tell Belle.

BEACH : Denni & Lisa are chatting – Denni suggest hat here is no way that drew will call police. Denni & Lisa kinda hug, before Denni bails. Lisa approach Lisa – comments on how things don’t look that great tween denni & Lisa. The latter insists that Denni looked like an ok guy when she hooked up with him – but now she realises hat she can’t control/affect any of his actions.

SBH : Lisa & Luc approach Maddie & belle. Lisa tells belle what’s been happening [car stolen etc]. Belle doesn’t exactly believe Lisa – and a verbal catfight ensues, which is broken up by fisher. He puts both Lisa & belle on detention.

SBH : Luc & Maddie are working on a laptop in one of the classrooms. Fisher enters he room, and luc apologises for hem being in class – but fisher says that he wishes more students were like luc [i.e. helping other student slake Maddie]. Fisher insists hat he supervises what’s happening – and when he sits beside luc, he “suggests” that Maddie would like step by step instructions on [what o luc & Maddie] are pretty basic comp functions. Indeed, the looks on partic maddie’s face are priceless.

MANSION : Drew’s phone rings – he ells Ric ha he is ignoring belle’s calls. Dan enters – and wants to talk to drew, but the latter insists hat he has o get back to work.

SBH : Lisa tells Luc that Denni is the way he is because he always feels that he has to prove himself to his older brothers.

Nearby, after Dan wonders what fisher thought of his proposal, fisher asks Luc for some help.

DINER : Luc tries to ascertain just how much help with computers Fisher needs. Fisher “wings” it initially [saying things like he is good with words, when Luc asked about Microsoft Word]. Luc soon realises hat fisher is tonally winging it – and fisher offers Luc $50 a lesson to get him up to speed. Fisher even discreetly hands the 1st payment to Luc [placing it behind menu on their able and slide menu across the table.

SBH : Lisa, Belle & a few others are being supervised by Dan. Lisa hands a note to belle who is si behind her. Belle reads note [about the race] and immediately tells Dan hat she isn't feeling well. Lisa backs up belle’s suggestion that she wasn’t feel good earlier. When belle leaves he room, another of he on detention girls looks a tad sunned that Lisa has helped belle like this.

DINER : Belle enters - approaches Dom, who says that he has no idea about a race. He does admit that drew said ha he would be working on a car out mangrove river way though.

MANGROVE RIVER : Ric & Drew arrive where a bunch of hotted up cars are. Drew wonders to Denni where his car is – and sure enough, someone drives drew’s car into view.

Denni then insists that here will be a prize for race winner – if drew win, drew gets his car back, but if Denni wins, he KEEPS drew’s car!!!!!

Drew agrees to the race. [end of ep]


Denni’s car barrel rolls during the race – someone DIES!!!!


Coming soon, the Sally/Brad [outdoors] wedding!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Drew - black [with yellow “Bay City Auto” and Indy 500 “wings” motif] t/black shorts

SILVER : Denni – white jacket/dark purple t/brown [unknown motif] cap

BRONZE : Lisa – red [white “Starlet” logos] t/denim jeans


Belle - SBH Uniform

Belle - white [black horizontal stripes etc] t/black short skirt [with red belt]

Dan – white buton up shirt/brown velvety jacket

Denni – black “Von zipper” cap/white jacket/black [red unknown motif] polo shirt

Dom - blue [black check] button up shirt

Dom - white [red & blue checks] button up shirt

Drew – black [unknown motif] t/black long pants/black jacket

Drew – black rain jacket/grey [unknown black motif]

Fisher – dark suit/white shirt/dark tie

Fisher – white button up shirt/denim jeans

Irene – dark green long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Jazz - black [orange leaves etc] tube top/dark long pants

Jazz – off white long sleeve blouse & matching skirt

Lisa - SBH Uniform

Luc – apple green [black tropical heme] polo shirt

Luc - SBH Uniform

Maddie – denim thin strap

Maddie - SBH Uniform

Ric – dark blue rain jacket

Ric – grey shorts/white singlet

Ric – light blue [grey “urban” motifs] t/faded jeans

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