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Does Rosetta = Rosaria?

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Didn't Carmella have a sister in 2003 called Rosaria?

According to Perfect Blend: When Toadie Rebecchi was forced into becoming the lawyer for the Cammeniti family, he and his housemate Connor O’Neill became convinced that they were dealing with the Erinsborough branch of the Mafia. When Toadie was then summoned to the Cammeniti house by Rocco, the head of the family, Connor drove him there and, as they waited outside the house, they could hear music being played inside. When Rocco joined them, he explained that it was his daughter, Rosaria, who was as beautiful as her music, but quickly made it clear that neither Connor nor Toadie were good enough to ever go near his precious daughter.

Is Rosie supposed to be her renamed? Or have they just forgotten she ever existed, which would have been easy when she never appeared on screen.

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I always found it strange as (maybe i imagined this) but i'm sure Rocco mentioned that Carmella was the youngest of several Cammeniti children and i'm not entirely sure but it may have been that all of them were boys. That's why i was always surprised there only seemed to be Rosie and Carmella. :unsure:

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