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Wed, 15 Aug 07 - Episode # 4483

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Annie Joins The Rebellion ….. She’s Even Rescued By Luke “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 15 Aug 07 - Episode # 4483)

HUNTER HOUSE : Luc [dressed only in a towel] enmetr kitchen – where Geoff says that he has made lots of breakfast if Luc wants some. Luc has a bit of a go at Geoff for using all the hot water in the shower, and Luc also reminds Geoff that Luc is tolerating him being here at the moment.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Annie is trying to eat breakfast and study at the same time. Bruce enters – and comments on Annie having coffee. She says that she needs it too keep awake. Bruce then wondering if she has finished all her farm chores. Annie insist that she’s done as much as she can – but she has to go to school now [sound of bus etc outside]

BEACH : Rachel approach Alf and she is rather taken aback when he says that Henk has moved in with Martha for the time that he is here [since Maddie has bailed moved back to her old place].

DINER : Rachel approahes Henk – and urges him to STAY AWAY form Martha [and all of Rachel’s friends]. Henk insist that he move in with Martha so he wouldn’t be at the van park so Rachel could go to the van park house without fear of running into Henk. Rachel sooooo isn’t convinced.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Geoff approach Annie and she is mad with him for what he did to the sheep.

Geoff sees that Annie’s hands are blistered – she claims that its from using his gloves [with are too big for her], but when Geoff “suggest” that Bruce has been making Annie bail the hay, the look on Annie’s face confirms this to be true.

Geoff insists that Bruce can’t do this – he is foing to confront his grandfather. Annie tries to stop him, but Geoff is determined.

CAMPBELL FARM : Geoff confronts Bruce [who looks way unwell. Geoff offers to work ion the farm – to help out Annie in partic, but Bruce insist that Geoff is no longer welcome here.

NOAH’S : Cass talks about hw stressed she is about the exams etc – and Henk soggiest tahts he should try to do some meditation. He offers to show her how – Cass says that she is busty now but will take Henk up on his offer later. Btw, Cass looks as thought she is interested in Henk already [another moron she’s fallen for]

SUMMER BAY HIGH : In corridor, Geoff tells Annie about how their parents set aside LOTS of money in the will for Annie & Geoff’s education. Annie says that she doesn’t believe her bro.

SURF CLUB : Rachel approaches Martha about talks to her about Henk – indicating that he has a dark past.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Fisher is teaching a class and he notices that Annie is asleep. He wakes her and wonders if she can answer a question about what he’s been teach the class. Annie can’t – and he suggests that she has a drink of water.

Annie goes into the corridor where she tells Luc that she fell asleep because she’s been up since 4am!!!

Luc suggest that he will confront Bruce – which Annie tells Luc “I know what I have to do”

CAMPBELL FARM : Annie confronts Bruce – she “suggests” that it’s useless on working the farm if Bruce dies in the process. Bruce isn’t listening to her though – and when Annie says that she is going back to school, Bruce insists that Annie isn’t going anywhere.

VAN PARK : Henk asks Fisher for his autograph [on a book that fisher’s written]. Cass seems surprised by this – but she admits that she has no time for that meditation thing right now. As Cass walks away, she ;looks back at Henk several times.

NOAH’S : Martha seems a bit evasive around Henk, and when he confronts her, Martha tells Henk that Rachel has spoke to her about Henk dark side.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel is surprised when it’s Henk at her doorstep. He insists that he is going to tell brad about what happened. Rachel insists that he can’t – but she also says that this doesn’t mean that Henk is forgiven.

HUNTER HOUSE : Luc & Geoff are talking and Luc wonders where Annie is. Geoff wants to go to the farm to see if she is still there – but luc insists that Annie told him about Geoff clash with Bruce earlier. Luc thinks it best if he goes to the farm.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : When Luc arrives, he calls out to Annie, who says that she is locked in her room. Luc insists that he is going to get her about of there, but Annie wants luc to go – as Bruce will; be waaaaaaaaaaaay angry.

BEACH : Cass approaches Henk, nd when she wonders about hanks’ chat with fisher, he insists that fisher is herd on the outside, but WAAAAY broken inside. Henk then reminds Cass that you should never judge a book by its cover.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Luc finally unlocks Annie’s room – and just as Annie exits her room, Bruce enters the house [shotgun in hand, by his side] saying that Annie isn’t going anywhere!!!! [end of ep]


Its showdown time tween, well, everyone and Bruce !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Rachel – red thin strap top/black jacket/black long skirt

SILVER : Annie - SBH uniform

BRONZE : Cassie - white halter top/yellow shorts


Alf - brown polo shirt/olive green long pants

Bruce - grey overalls/grey “old school” hat

Fisher – dark suit/white button up shirt/red [with grey circles] tie

Geoff – white button up shirt/dark long pants

Henk – dark blue button up shirt/faded blue shorts

Luc - green & white [wide horizontal stripes] rugby jersey

Luc - SBH uniform

Martha – red [black swirls] thin strap top/dark shorts

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