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Tuesday, 14 Aug 07 - Episode # 4482

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ If You Can’t Be With The One You Love …. “

(Screened in Australia on Tuesday, 14 Aug 07 - Episode # 4482)

Note – pretty rarely for a Tuesday, we had the opening credits [they are usually a Monday or Wednesday thing of late]

RACHEL’S PALCE : Rachel tries to act all normal as she talks to Brad & Henk – but she realises that its juts too much. Rachel takes advantages of a text for Leah [wondering if she has told brad] to say that she has to go to the hospital – an emergency is occurring there. Rachel bails.

SURF CLUB : Rory is worried about his new school, so jack tells Rory that if he’s ever bullied, to tell the ppl who are doing so that his mum’s partner is a cop!!!

Martha enters the room and chats with Rory, but when she goes into Noah’s, Rory wonders why jack was so icy with her – jack insist that it is complicated.

BEACH : Henk approaches Rachel, and insists that he is sooooooooooo not the man that did that heinous crime to her all those years ago, but Rachel’s view – that nothing has changed – is kinda reinforced when Henk grabs her as she tries to walk away. Rachel insists that he should stay away form her.

DINER : Rachel tell Leah that she was about to head over to tell brad when he & Henk arrived at her doorstep. Leah is then surprised when colleen says that’s he is heeding for yaby creek – to pick up her secret for the weeding, a fruit cake that colleen made herself [that is being professionally iced in YC].

NOAH’S : Brad introduces Henk to sally & Alf, asn brad is surprised when Henk say that he has no trouble stay at the van park [brad comments that Henk used to be a 5 star hotel only guy].

Cass embers – and announces that she has passed her driving test – and when colleen phones, locking for a lift to yabby creek, Cass eagerly points out to Alf [on phone to colleen] that she can drive colleen.

RACHEL’S PALCE : Sam is wondering where she can put up some paintings on the walls – and Martha suggest a coooool spot. Jack & Rory enter – and Martha bails. Jack comments that those painting is back where they weer when Martha/jack lived here.

NOAH’S : Cass is able to convince Alf for her to drive his Ute to take colleen, but Alf insist on going too, whilst Martha is glad when Henk offers to help her with a delivery for the bar that’s just come in.

ON THE ROAD : Cass is driving Alf & colleen [cake on lap] back to the bay when a car [a red Subaru] pulls quickly out its driveway. Cass has to slam on brakes – and the 3 tier cake takes a battering.

RACHEL’S PALCE : Sam wonder to Rachel if her recent unease is because she is uncomfortable with jack/Sam moving in – Rachel insist that it is sooooo not that.

Rachel bails – and Sam wonders to jack why he not mentions that he & Martha used to live here. Jack says that he didn’t want Sam to be worried by a thing like that etc.

NOAH’S : As Henk helps Martha is the store room, he is surprised when Martha says that she too was once married. Henk suggest that the best ways to not think of your ex is to find someone else.

DINER : When Leah sees what damage has been done to the cake, she tells colleen, Cass & Alf that she thinks she can fix it. Colleen eagerly agrees to do a double shift at finer – whilst Leah works her magic.

VPH : Brad tells sally that he is NOW keen to matchmaker Henk & Rachel after “suggesting” to Henk in the past to stay away from brad’s little sister.

Cass & Alf enter – talking about the cake incident, and after those two go in different direction in the house, brad & sally wonder whet is going on.

DINER : Rachel admits to Leah that she does actually think that Henk might have changed – indeed, Rachel admits that if she saw Henk in the street these days she probably would walk straight by him – as the old waaaaaay business suited etc Henk is gone. Rachel tells Leah that she isn’t going to say anything to bead about the past.

NOAH’S : Henk contnis 6to help Martha, but Rachel sees this, and [with Martha out of the room] confronts Henk about how it looked like he was flirting with Martha. Rachel insists that, somehow, Henk must work out a way that they [Rachel & Henk] spend as little time in contact with each other whilst he is in bay. Rachel then all but storms out.

RACHEL’S PALCE : Sam insists that it’s like she has 2 kids – as jack & Rory kinda gently throws lounge cushions at each other.

DINER : Colleen, Cass & Alf think Leah has done a great job with the cake – as the side of the 3 layers are now covered in an electric blue wrapping of some kind.

NOAH’S : Jack enters and Martha wonders just exactly what the deal is tween them now. Jack insists that things aren’t that easy for him – but he thinks that they can talk more that they have been of late [as Sam mightn’t be as worried about jack/Martha as she previously was. Rory then senetrs the room, and suggest to jack that they should head for the beach – and the boys bails.

BEACH : Martha approaches Henk – and tells him that she likes his theory. Martha sees jack & Sam enjoying each other’s company and she kisses Henk – but he not kiss her back, and inistthat he’s not here for romance. As Martha runs away, Henk see jack & Sam in the distance.

VAN PARK : Colleen initis to Alf & Cass that she should have no further trouble with that cake, but seconds after colleen exits Alf’s Ute, she sees brad – and she drops the cake. It’s totally ruined.

NOAH’S : Martha tries to apologise to Henk, who insists that he’s made it a rule that he isn't going to get involved with anyone whilst he is here for the wedding.

NOAH’S : As Alf, sally, brad, colleen & Cass enjoy what’s been salvaged form the cake, colleen insists on saving some for Leah – because of all the trouble she went to before. Btw, Alf comments that there’s enough alcohol [cooking cheery] in the cake to fuel a tank!!!

DINER : Martha enters the kitchen and introduces Henk to Leah and vice versa. Henk & Martha then head upstairs – Leah looks WAAAY concerned.

NEAR DINER : Next day, Rachel is somewhat surprised, when she sees Henk exiting the diner flat – via the external staircase. [end of ep]


Looks like Cass is alos falling for Henk – who tells Rachel that he is going to tell Brad what happened in Fiji!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Sally – black shimmery scoop neck top

SILVER : Colleen – blue floral blouse/red long pants

BRONZE : Jack - aqua (ocean themed motif) t/white [black swirl] board shorts


Alf - white [red & blue check] button up shirt

Brad – white long sleeve top/denim jeans

Cassie - off white [with orange lining] crop top

Henk – dark blue button up shirt/faded blue shorts

Henk – maroon button up shirt/faded jeans

Jack – red [sea themed] polo shirt/blue board shirts

Leah - orange (silver spots across the bust) spaghetti strap top/white long pants

Martha - light brown (Noah’s uniform) blouse/black long pants

Martha - red [with a black button on each strap] cross backed top/denim shorts

Martha - red [with several black elongated triangles] top

Rachel – dark blue long sleeve blouse/dark long shirt

Rachel - navy blue [with white collar] polo shirt/dark long pants

Rory – orange t/dark long pants

Rory – red [gold eagle crest] t/dark blue board shorts

Sam – dark green v neck t/brown long pants

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