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Immeasurable Damage

Guest -Jade-

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Story Title: Immeasurable Damage

Type of story: oneshot

Main Characters: Belle, Drew

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama/Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Hinted (V/D) (SC)

Summary: Belle's world is turned upside down.

This was my entry for the fanfic comp - thought I'd post it here. It's pretty short, but I'd love to hear what you guys think. :D

Immeasurable Damage

The memory rushed back yet again.


Smiling gently at the thought of being able to join him earlier than planned after all on their short break away from Summer Bay, she crossed the threshold of the hotel foyer and passed seamlessly into the carpeted corridor. Room 272, the desk clerk had informed her.

“Thank you.” She returned his smile, aware she looked classy, cool and confident. Like a woman in control.


She gritted her teeth and pressed her foot down on the accelerator, the pressure increasing steadily, her hands tightening their unwavering grip on the steering wheel. Staring unseeingly at the road ahead, her eyes glinted with the reflection of the last scattered gold and red flecked rays, as the sun slowly retreated beneath the trees. Sliding down beneath the horizon in a blaze of glory.

And yet she saw none of the beauty of the recent show. Her eyes instead displayed quite clearly the anger and hurt pulsating through her. All that she really saw was the cruelty of nature, promising so much only to snatch it away. She checked the side mirror, watching the road twist and turn into the reflected background and into the past, as the tarmac absorbed the darkness. Absorbing herself, absorbing her soul.

She pushed the car to its limits, as she had been pushed, burning through the road with the heat of her anger and friction of the tyres. She was finished with it all. He’d had enough chances and he was never going to get another one. Not now. Not after everything that had happened.


The lift glided smoothly up to the second floor, her shoes making no noise on the plush red carpet. Stopping briefly by the gilt-edged mirror on the wall, she smoothed back her hair, took a small bottle of the expensive scent he loved from her bag and sprayed her neck and wrists. Her reflection was still smiling. Still in control.


Gushes of cold air seeped into the car through the open windows. She glanced again into the wing mirror. A new reflection gazed back, tears soaking cheeks. Fingertips glided across the taught, dry, lifeless surface, broken up solely by the streams of tears. She tried in vain to brush them away.

She gripped the steering wheel with new purpose and sped on into the wilderness and loneliness. To cool night air and comfortable silence, to the rise and fall of the surrounding bush bordering on either side. Tyres shuddering over old, twisted and tangled roots of trees as a dampening atmosphere began to settle, cloaking all noise and movement as night truly took over. As memories mocked.


The silver numbers ‘272’ glinted, reflecting the light. Her hand made contact with the door… once, twice, three times. Smiling, she pushed it open, sure of her welcome. Only for her eyes to rest on the king size bed where he lay.

With another woman.


The sky above became darker, more menacing as trees became thicker and not a breath of air ruffled the leaves. All darkness now. All silence. Nothing but memories to play out in her mind.


Running up to the bed she hit him. Slapping and punching unrelentlessly, her hands attacking every bit of spare flesh on show. Unrestrained she let him know just how much he’d hurt her. She cried, she screamed and she fought against his arms, as he tried to calm her down.


She strained against the temptation, mentally forcing back the tears and keeping her eyes wide. This was so difficult…


And then she ran. She had a head start, reaching the car as he only reached the hotel foyer.

“Taylor! Come back!” He cried out.

She paused briefly, car keys in her hand. Twisting around she looked at him. For the last time.

He saw it as a tiny sign of hope. He ran down the hotel steps, racing furiously towards her. But she was already in the car, already speeding away.

“Taylor!” He screamed. “Taylor, please stop!”


“It’s too late,” she whispered to the memory, pressing her foot down hard, steering deliberately towards the tree. And in the moment before oblivion swallowed her forever she smiled. It was her decision. She was totally in control.


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