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Mon, 13 Aug 07 - Episode # 4481

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ More Reasons To LOVE [Ghost] Beth “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 13 Aug 07 - Episode # 4481)

Note – I’ve listed one location below as 2 different names [at differnet times], and it will be clear to you why I’ve done so.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Tony insist to geoff that they will sort something out [where he can live] but when Luc enters, he takes offence to Tony even thinking about letting Geoff stay here.

Jack & Sam begin to move out – just as Tony & Geoff bail.

DINER : Tony asks Irene if Geoff can stay with her for a few days. Irene likes the idea – but Belle waaaaaaaaaaaaay doesn’t.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel & brad talk about Henk – Brad says that he’s been in contact constantly with his old Scholl friend, but it looking fwd to seeing him face to face for the 1st time in over 5 years.

HOLDEN HOUSE : As Jack & Sam continue to move things out of this place, Maddie is pleased that she can study somewhere mostly quiet [as Martha is constantly nosy at the diner flat], whilst Luc has a go at Tony for worrying WAAAY too much about Geoff.

RACHEL'S PLACE / HOTEL MAYBE : Rachel answers the phone – it’s Henk. She pleads with him NOT to come to the wedding. Note – Amy Matthews was great, clearly showing Rachel’s trepidation over all of this.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Maddie makes Luc rally think about how Geoff’s actions [sheep kill] weren’t as bad as he is make them out to be. Maddie also suggest that Luc is muchly distract her from studying right now.

DINER : Leah, Alf, sally, Brad are talking about various things [incl Leah saying the the service at diner is lowsy] before Rachel arrives for the latest wedding meeting. Not lonmgh after Rachel arrives, brad gets phone call – it’s Henk, and brad tells that group that Henk insist that they’d have to lock him up to make him miss this [ironic – see below]

BEACH HOUSE : Next day, Geoff is at dining table bout to have breakfast when belle enters – Geoff is a tad stunned that she is wearing a bikini top. Belle bails – and Irene suggest that if Geoff wants to, he can just “veg out today, but Geoff tells her to he KLNOWS he’ll hate just doing nothing,

DINER : Maddie tells belle that she is thinking of moving back into her old place, as despite moving out to get away form memories of Beth, she’s thinking of her mum more than ever [whilst living with Martha]

RACHEL'S PLACE : Sam & Jack move some of their stuff into their new place, whilst Rachel looks at some pic in old photo albums [that she removed from the room that jack etc will be stay in.

BEACH HOUSE : Geoff enters the house via front door – goes upstairs. Belle netrs via back door – goes into shower. Geoff goes into bathroom – and belle freaks out!!!! Although Irene tries to calm things, Belle “suggests” that Geoff should go.

NEAR DINER : Leah sits with Rachel – who tells her that, 8 years ago Henk took her on a holiday weekend to Fiji. Rachel adds that Henk had just split form his wife – who discovered that he had been using illegal drugs. On the holiday, a drunken Henk climbed into bed with Rachel – and “he wouldn’t stop”. Rachel adds the heck kept on saying “you always wanted this”.

Leah can’t believe that she is the 1-st person that Rachel has ever told about this – and also can't believe that Rachel wants to still keep this quiet [so brad’s wedding etc isn't ruined].

BEACH HOUSE : Irene, Belle & Geoff are sit at dining table – belle insists that Geoff soooooo knew what he was doing, and Geoff tells Irene that he is going to go – and does so.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Jack & Sam tell Tony that they are just collecting the last of their things before totally bailing next door.

Geoff arrives – tells ton that beach house didn’t work out, but Geoff insist that he will now speak to0 Reverend Hall about things.

DINER : Luc, Maddie & Belle talk about Geoff’s various “adventures” [the sheep thing, the shower thing] and Maddie tells luc & Belle that she is DEFINITELY move back into her old home –Maddie has even told Martha that she is move out.

CAMPBELL FARM : Tony tries to talk to Bruce about the Geoff situation – but gets nowhere, and he comments [for a religious man] how unforgiving Bruce is.

RACHEL'S PLACE : When Jack & Sam are kinda keen to get affectionate in their new home, both stop themselves – because they think that it’s not what Rachel needs to see.

Leah arrives and she & Rachel telak on front porch. Rachel insists tat the she just can’t tell anyone about what happened.

NOAH’S : Luc sees Geoff and approaches him. Luc verbally attacks Geoff – claiming that Geoff makes ppl feel sorry for him. As luc walk away, Geoff starts to cry – luc returns to9 Geoff’s side, and kinda apologises for what he’s done.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony is VERY pleased when Maddie announce that she is, as of this minute, moving back home. When Tony comments that Beth has been “in his ear”, Maddie tells him about how belle made a similar comment earlier today.

Luc enters – and Tony tell him that Maddie is move back in. luc says that they’ve gained another person to the house today too – and Geoff [huge bag over shoulder] enters. Luc insists that he can handle this [Geoff here] for a few days. Maddie & Tony comment that perhaps Beth “got to” Luc as well.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel is deep in thought when there is knock at door. It’s brad, and he has Henk there with him – the look of Rachel’s face is priceless. [end of ep]


Looks like Martha is interested in Henk

Geoff waaaaaaaaaaaaay “stands up” to Bruce

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Leah – burgundy thin strap top

SILVER : Maddie – hot pink spaghetti strap top/black [white floral] skirt

BRONZE : Belle - grey & black bikini top/dark blue shorts


Alf - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Belle – black singlet

Belle – pink & black horizontal stripes singlet top/black skirt

Belle – red singlet top/dark [white check] skirt

Brad – white [blue pin stripe] button up shirt/grey long pants

Brad – white long sleeve top

Geoff – blue singlet

Geoff – bone button up shirt/denim jeans

Geoff - red rugby jersey

Henk – maroon button up shirt

Henk – white [mottled] button up shirt

Irene - aqua (black leafy motifs) top/dark long pants

Irene - green long sleeve blouse

Jack - orange (retro central 86) t shirt

Jack – white [blue & green horizontal stripes, black face of a woman motif] polo shirt/faded jeans

Leah - orange (silver spots across the bust) spaghetti strap top/white long pants

Luc - light blue (with diagonal naughts & crosses board) t-shirt

Luc – orange polo shirt/brown long pants

Maddie – white [black silhouette of a woman] singlet top/light brown shorts

Rachel – black low cut v neck dress/red [kinda spiky] necklace

Rachel – blue thin strap dress [with dark blue pebbles necklace]

Rachel – dark blue scoop neck top/dark long pants

Sally – black thin strap top/grey long pants

Sam – dark green v neck t/brown long pants

Sam – Pink thin strap top/faded jeans

Tony – light blue v neck top/dark long pants

Tony – red & blue horizontal stripes polo shirt/dark long pants

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