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Fri, 10 Aug 07 - Episode # 4480

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Nowhere Else To Go “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 10 Aug 07 - Episode # 4480)

Note – the info below for the scenes pre the 1st ad break are VERY muchly the Reader’s Digest version, relayed to be by a family member [because of Brisbane’s annual show, the EKKA, it seems that ALL the buses are, like last night, “intriguing”, i.e. late]

Rachel [hospital] treats Geoff – thankfully the shot that Bruce fired just “winged” Geoff.

Geoff & Bruce clash about how Geoff was about to poison sheep agiosn, whilst, after Annie contacts them, Tony & Luc arrive.

Bruce gets further works up as he clashed with Tony – he says that Geoff has gone off the rails and its ALL Tony’s fault. Bruce gets so stressed that he gets waaaaaaaaaay ill – Annie can’t believe in when Rachel says that she believes Bruce is having heart attack.

HOPITAL: Bruce is in a bed now, and Rachel tells Annie & Geoff that this time Bruce just suffered a big case of his angina playing up [iw not heart attack]. Rachel insists that Bruce MUST keep himself form being stressed – or he runs risk of heart attack.

DINER: Sally & Leah enter, and theytalkk about how sally &brad [thanks to have to replace colleen’s septic tank] can’t afford that wedding that they were planning.

Leah senses that sally is looking as this latest set back as a sign that the wedding shouldn’t go ahead. Sally admits that she thinks that she ISN”T ready for all of this.

BEACH: Brad asks Rachel to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. He also manetins that he wants his old mate Henk as best man. When brad notes that Rachel looks distracted, he wonders if that’s because of Henk, but Rachel insist that its because o the situation with Bruce

HOPITAL: Annie & luc are chat ion the corridor. She thanks him for coming here and being here for her tonight. The topic turns to Geoff – and luc sense that something inlet quite right at the moment. Luc is still shocked when Annie reveals that Geoff killed the sheep recently, and was about to do so again – that’s why Bruce [whilst try to scare off intruders] shot him.

VPH: Sally is on phone, whilst little Pippa does some painting nearby. When sally is off the phone, she goes off at little Pippa for using the paper that was bought for thing to do with the wedding. Sally apologizes for going off like that – and after Leah arrives, sally admits that she’s having cold feet because of Flynn. Leah admits that she had similar fears [about what this meant about her feeling for vinnie] before she married Dan.

DINER: brad talks to Leah about the wedding, and he sense her apprehension about things. Leah insists that brad should talk to sally. Before he bails, brad admits that all the signs of sally having cold feet have been there – he’s just tried to avoid rally seeing them.

HOSPITAL: Geoff enters Bruce’s room, and he apologizes for what he did, i.e. Geoff says that he never would have if he knows how bad Bruce’s health was.

The two however clash once more about the old story – bocce wanting to keep the farm in the family like its been for generations, whilst Geoff wants t move on. Geoff insists that the only reason that Annie is still going is because she at least has school. Geoff also admits that he likes school, and rugby, as it made him feel good about himself – something the farm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay doesn’t do.

VPH: Sally is helping little Pippa with some craft with brad enters. Indeed, sally tells little Pippa that you can never have to many love hearts on a wedding invite.

Brad & sally then talk about things - and sally admits that, thanks to something Leah said, she 110% wants to get married to brad. Sally & brad waaaaaay hug.

HOSPITAL: Annie enters Bruce’s room and bruce insists that Geoff have lost his way. Geoff enters – and says that the doctors say he [Geoff] can go home. Bruce insists that Geoff isn’t welcome at the farmhouse any more!!!!

HOLDEN HOUSE: Tony answers a knock at door – its’ Geoff, who says that he has nowhere else to go.

HOSPITAL: Rachel is talk to one of the nurses about Bruce. The nurse picks up on a mistake that Rachel has made with the medication that she wants Bruce to receive. Rachel admits that everything going on lately has been way stressful for her.

Rachel walks away for the nurse – and phone Henk. Sounds like she leaves a msg for him – Rachel sounds way worried as she “suggests” that he makes up a plausible excuse so he doesn’t come to the Bay !!!! [end of ep]


Annie’s had enough of Bruce – time for her to escape!!!

Brad’s mate Henk arrives in town – Cass & Martha seem interested, but it sounds like he’s done a bad bad thing to Rachel in the past [Leah says that Henk should heave done jail time]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Annie – dark blue top/light brown jacket/light blue track pants

SILVER : Leah - spangly leopard print top/dark skirt

BRONZE : Rachel – black low cut v neck top/red [kinda spiky] necklace


Brad – dark long pants/grey [with blue EVERLASTY logo] singlet

Geoff – dark top/faded jeans

Little Pippa – baby pink top

Luc – light pink [black tropic] polo shirt

Luc – orange polo shirt

Rachel – red v neck polo shirt/black long pants

Rachel – red polo shirt/dark long pants

Sally – black top/dark long pants

Tony – light blue v neck top/dark long pants

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