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Thurs, 9 Aug 07 - Episode # 4479

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ More Martha Moronic-ness “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 9 Aug 07 - Episode # 4479)

Note – for the 1st time this week, they screened the opening credits

CAMPBELL FARM : Jack questions Bruce about where the poisons are kept at the farm. Geoff is instructed to takes jack to where the poisons are kept – and there are suggestions that perhaps Aden etc did this.

DINER FLAT : Martha helps Rachel tieing lots of red ribbons for a charity drive. As they do so, they chat about how Rachel is doing – incl Rachel suggesting that although it would perfect now, Hugh’s offer to leave bay back then wouldn’t have felt right.

As they laugh & chat, Cass comments to Maddie on how they can’t exactly concentrate on study/exams with Rachel & Martha “yakking” on like that.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : It’s late at night and annie wakes Geoff up – wanting to talk to him, but before she can, they both hear a vehicle coming towards to house. They look out window – looks like Aden’s Ute, and one of the occupants throws a rock threw the window. It just misses Annie & Geoff!!!

DINER : Next day, Maddie enters kitchen via the internal stairs – and colleen is surprised when Maddie orders a full strength coffee.

Martha comes downstairs – and Maddie wonders if Martha can be out tonight, as Maddie has LOTS of study for exams. Martha says that tat will be ok.

In main part of diner, Annie & luc talk about THOSE hoons lat night and about the poisoned sheep – Annie insists that it’s not Geoff, as god would not forgive him. Btw, the way that Annie is talking [rather bluntly] could a way of telling Luc that she knows Geoff DID do it without actually saying those words specisifically.

Maddie approach Luc – hopes she can “pick his brains” on way to school, re exams.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Aden approach Annie and calls her a “freak” – Luc restrains Annie for attack Aden [like she did recently].

Cass & Maddie are talking nearby – Maddie is stressing about exams.

After Fisher herds the students into exam room, jack & another male police officer approach fisher – they want to speak to Aden. Fisher insists that they wait until exam finish.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : After exam, with Annie & Luc looking through classroom window initially, jack questions Aden about the sheep poisoning. Aden insists that he didn’t do it – and has an alibi.

HOSPITAL : Sam els Rachel that she made enquiries – and can have her old jog [at hospital] back. They talk about how the nurse Julie case is still unsolved – and rachel asks Sam if she will help tie more ribbons for charity tonight. Even after Sam is made ware that Martha will be there, she agrees.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : The questioning of Aden continues, and he DOES admit to throwing THAT rock last night.

DINER : Cass admits to Annie, Luc & Maddie that it was a moment of temporary insanity when she went out with Aden a few years ago.

Nearby, Rachel tells Martha that Sam is going to be helping them tonight.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Aden approach Luc & Annie – and starts harassing Annie. Luc doesn’t like that – so he punches Aden, but when Dan approach, Aden doesn’t tell him what’s just occurred.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Jack is surprised when Sam tells him about tonight – with both Sam & Martha helping out with the charity thing.

DINER FLAT : Sam arrives and she wonders to Martha where Rachel is – Rachel arrives seconds later.

After they start doing the ribbon thing [for a new cancer treatment ctr to be built near hospital], Maddie enters – and she CAN’T believe that mart forgot about their deal for tonight. When Martha insist that she has a chance to bind with Sam, Maddie [sarcastically] says that that is SOOOOOOOO much more important things Maddie’s exams. Maddie then bails – in TOTAL disgust.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Bruce unlocks THAt cabinet and takes some of his heart pills. Geoff enters the house, and Bruce wonders if Geoff is still WAAAAY keen on becoming a priest – as if Geoff isn’t, he should give up bible studies. Geoff insists that he IS still wanting to become a priest.

DINER FLAT : As Sam, Martha & Rachel do that charity work, Sam comments about how living at the holden house isn’t the best in the world, and Rachel suggest that Sam, Rory & jack can move into her place.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Sam tells jack about the Rachel’s place plan, and they both tell Luc when he enters.

Maddie then enters – as she was study in luc’s room {because of the whole Martha charity ting]. Jack is surprised, yet pleased, when Sam comes to Martha’s defence when Maddie insist that Martha is the world’s WORST flatmate.

DINER : Annie & Geoff are talking about recent events when Bruce arrives and “suggest” that both get in the car quick smart. Before they bail though, Annie just knows [form the way that Geoff is acting] that HE poisoned the sheep.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : It’s late at night, and Annie goes into Geoff’s room – he not in bed though.

Outside the house, Bruce [with shotgun] is keeping watch for intruders – he sees someone moving nearby, and fires at them. Brice goes over to where the person was running – discovers that he has shot GEOFF!!! [end of ep]


Sally is waaaaaaay in cold feet mode about the wedding

Bruce has another heart attack – witnessed by Annie etc

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Rachel – navy blue [black vertical stripes] thin strap top/dark long pants

SILVER : Martha – white low cut mid thigh length dress

BRONZE : Annie – dark blue [with sky blue sleeves] long sleeve top


Annie - SBH uniform

Annie - white [red floral] PJ top & shorts

Bruce - grey overalls/grey hat

Cassie - orange (polo shirt collared) halter top & matching shorts

Colleen – purple [yellow floral] blouse, with white top neath

Dan – white [blue & gold horizontal stripes across chest] polo shirt/dark suit

Fisher – red tie/dark suit/white button up shirt

Geoff – blue [check] jacket/blue button up shirt/denim jeans

Jack – light pink polo shirt/grey long pants

Lucas - SBH uniform

Maddie – green scoop neck t

Maddie - SBH uniform

Martha – white [spangly silver lining] plunge v neck top, with white top neath/flesh colour shorts

Rachel – red v neck t/black long pants

Sam – black dress

Sam – light green frilly spaghetti strap top/brown long pants

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