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Wed, 8 Aug 07 - Episode # 4478

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Maddie Gets All Hot And Sweaty “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 8 Aug 07 - Episode # 4478)

SUMMER BAY HIGH : As Ric sits in corridor, Fisher & Sally quiz Maddie about what happened. They know that she helped Emma cheat – but Maddie insists that it was spur of the moment decision [no collusion before hand]. Sally tells Maddie that she will let Maddie know what will happen when they make a decision.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Annie & Luc talks about Bruce – and how hard he is still working despite what doctors have said. Annie also expressed concerns about Geoff – she is worried that he is keeping things form her.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Fisher is keen to throw the book at Maddie for cheating, Sally insists that there is more t this than they know. Sally insists in speak to Emma before making any decision.

POLICE STATION : Bruce rants to jack about how the police arenl;t doing things quick enough – and hw there’s been further attacks [fences thrashed etc] at the farm. Jack insist that police is hard as hard as they can.

After Bruce & Geoff bails, Rory enters – with anote form his school. He didn’t want t worry Sam about himself being in trouble.

DINER FLAT : Maddie talks to Ric and she is beginning to REALLY stress about about things – like perhaps not being able to go to uni because of this exam debacle. Maddie is also wearied about Emma – who isn’t taking any of her phone calls.

DINER : Sally is talk to fisher [about Maddie] when Ric enters the main part of diner [via kitchen]. Sally asks Ric what is going on – but he insists that it’s not his place to say.

DINER FLAT : Sally enters – and tries to get Maddie to tell her what’s going on. Maddie tries to not say anything – but from the way that Maddie is acting, Sally comes to conclusion that Emma might be pregnant, and the look on Maddie’s face confirms it. Sally tells Maddie that she just wishes Maddie & Emma came to her before the exam cheating etc happened.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Jack & Sam talk t Rory about why he is in trouble a school. Rory says that he hasn’t been making friends etc because of Sam’s habit of having to bail form many places in past. Sam insist that she not going anywhere anymore – so Rory should make friends, and speak up in class etc.

SEAPLANE WHARF : Its’ way late at night, and the wharf lighting is way lacking, so we can virtually only hear Alf & Tony talking about what’s happening with Maddie.

Tony sees Geoff – and can see that Geoff looks stressed. When Tony approach, Geoff insists that he can’t talk now – has to go home.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Annie is doing her homework when she gets up form the desk, and goes into Geoff’s room. She looks in his bag – and finds rabbit poison!!!

SEAPLANE WHARF : Next day, Annie talks to Luc about what she found. Both Annie & Luc get the impression that if Geoff wants off the farm so badly, that he might have poison the sheep in a bid to do so.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Bruce & Geoff clash when Geoff sees that Bruce is looking to buy more sheep. Geoff “suggest” that Bruce should let him make some of the deciosns – considering farm will one day be his [and Annie’s]. Geoff scoffs at Bruce’s latest verbal attack on him – by saying that there’s nothing for Bruce to take from Geoff [after having made him, give up school, rugby etc]

HOLDEN HOUSE : Geoff talks to Tony about how Bruce is using up all the money that Geoff & Annie’s parents set aside in their will [for their education] on the farm.

Annie & Luc enter – Annie insists that she want to talk to Geoff, but he says that he can’t right now. Geoff bails.

DINER : Sam is talk to Leah hen Sam’s phone ring. When off, she trells Leah that she has to bail – Sam has to go to the school about Rory.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : In corridor, Sally tells Fisher that Emma have been contacted – and have her parents. Also, form the way that Sally & Fisher are talking, it sounds like Maddie is in trouble for something other than cheating.

Sally & fisher enter classroom, and they inform Maddie that, thanks to extenuating curcuma stances, Maddie can continue on at school [and do the rest of her exams]. They have, however, taken some marks off Maddie’s results form her maths exam – which didn’t exactly have top marks even before they did so.

BEACH : Maddie is REALLY stressing out – she insists to Ric that ALL is hopeless, as she is GOOD at maths, and now that she’s done so badly on that exam, what hope does she has off passing the exams of subjects that she’s not so great at.

Ric tries to make Maddie see that this isn’t such a hopeless situation – but she’s not so sure about that.

DINER : Leah seem just as ecstatic as Jack, Sam & Rory with the news that Rory is being enrolled at summer bay high – as teachers etc at primary school think that Rory is brainy enough to be at high school.

Mid celebration, jack gets a phone call form Lara.

CAMPBELL FARM : Annie approaches Geoff as he tends to their rabbit. She confronts him about the rabbit poison in his bag – Geoff insist that he just not have enough time t9 put on back where its usually kept.

The nearby Bruce sees the police approach. Jack and a another male officer exit cop car, and tell Bruce etc that sheep were poisoned – with something that is usually used for get rid as rabbits !!!! [end of ep]


What will happen with Martha & Sam are the only ppl in a room [diner flat] together?

What lengths will Bruce go to keep his secrets?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Leah – white [with blue & brown mosaics like pattern] spaghetti strap top/bone long pants

SILVER : Sam – red spaghetti strap top/dark shorts

BRONZE : Maddie - aqua scoop neck t shirt/light pink shorts


Annie – light brown jacket/faded denim jeans

Annie - SBH uniform

Bruce - grey overalls/grey hat

Bruce – white check shirt/dark tie/akubra hat

Fisher – dark suit/dark tie/light blue button up shirt

Fisher – dark suit/white shirt/red & yellow tie

Geoff – bone long pants/red button up shirt

Geoff – dark long pants/white singlet

Jack – blue & sky blue horizontal striped polo shirt

Lucas - mauve [surfy motifs] t/dark shorts

Lucas - SBH uniform

Maddie - SBH Uniform

Ric – black [green outlined rock band name] t/faded jeans

Ric - white (black silhouette of a girl’s) t

Rory – blue [school] button up shirt

Rory – red [gold eagle crest] t

Sally – black & maroon top/grey jacket & skirt

Sally – black [horizontal zig zag pattern across bust] top/dark suit

Sam – flesh coloured swirl patterned spaghetti strap top/green shorts

Tony - olive green [with apple green strip across chest] polo shirt

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