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Mon 6 Aug 07 - Episode # 4476

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Coffee Stained Relationship “

(Screened in Australia on Mon 6 Aug 07 - Episode # 4476)

MANSION : Dane suggest that he &^ jazz should talk about her divorce over dinner, but jazz says that she has another plans tonight.

As she shows Dane out to the door, drew & belle enter. Drew thinks that jazz is still interested if Dane – and has a go at her because of Tony.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Brad is going full steam ahead with wedding plans, but as sally talk to him, she seems very apprencious at the pace of all of this,

Maddie & Ric enetrthe room, and Maddie says that she’s been having trouble studying – with Martha working etc various shifts [dinner at midnight etc]. Ric is surprised when Maddie asks him to her her study morrow – Maddie think he will be great help. Ric aggress.

DINER FLAT : Maddie enters – and finds school of her exam notes are coffee stained. Martha has left a note apologising for what happened.

GARAGE: Next day, Drew arrives at work – and Ric is very suspicious of Dom when drew tells Ric that low prices that he’s been paying Dom for the various car parts.

The boss of the garge “suggest”: that drew should move her car – which is in entrance to the business.

NEAR GARAGE : Drew drives his car to a nearby back street. He sees [in distance] Dom seeling some car parts out of boot of his car.

GARGE : Drew enters – and he is WAY pleased when the boss offers his an apprenticeship!!!

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Tony approach jazz and wonders if she would lau8ke to go to dinner with him. Jazz says that she has meeting with her lawyer then.

VAN PARK HOUSE : As brad continues to talk about wedding plans, Sally admits to him that she thinks all of this is a tad rushed. Sally answer the phone – and tells bard [when off] that she has to pick up little Pippa form Stella’s.

GARAGE : Drew confronts Dom about that car boot sale, but Dom insist that everything he is doing with drew is above board. Dom then suggest that he’ll text drew later – for the location of some drag racing.

BEACH : Drew & Ric are walk and talk. Ric thinks that Dom and the illegal drag race scene are way dodgy.

The boys encounter belle.

DINER : Leah, Belle & colleen are all VERY pleased that drew has scored the apprehenticehip. Drew gets a txt msg – and tells belle that it’s for celebratory drinks with workmates.

GARAGE : Dom enters, and the boss of the workshop [his uncle] “suggest” that Dom should keep his nose clean, and not involve drew is whatever Dom is doing.

MASNION : Jazz & Drew talk about her social life – drew insist that she Really should at least tell Tony what she’s after in this relationship.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally & brad talk about the wedding – sally seems more OK with the idea of it being just 6 weeks form now.

Ric tests Maddie on some possible exams questions. Maddie nervously answers but get most of them right.

Ric gets a txt msg – and tells Maddie that a friend is in trouble.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Dom approach Belle – who has a go at him for bullying Ric last year. Dom shows her some fo the scars that he copped when he was apprentice, but Dom is forced to admit that he is just weak for taking hi frustrating out on Ric.

A hotted up car pulls up –Dom gets up and car hoons off.

DINER : Jazz wonders if Tony is still interested in doing something together. He says the he about to go fishing – jazz says that she’ll be up for that, which surprises colleen.

belle wonders how Maddie is going with her study - and they "swap notes " about where Drew & RIc said they wer going. belle looks WAAAAY suspicious of where drew is.

ROAD OUTSIDE OF TOWN : Ric arrives soon after Drew does. Soon after, Dom pulls up in his car – says tat the drag race in now a bit further up the road – as cops are scouting the area.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Jazz is surprises when she finds Tony there with a full picnic set up. Jazz tells Tony that she’s not got a full on relationship in mind, and Tony says that he’s in a similar state of mind – after having recently been with the greatest woman in the world [i summer he’s talking about Beth there].

ROAD OUTSIDE OF TOWN : Drew, Dom, Ric and many ppl are gathered. when the 2 hotted up cars that are actually racing arrive, the many ppl admire said cars – before get word that the cops are closing in. mostly everyone scrams - doom even steals drew’s car. Drew tries to get a ride with anyone – but it’s just he & Ric [with his not so fast van] that the police catch. [end of ep]


Someone’s pregnant – given Ric’s reaction, could it be Maddie?

Is Drew seeing his ex Lisa behind Belle’s back?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s aqua top/dark blue crop jaket/balck [light pink floral] shorts

SILVER – Jazz’s black satin v neck top/black long pants

BRONZE – Belle’s grey & black [horizontal stripes] singlet top/denim shirt/black long pants/black cap


Belle’s white (black sunglass wearing dude motif) t/bone skirt

Brad’s plum button up shirt/dark long pants

Sally’s black v neck top/black suit

Brad’s white button up shirt/dark pants

Colleen’s blue top/ dark blue (with white & yellow small squares) blouse

Dom’s blue & white check button up shirt

Drew’s black t/faded black jeans

Drew’s blue overalls/bone singlet

Drew’s dark jacket/ brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t

Jazz’s café latte type colour mid thigh length jacket

Jazz’s LBD

Jazz’s royal blue thin strap top/black long pants

Leah’s red halter top [with black top beneath]

Maddie’s brown top/mustard crop jacket/bone long pants

Ric’s brown [yellow tiger’s face motif] t

Ric’s dark blue overalls

Ric’s light blue (black silhouette of a person’s face etc motif) t

Sally’s white v neck top/black suit

Tony’s dark blue zip up jacket/white singlet

Tony’s light brown [white pin stripe] button up shirt

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