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Fri, 3 Aug 07 - Episode # 4475

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ No Mobile ‘Coverage’ Out Here “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 3 Aug 07 - Episode # 4475)

HOSPITAL : Rachel & the nurses start to treat Bruce. When one of the nurses mations contact next of kin, Bruce vehemently says that he doesn’t want Annie etc told about this.

MASNION : Drew tells Belle that although he is pleased that jazz appears to be serious about herself & Tony, drew hopes that she doesn’t soon bail form the relationship [like she’s fone to so many others in the past].

Ric enters – and he is quite surprised when drew shows hoim that Dom has indeed been able to source all the parts that drew needs for his car. Since Ric & drew will be talking about cars, Belle bails.

DINER : Belle os at the counter when fisher approaches – and wonders what she has in mind for a career. Belle says that she’s not sure – and both fisher & Irene suggest that belle should REALLY start thinking about it.

Sally enters – and brad says that he’s arranged for a meeting to make some wedding arrangements. Sally insists that she has VERY busy day, but will try to make it.

Sally then approaches Annie & Geoff – and tells them that he is in hospital.

HOPITAL : Bruce is talking to Rachel – she says that this latest problem wasn’t angina – it was heart attack. Bruce insists that they not tell Annie & geoff what’s really happened.

Annie & Geoff enter – and wonder what’s going on. Bruce says that he was over stressed because of the sheep thing and collapsed etc – and his kinda death stares Rachel, to ensure she doesn’t say anything.

SURF CLUB : Dom approaches Ric – and tries to start up a conversation. Ric all but ignores him.

Drew enters the room and starts talk yo Dom – who say that he will have the final part that drew needs for his car tomorrow, Dom insist that they meet here mid afternoon morrow. Drew says that he can’t [because of work], and Dom suggest that belle might be able to. When Dom is gone, Ric thinks that bell won’t be keen to meet up with Dom morrow for this car pat.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Sally offers to stay that night – but Geoff says that he & Annie will be ok. Sally then insists that she will pick them up morrow morn and shout them breakfast at diner.

When sally is gone, Annie wonders why Geoff is muchly on the edge at the moment – Geoff ionist that he is waaaaaaaay tired etc because of all that’s occurred

DINER : Next day, Annie, Geoff & sally are having breakfast when Irene approaches – comments about bruice being in hospital etc.

Sally & the Campbell are about to bail when brad enters. He reminds sally about the get together to chat about wedding today.

HOPITAL : Rachel insist to Annie & Geoff that Bruce has to get lots of rest, a nd whilst Annie goes into Bruce’s room, Geoff overhears Rachel talk to one of the nurses about how bad Bruce’s heart is. Geoff approaches Rachel – and wonders if the shock of the sheep kill could have done this. Rachel certainly admits that it didn’t help things.

SBH : Dan goes into one of the classroom and he gives sally several weeding reception menus that Leah had done up.

Belle enters the room – and wonders if she can talk to Dan about career options. He suggests that walk & talk on way to diner.

HOPITAL : Geoff & Bruce WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY verbally clash – after Geoff suggests that perhaps Bruce’s hearty problem are a sign from God that they should sell the farm, esp. since recent paklns to keep their heads above water [so to speak] have all failed.

Bruce gets out of bed and insists that he is wants to be discharged. Rachel “suggests” that that is an unwise move.

DINER : Belle & Dan enters – and belle thanks Dan for the help that he’s just given her.

Belle approaches drew – and she’s not all that keen when he asks her to meet with Dom to pick up that car part. Belle begrudgingly agrees.

HOSPITAL : Rachel tries to convince Bruce to stay in hospital – as she desalt want him, say, having another heart attack in front of Annie etc. Bruce insists that it’s a gamble that he IS willing to take.

SURF CLUB : Dom gives Belle the car part - and wonders if she would like to go to a concert with her. Belle declines.

SBH : Rachel & sally talk about the whole Bruce situation, before they start to talk about the attack on nurse Julie [police have no new leads on who did this].

Rachel that she is about to head off to the meeting about wedding arrangements – sally says that she will be there as soon as she can.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Annie, Geoff & Brice hear a knock at door – its sally, who gives Annie a mobile phone, just for emergencies. Bruce tells Annie top give the phone back – as it’s not required. Annie does so – and sally walks away.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Belle tells drew & Ric about the whole Dom/concert ting. She tells tejm that she kinda feels sorry for dom.

Belle & drew get iont9o Drew’s car, and he starts the engine. Things appear to be running smoothly – but then they take a turn for the worse. Ric tells drew that Dom must have sold him a dodgy part.

DINER : Rachel, Leah, colleen, bred etc are talking about the weeding. They are effectively finsiheshed that meeting when sally enters. She is clearly shocked when brad “hits” her with all the things that brad & the group has suggested, incl planning to have the ceremony in 6 weeks.

OUTDOORS SOMEWHERE : Brad & sally are walking and talk about the wedding plans. Brad kinda senses some apprehension but when they stop walking, sally waaaaaaaaaaaay kisses him on the lips, and insist that she is the luckiest girl in the world.

MASNION : Drew & Ric are talking about THAT car part that Dom sold drew. When Dom arrives, Ric is sceptical about bhow easily Dom thinks that he can get his hands on the partic engine part, since the car that drew has is about 20 years old – as drew has a late 80s red Aussie sedan.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Dom breaks into a car that is the same model as Drew’s, and steals the engine part that he needs .. [end of ep]



Someone [that we’ll never guess] is PREGNANT!!!

Sally appears to still be in cold feet mode

Bruce has another heart attack – witnessed by Annie etc

Ric & Drew are WAAAAAAAAAAAY in trouble with the police

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Annie’s apple green [with occasional dark green floral motifs] v neck top/faded blue jeans

SILVER – Belle’s black (“Rip Curl”) singlet top/black skirt

BRONZE – Brad’s plum button up shirt/dark long pants


Alf’s olive green [yellow check] button up shirt

Annie’s SBH uniform

Belle’s SBH uniform

Belle’s white (black sunglass wearing dude motif) t/bone skirt

Bruce’s dark tie/white [check] shirt

Colleen’s yellow floral blouse

Dan’s dark suit/light blue button up shirt

Dom’s blue [white check] button up shirt

Dom’s white [rad & blue checks] button up shirt

Drew’s black jeans/grey singlet

Drew’s blue overalls [with black t beneath

Fisher’s blue [with red diagonal stripes] tie/black suit/blue button up shirt

Fisher’s dark shirr/white shirt/dark tie

Geoff’s blue & light blue checked button up shirt

Geoff’s royal blue button up shirt

Irene’s orange v neck long sleeve top

Irene’s red [with white floral motif at the top] t

Leah’s white v neck top

Rachel’s black v neck top/black long pants

Rachel’s orange [with yellow dots all over] v neck top [with red top beneath]

Ric’s dark blue overalls [with light blue (red Tombstone logo) sleeveless t beneath]

Ric’s dark shorts/white singlet

Sally’s apricot top/light brown jacket & matching long pants

Sally’s black v neck top/black suit

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