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Thurs 2 Aug 07 - Episode # 4474

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Fish[er] For Dinner - AGAIN !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 2 Aug 07 - Episode # 4474)

CAMPBELL FARM : Lara & several other officers are the scene of the [sheep kill} crime. Bruce is accusing his neighbours of this act, whilst the nearby Annie & Luc is distressed about what happened, and Geoff looks intrigued by everything.

DINER : Sally, Alf, Brad, Cass & little Pippa enter, and brad & Cass comment about how Fisher seem to always land at their place at dinner time. Naturally, fisher enters, and he starts talking about how he wants to sally a meeting which all the year 12 students will attend morrow – he thinks they aren’t doing their best etc. sally invites fisher to join them for dinner.

POLICE STATION : Luc, Annie & Geoff are chat about what’s happened [incl Geoff saying that he didn’t find anything important inn THAT locked cabinet] when Lara & Bruce enter the main part of the station [after police interview Bruce]. Geoff or Luc then makes the suggestions that pegaps Aden & his mates are responsible – Bruce seems to take the suggestion VERY seriously.

DINER : Next day, fisher chats to Alf & Irene before Cass wonders if this meeting fo the year 12’s is optional today. Fisher rather bluntly insists that all must be there. When fisher is gone. Cass comments to Maddie, Emma & Luc that she thinks that fisher is taking out the frustration of having to work again [to save up to visit Marilyn] on the school students.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Aden [in corridor] approaches Annie, and teases her about her weird family. Annie’s in NO mood for this – so she physically attacks Aden. Cass & brad try to get Annie to desist before fisher arrives and authoratively tell Annie to stop, which she does.

Maddie, Emma & luc just see the tail end of the action – but Emma has other things to worry about, i.e. she’ll feeling unwell and throws up.

NEAR BEACH : Maddie, Cass & Luc are taking Emma home when she is sick again. Cass is worried about them not being at THAT year 12 meeting, but Maddie & luc think that their friend is more important.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : In one of classrooms, fisher majorly has a go at Annie because of her actions, and demands that she is now on after school detention. Sally & brad argue that, under Annie’s circumstance that it’s an unwise move. Fisher counteracts this by saying that sally’s etc attitude is just like the students – slack.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Soon after, Many year 12 gather in a classroom for the meeting. Fisher removes some earphones from a female students ears – and Aden wonders if fisher has even heard of an i-Pod.

Fisher then notices that Maddie etc are there.

DINER : Maddie, Cass & Luc anetr and they sit with Annie. They talk to her about the clash with Aden.

Fisher enters – he can’t believe that Maddie etc can be so belligerent. Cass tries to tell him about Emma, but he refuse to hear what she has to say. He also puts the year 12 trio on detention.

SURF CLUB : Aden is talking to his mates when Bruce enters, and has a MAJOR go at Aden [incl manhandling him] because of the suspicion that he killed the sheep.

Geoff enters – and suggests that Bruce shouldn’t be doing this. Geoff & Bruce bail.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass complains to both Alf & Brad about fisher.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Aden [corridor] has his mates around him – and when fisher approach, Aden is keen to show him something on the laptop that Aden has.

Aden proceeds to show fisher something he’s put togther on the computer – a series of images of fisher, incl a wedding day with Marilyn pic, where fisher's head has always been replaced by that of a fish!!!

Fisher responds by saying that he thanks Aden is really talented to be able to do something like that.

Bard approach fisher and they go into a classroom. Brad tells fisher that he is surprised that fisher handled that [Aden attack] so well.

Fisher then goes intro9 a bit of a emotional rant, about how brad is undermine him – fisher insist that the students DO respect fisher [note – there’s much angst, fear in fisher’s voice by the end of this scene].

POLICE STATION : Bruce demdns an update on what’s happen. Lara tells him that they are awaiting a toxicology report to see if those sheep were poisoned. Bruce thinks the police are sitting on their hands – and vows to fix this himself, but Lara insists that Bruce can NOT take law into own hands.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Brad talks to Sally about what happened with Fisher, and Sally MUCHLY takes Fisher’s side on this matter.

DINER : Irene is surprise to see Annie & Geoff here for dinner. They tell her that Bruce is doing something and will pick them up later.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Bruce loads some bullets into his shot gun and is waking towards the front door when he clutches his chest. He tries to unlock THAT cabinet, but Bruce collapses - and doesn’t move when he hits the floor.

DINER : Irene talks to Maddie as the latter is oat the counter getting some fiord. Maddie says that she’s not studied much lately – and Martha having a party at the flat tonight won’t help.

Brad & Sally are talking when Fisher enters – and Brad insists that fisher should join him for dinner – esp. since Sally is off to speak to Bruce.

Before she bails, Sally wonders if Annie & Geoff would like a lift – but they insist on waiting for Bruce.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Sally knocks on front door. Theatre’s no answers, so [naturally] Sally just goes into the house. She is SHOCKED to find Bruce unconscious on the floor !!! [end of ep]


Geoff is worried [to Rachel at HOSPITAL] that recent shocks have cause Bruce to collapse!!

Is Sally getting cold feet about her approaching wedding???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sally’s royal blue halter-top/ white [black floral] skirt

SILVER – Maddie’s purple thin strap top

BRONZE – Fisher’s royal blue button up shirt/blue jeans


Alf’s blue & white check button up shirt

Alf’s light blue [check] button up shirt

Annie’s SBH uniform

Brad’s black jumper/light brown pants

Brad’s white button up shirt/black long pants

Bruce’s akubra hat/brown tie/powder blue button up shirt

Bruce’s akubra hat/dark tie/white check button up shirt

Cassie’s red [grey lining] singlet top/denim jeans

Emma’s SBH uniform

Fisher’s blue [with red diagonal stripes] tie/black suit/blue button up shirt

Geoff’s blue & light blue checked button up shirt

Geoff’s olive green singlet/ denim jeans

Irene’s orange v neck long sleeve top

Lara’s light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Little Pippa’s yellow t/blue shorts

Luc’s SBH uniform

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Sally’s apricot top/light brown jacket & matching long pants

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