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Wed, 1 Aug 07 - Episode # 4473

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Taking Control “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 31 July 07 - Episode # 4473)

Note – for the 1st time this week, we saw the opening credits

CAMPBELL FARM : It’s late at night, and Annie is not only worried about an assignment [to be hand in morrow] but that she hasn’t helped Geoff enough. Making things worse is another verbal attack by Bruce on Geoff.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Sam tells jack that she is worried that every time jack has a problem, he goes running to Martha. Sam urges jack to end the friendship – or she & Rory will leave town.

CAMPBELL FARM : Next day, Geoff cops another verbal serve from Bruce, and the later also insist that he soooo won’t even contemplate letting Geoff do the bookwork for the farm – given how [bruce thinks] Geoff is ging with rest of the formwork.

When Bruce bails, Geoff is keen to look in the locked cabinet that contains the books etc – Annie urges him not to, and Geoff complies. Annie bails for school.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Sam tells jack that she received a letter from the government etc – saying that her husbands’ ashes are available to be picked up. Sam is dismissive of the idea – but ropy IS keen to do something in memorial of his father.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Cass & Luc are chatting when Annie approaches. Fisher then apaches the trio – and Annie thanks him for all his help with her assignment etc. when fisher has walk away, Annie looks in her bag – and realise that assignment not in there. Although Luc suggest otherwise, Annie bails – to get assignment form home.

CAMPBELL FARM : Geoff unlocks THAT cabinet – Annie arrives home hsut as he does so, and in her bid to shut the cabinet door, Annie breaks a small china box. Annie is annoyed with both herself AND Geoff.

SURF CLUB : Rory talks to jack about wanting to have some kinda of memorial – as Craig might have been evil but he was still Rory’s dad.

Martha approaches – and she sense that jack is being stand off-ish with her.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Annie approaches Luc, and asks him to hand in her assignment. She says that she HAS to get another china box [she gave the now broken one to Bruce for Xmas]. Annie insists that she is mo0re worried about get in trouble with Bruce than any school punishment [note – LOVED how Annie was, for the most part, looking down at the ground when speaking in this scene].

CAMPBELL FARM : Geoff is walking near the sheds when Brice [on tractor] has a go at his for not having done some work involving the sheep yet.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Jack tells Sam that he’s begun to break away from Martha. Jack also tells Sam that he thinks that a memorable service with Rory’s dad will be good – for closure etc

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Fisher tells sally that she has Annie’s assignment but she is nowhere to be seen. Fisher says that she is going to go out toy the farm, but sally suggests that she will instaed – since she’s dealt with Bruce etc before.

CAMPBELL FARM : Geoff walks into one of the sheds, and removes some paperwork from under his shirt – looks like his parents’ will.

DINER : Martha approaches jack – who tells her about what Sam has, well, demanded.

SEAPLANE WHARF : Sam, Rory & jack attend a memorable service for Sam’s husband. At the end, a the now dead man’s social worker gives Rory a gift for his father – the novel “a fortunate life” [which Sam’s hubby gave to her soon after they discovered that sam was preggers with Rory].

Sam is keen to head for home, but Rory wants to stay here for a bit – jack offers to stay her with Rory whilst Sam heads for home.

DINER : Cass & sally are chatting with luc enters – sally wonders if luc knows where Annie is, but luc says that he doesn’t.

Nearby, Martha talks to Alf about the whole Sam & jack thing.

SEAPLANE WHARF Rory wonders to jack if it’s wrong that Rory not feel anything [for his dad] at the memorial – jack says that it’s ok, because it’s not like Craig was a real dad to Rory. Rory tells jack that he [jack] is much more a dad to rory than Craig ever was.

Martha [form afar] sees jack comfort Rory.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Martha arrives – and insists to Sam that they NEED to talk

HOLDEN HOUSE : Soon after, Sam explains that she has Rory to think about, i.e. Rory looks at jack as a bit of a father figure. Martha not only accepts Sam’s “call” on this – but thinks that it’s great that Sam is being so mindful etc of Rory. [note – I also get the feeling that Sam likes having that much control in her life, given how out of control it has been until her husband’s death.

CAMPBELL FARM : Luc finds anni near one of the sheds – she tells him that it took her ages to find an exact match for the china box.

Annie looks into the shed – and looks horrified. She goes to Luc for comfort, but Bruce approaches and “suggest” that Luc shouldn’t be corrupting Annie this way.

Annie then point out to Brice whay she is distressed – sound like MANY of their sheep are dead!!!! [end of ep]


Why does the usually shy Annie physically attack Aden at school???

Who’s out to ruin Bruce? [sally looks/sounds shocked by what she finds at farm]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sam’s purple “mosaic” dress/black jacket

SILVER – Martha's yellow thin strap top/denim jeans

BRONZE – Annie’s SBH uniform


Alf’s light blue [brown check] button up shirt

Annie’s dark top/grey woollen jacket

Bruce’s grey overalls/grey “old school” hat

Fisher’s grey [diagonal stripe] tie/white button up shirt/dark suit

Geoff’s denim jeans/blue singlet

Geoff’s olive green singlet/ denim jeans

Jack’s black suit/white shirt/dark tie

Jack’s red (mustang motif) t shirt

Luc’s SBH uniform

Rory’s black suit/white shirt/dark tie

Rory’s green & white horizontal striped polo shirt

Sally’s red top/black suit

Sam’s sky blue blouse

Sam’s grey scoop neck t/purple shorts

Social Worker’s red top/choc brown suit

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