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Tues, 31 July 07 - Episode # 4472

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Intriquing New Relationship “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 31 July 07 - Episode # 4472)

HOLDEN HOUSE : It’s breakfast time, and luc comments on how kinda hungover Tony looks.

Sam tells jack that she is going to enrol Rory back into Nippers again – and that she has a check up for her leg today. She comments that he seem not to be “all there” at the moment – jack insists that its just that he is busy at work.

NAOH’S : Jack talks to martha about what’s happening – as a dude form internal affair will be spiking to him today. Jack admits that all this could lead to his DISMISSAL form the police.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Rachel enters and talks to Sam briefly, before Tony enter the room. He apologises for bailing from the date with Julie, and he is shocked when Rachel tells him that Julie got bashed.

POLICE STATION : McGrath tells jack that the internal affirms dude has been delayed, so jack will assist McGrath in interviewing ppl for the Julie attack case.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Jack & McGrath enter- and they begin to ask tiny about what he did on and after his date with Julie.

MANSION : Belle & drew are chatting when jazz [joking or otherwise] likes Drew’s thoughts that he is going to charge ppl [non friends I’m guessing] to use mansion pool.

Jazz is then surprised, but pleased, when drew asks her to join him & belle for breakfast.

HOLDEN HOUSE : When asked about his whereabouts after the date, tony tells jack etc that he got talking to etc a woman whilst walking after he bail form surf club.

MANSION : Drew, Belle & jazz are chatting when jack & McGrath arrive. They suggests to speak to jazz in private, but she is ok with drew etc being there. They ask her if she can confirm that she was with Tony last night.

DINER : Drew & Belle are talking [about jazz] when maddie & Luc enter – and drew & belle go all weird for a bit, before revelling what’s occurred.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Maddie & luc enter, and they confront Tony about this thing with jazz.

HOSPITAL : Rachel approaches Sam and they talk about Julie & than about how Sam’s check up [for her leg] went well. Sam come nts that jack isn’t here yet to pick her up – Rachel says that she’ll get one of the hospital staff to droop Sam him.

POLICE STATION : The internal affairs grills jack about how he was speeding during THAT pursuit AND ho he left the scene is the incident. Jack insist that he mad split seconds call ain the heat of the moment, but ones that where approiptar for the circumstance. Jack’s spiel in pretty moving – as he insist that he wouldn’t have changed any6 of his actions if same thig happens again.

NAOH’S : Jack talks to Martha about his situation – hoping that he won’t loose his job. Sam enters – and jack apologises for forgetting to pick her up. He also soatys that now he is had back to work – just here for short break.

DINER : Maddie, luc, belle & drew are talking about Tony/jazz, when jazz approaches - Drew bails.

Sam ask colleen oif jack talks about same when she was away – colleen tells her that jack didn’t so that, and that he& Martha were often chatting

ROADSIDE : Jazz catches up with drew. He tells her that he inlet exactly pleased with her “sleeping around” like this. Jazz insists that she is SERIOUS about Tony – and drew seem to be ok with this.

SURF CLUB : Sam talk to Martha – who lets it slip that jack could loose his job.

POLICE STATION : McGrath tells jack that the internal affairs dude is only JUST ok with jack’s actions, so jack jeeps his job, but McGrath suggest that jack should use his brain more oft in future.

MANSION : Tomy arrives – with a bottle of wine. He is worried about drew etc, but jazz tells him that drew seem to be cool with their relationship.

HOSPITAL : Rachel is shocked when McGrath tells her that the attack on Julie was totally PLANNED – the streetlight near where she parked her car had been disabled.

HOLDEN HOUSE : Jack enters with flowers etc for Sam – who lets him know that she knows about the whole job thing.

Sam tells jack that she’s not so sure about leaving in Bay now – and that the problem is JACK !!! [end of ep]


Sam forces jack to choose tween her & Martha!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sam’s grey scoop neck t/purple shorts

SILVER – Belle’s black [red rock band logo] wide collar top [with black spaghetti strap top beneath]

BRONZE – Rachel’s dark blue scop neck top/aqua pebbled necklace/black long pants


Colleen’s read [orange-brown floral] blouse/blue top

Drew’s black long pants/bone singlet

Internal Affairs Officer’s brown [pin stripe] jacket/white shirt/brown tie

Jack’s light blue police uniform shirt

Jazz’s royal blue thin strap top/black long pants

Leah’s yellow thin strap top

Luc’s pink [white & black running writing motif] t

Maddie’s white [with multi coloured vertical stripes] dress

Martha’s light brown (Noah’s uniform) blouse/black long pants

Martha’s red thin strap top

Rachel’s black top/dark skirt

Tony’s brown [orange horizontal stripes] polo shirt

Tony’s dark coloured [white check] PJ pants/white singlet

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