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Mon, 30 July 07 - Episode # 4471

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Wrongly Changed Perceptions “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 30 July 07 - Episode # 4471)

PUB : Belle & drew that rest of the cowed way enjoy the Mushrooms concert. When the concert is over, belle [with drew not by her side] runs into Dom – who makes it very clear that he is only her at concert because belle is.

As belle walks away, she bumps into an unknown woman, who she also encounters in the restroom. The women comments on belle’s bag – and when bell is back on the main area on the venue, the woman steals belle’s bag – but DOM stops the woman form getting away. Dom gives belle her bag – and Belle thanks Dom for what he did.

When drew & belle have walked away, Dom finds, on the flor belle’s wallet AND the necklace of jazz’s that drew gave belle to wear for the night.

NOAH’S : Dane tell jazz that she’s got 6 months form the time of death before things become null & avoid – he urges her to tell drew about his inheritance.

As jazz & Dane are about to bail, Irene wonders if jazz knows when belle & drew are geeing home. Jazz sys that she think they are responsible enough to be home at a reasonable time – given that they are go to concert.

MANSION : Belle realises that the necklace is messing, and she & drew rush upstairs as soon as jazz & Dane enter. Dane not notices that he has drop a letter on the floor.

DINER : Next day, Rachel & Julie are talking when Tony approaches – apologising for not catching a DVD with Rachel last night like they planned.

When Tony bails, Julie wonders what happening – and Rachel insist that they just good friend.

Julie then t5alks about the losers that she’s dated of late – which clearly gives Rachel an idea.

MANSION : Belle owns up to jazz about wearing, and losing the necklace. Belle realises that her wallet is gene too – belle accepts jazz’s offer tiodrioe her to the concert venue.

SURF CLUB : Tony & Alf talk about how much time that Tony & Rachel have been spend together. Tony tells Alf that he & Rachel are good for each other – as friends, as both are dealing with the loss of someone [kimmy &Beth]

HOPITAL : Rachel approaches Julie ion the lunch room, and suggest that she should think about going on a date with tint. Julie thinks it might be a good idea.

PUB : Jazz & bell don’t find the wallet etc in lost property box.

MANSION : Drew sees the letter on the floor, and is bout to pick up when Dane does, insisting that letter is his.

Dane starts asking drew questions about his grandparents – who drew says he never rally ever saw.

Jazz enters, and when drew enquires, Jazz lets him know that THAT necklace had REAL dimonds in the small cross that’s its cenetrpiece.

DINER : Rachel suggests a date with Julie to Tony, who agrees to the plan.

GYM : Belle is exerting when drew enters. He tells her abort how valuable THAT necklace is, and about how Dane was ask all those questions.

DOM’S CAR : Dom sits at the wheel of his vehicle. He has the necklace in his hand. he pouts it down and picks up belle’s wallet – sees a pic of belle/drew in there – removes it, and rips drew out of the photo.

HOSPITAL : Rachel tells Julie that Tony is totally for their date, so Julie asks Rachel to wish her luck. Rachel is trio tally ok with it when Julie asks to borrow her car.

NOAH’S : Tony & Julie both arrive and get into a bit of small talk, before Tony says that he’s so not ready for all this yet. Tony bails.

DINER : Bell & drew are talk about necklace when doom enters – and gives her necklace [and her wallet too I think].

Belle is kinda pleased that 2 ppl she previously not trust – doom & jazz – have been nice etc to her.

When drew/belle hug, Irene “suggest” that belle has work to do.

MANSION : Dane & jazz talk about draw’s supposed inheritance – and jazz reveals that she IS trying to stall things, so she can get her hands of some of the money that she rightfully believes is hers. She admits that trying to seduce Dane was part of her plan. Before Dane bail, he insists that jazz MUST tell drew.

MANSION : Drew approaches jazz, and she says that she has something to tell him, but drew insists that he speak 1st, he waaaaaaaaay thanks her for REALLY caring about him for a change – and when drew wonders what jazz want to say, she says that it was nothing,

NOAH’S : Rachel enters, and asks Alf how the Tony/Julie date went. Alf tells her that Tony was out if there almost immediately

Rachel gets a phone call – sounds like shocking news.

HOSPITAL : Rachel enters one of the rooms – where she finds Julie, whose face is a mess. Julie says that just after she got back to hospital, she was attacked – Julie not see/know attack her [end of ep]


Looks like Tony is under suspicion because of the attack on Nurse Julie

Are jack/Sam about to break up???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle’s white [with sky blue sleeves and sky blue & black sporty type logo] t

SILVER – Belle’s black [white dot lined] crop jacket/red [blue check] strapless dress

BRONZE – Jazz’s white [light orange occasional floral pattern] night gown


Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Alf’s brown polo shirt/khaki shorts

Belle’s red top [with white straps & white bows connecting straps with rest of top]

Dane’s light blue skirt/dark suit/gold tie

Dane’s multi shades of grey tie/white shirt/dark suit

Dom’s blue [black check] button up shirt

Dom’s olive green button up shirt

Drew’s black [sky blue bull’s head motif] t

Drew’s black button up shirt/black jacket

Irene’s green v neck top/white cardigan

Irene’s yellow [purple floral motifs] blouse

Jazz’s black [orange leaves etc] tube top

Jazz’s violet [white leafy pattern] blouse

Nurse Julie’s white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse/dark blue jacket

Nurse Julie’s white blouse [with black top beneath]

Rachel’s black top/dark skirt

Tony’s sky blue button up shirt

Tony’s white [sB gym] t shirt

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