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Fri, 27 July 07 - Episode # 4470

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ You Don’t REALLY Know Someone Until You Live With Them “

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 27 July 07 - Episode # 4470)

VPH : Sally & brad talk about the coming days, esp. with fisher as sally’s deputy principal – and brad as “just” a teacher.

DINER : Next day, Belle can’t believe that not only luc but RIC isn’t that stressed about Drew dealing with Dom with the car parts thing.

Drew enters and he is keen to spend lots of romantic time with belle – and do whatever it takes to get back of her good side, but belle just doesn’t want anything to do with him right now.

Nearby, colleen & Alf talk to fisher about his upcoming 1st day back at school.

DINER FLAT : Martha enters the kitchen – and finds that there’s hardly any milk, bread etc. when maddie enters the room, Martha waaaaaaaay has a go about her for using the last of these things, and when ric enters, and Martha has a go at both of tem for having the TV up too loud late lat night.

When Martha bails, maddie thinks that maybe moving in here wasn’t the best of ideas.

SBH : Fisher & bard encounter each other in the corridor. As they talk about school stuff, Annie approaches brad. She wants an extension to her assignment, as she is waaaaay having trouble [and Geoff’s not been able to help her]. Fisher seems very intrigued when brad simply tells Annie to hand in what she has been so far.

DINER FLAT : Martha enters, and is kiknda surprised to see ric in the flat - esp. since maddie has bailed to school already. Martha goes to have a shower – and she is waaaaaaaaaaaaay annoyed that ric seem to have used ALL the hot water in his recent shower [ric dressed in towel in this scene]

SBH : Belle is mouthing off about drew to luc, but the latter thinks that belle should prove to jazz esp. that drew/belle are the real deal by giving drew a 2nd chance.

OUTSIDE MANSION : Belle approaches the font of the house, but she hears that someone is in the pool. Belle is school [and dismayed] that the person swim in the pool is Gina – the girl that a drunk drew kissed at his bday party on the beach!!!

NAOH’S : Colleen puts Martha in an even worse mood when she suggests that romance novels are a great thing for ppl who don’t have anyone special in their life.

Maddie approaches and tries to sort things out with Martha – but Martha just give her young flatmate a BIG tongue lashing, which the nearby Alf observes.

DINER : Belle waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay has a go at Drew – for hooking up with Gina again. Drew insists that he has no idea what she is talk about, but belle’s not in a listening mood right now.

NOAH’S : Drew approaches jazz, who informs him that Gina just happens to be the daughter of a friend of jazz’s. Jazz said that Gina could use the pool when she dropped off something special at the house – 2 tickets to THAT Mushrooms concert.

Nearby, Alf approaches Martha and talk toher about what maddie earlier with maddie. Martha admits that she liked living alone – as she could feel however she wanted to in her home [because of Sam/jack], but with maddie etc there, Martha is channelling all those emotions into appearing to a “cranky cow”.

SBH : Fisher & Annie are alone in a classroom. Brad is walking by when he hears their voice – and brad sees fisher waaaaaaaaaaaaay helping Annie esp. with the various tenses [past, present etc] of verbs.

When Annie bails, bard & fisher chat about her schooling situation, i.e. only just having joined SBH after being alone kinda home schooled previously.

VPH : Brad enters, and he & sally talk about how things went today.

Brad changes the subject to talk about their weeding plans, but he realise that he must have left a notebook – with many suggestions etc written inside – at SBH.

DINER FLAT : Maddie tells ric that they’ve raally got to be mindful of Martha, and do all the right things. Ric is about to bail when Martha enters. She suggests that he should stick around and have some of the pizza that she’s just bought. Martha apologises for acting the way that she has been

DINER : Drew wants to speak to belle, but colleen insists that he can’t. Belle tells colleen &* drew that it’s ok – and drew tells belle about why Gina was in the pool AND he shows her THOSE tickets.

SBH : Brad enters a classroom, and is surprised to see fisher in there. The latter comments, in light of the Annie situation, that there should be more time set aside for remedial reading etc classes that there currently is. Fisher insist that brad be there when there’s a meeting about this tomorrow – fisher also insist that brad must cancel the plans that he already had for the same time as the meeting.

OUTSIDE MANION : Drew & belle are about to get in the car to go to the concert when they start talk about jazz. Drew almost can’t believe it, but is VERY pleased, that jazz seem to be caring about him at the moment.

NOAH’S : A man named dane approaches Jazz, and we soon discover that he is her lawyer. Jazz say that she hasn't been able to talk to drew recently, becuase of his personal problems. Dane wonders why jazz is stalling on telling drew that he is the sole inheritor of his [drew’s] grandmother’s VAST fortune!!!! [end of ep]


The bay is shocked when Nurse Julie is bashed!!!

Even Jazz’s lawyer thinks she is up to no good with this inheritance business

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sally’s brown (native Australian artwork) long skirt/black top

SILVER – Jazz’s violet [white leafy pattern] blouse

BRONZE – Maddie’s red [white dots all over] v neck t/white skirt


Alf’s blue & yellow check button up shirt

Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Annie’s SBH uniform

Belle’s black [white dots] dress

Belle’s SBH Uniform

Brad’s black (white pin stripe) button up shirt

Colleen’s orange (with white native floral motive) blouse

Dane’s multi shades of grey tie/white shirt/dark suit

Drew’s black (“juice” with red, white & green floral motif) t shirt

Fisher’s maroon tie/white shirt/black suit

Luc’s SBH Uniform

Maddie’s SBH Uniform

Martha’s grey cami top/white (red floral) PJ long pants

Martha’s light brown (Noah’s uniform) mid thigh length dress/black long pants

Martha’s light-ish green spaghetti strap top/black long pants

Martha’s royal blue halter-top

Ric’s black singlet/grey long pants

Ric’s light blue & white rugby type polo shirt

Sally’s apricot top/bone jacket & matching skirt

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