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Thurs, 26 July 07 - Episode # 4469

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Oh Drew, You Can Be SUCH A Moron “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 26 July 07 - Episode # 4469)

VPH : Sally & brad talk about the soon to bel delivered department decision [about vice principal].

Brad then starts talk about their upcoming wedding. He suggests that Leah & Dan should come over tomorrow to help.

VPH : Its night time now, sally, Cass, fisher etc are chatting at the diniig table – Cass of course reacts to comets that fisher taught sally at school.

After Cass bails to bed, talk turns to June Reynolds, but fisher trills sally etc that he & June have broken up.

On request, sally then give fisher the key to the van he is stay in.

DINER : Next day, colleen is pleased to see fisher, as is Irene. When colleen comments on today’s youngsters being just as bad as the ones form when fisher worked at SBH, colleen hopes that fisher won’t be referred to as flathead again. Belle hears the nickname – and clearly loves it. Irene “suggests” to bell that there is work to do.

Btw, when asked, Fisher says that Seb has started up by own photographic business.

VPH : Dan & Leah are talking with sally & brad. They initially chat about fisher being back in town, but then talk turns to the wedding preparations. Brad is all gung ho on a big weeding, but sally seems more keen on something a “little” lower key.

GYM : Drew is exercising with te punching bag when jazz enters. After verbal vibes form both about the other’s behaviour, drew is more than over the noon when jazz shows him that she has acquired 2 tickets for a sold out concert of belle’s fave band “the mushrooms”. Jazz insists that the only catch [to drew having tickets – which she got form a friend at radio station] is that drew takes belle.

OUTSIDE MANSION : Belle approaches Drew’s car – and is shocked to discover that DOM [the guy who bullied Ric last year] is working on the car. Belle well and truly points this out to drew when he approaches, but drew insist its just business [doom works at spare parts place].

After Dom bails, belle is more that ecstatic when drew shows her THOSE tickets.

VPH : Leah approaches sally who in on the back patio. Leah makes sally see that brad wants the big wedding as he didn’t have that with Emily. Leah comments that its funny that sally wants small wedding as she has done the big production with Flynn.

NOAH’S : Fisher tells Alf that he and June split after they illadvsidely invested in a holiday resort. Fisher also tells Alf that he’s heard that [fisher’s ex] Marilyn has cancer.

After fisher gives [the on duty] Cass his credit card, she tells him that there’s not enough funds on it. Alf picks up the bail – whilst fisher insists that it must be a back issue.

Belle enters – and she tells Cass about drew and TOSE tickets. Dom, of course, is nearby and hears all of this.

VPH : As sally & brad anxiously wait the department’s decagons about who will be deputy principal, sally insist that she’s definitely told that dept in no uncertain terms that she thinks brad is perfect for the job.

Talk turns to wedding – sally thinks that things are being rushed a bit, esp. As they plan to stay together fro that rest of their life’s. Brad insists that that togetherness will really start when they get married.

OUTSIDE MANSION : Dom approaches drew, and says that he can make sure that drew gets an in demand form many other car part, despite the fact that drew doesn’t exactly have eht mine for it right no, if drew give him THSO concerts tickets.

DINER : Drew approaches belle in the kitchen – she gives her some jewellery, and suggest that they go out to dinner at a “flash” restaurant rather than go to the concert. He then has to admit that he sold those tickets. Belle is NOT impressed.

VPH : After fisher asks sally about when he should pay for the van, he admits that he is all but broke at the moment. He then tells sally that she is after a job – and would LOVE to get back into teaching.

NOAH’S : Belle tells Cass about those tickets. Belle is waaaaaaaay annoyed with drew, and when doom enters sand tells her why drew sold said tickets, belle is even more livid.

OUTSIDE MANSION : Jazz is swim in pool when drew approaches =- wondering if she can score moire concerts tickets. Jazz replies buy saying that she didn’t sleep with the whole radio station.

Bell apaches, and waaaaaaaaaay tells off drew for what’s happened. Belle storms off – and jazz tells drew that she is on belle’s side on this one. Jazz also think that drew shouldn’t just wait til bell calms down – he should be proactive.

VPH : Salty tell brad that she’s heard for the department – they believe it would be a bad move for brad toy be deputy principal, in light of what’s hasppened.

Sally also says that she has asked Fisher to consider being vice principal. [end of ep]


Belle is even more angry with Drew – after a shock discovery

Fisher is back at school – and back to his old tricks

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Cassie’s light brown top & skirt/ white [with blue dots] halter bikini top

SILVER – Irene’s leopard-like print v neck top

BRONZE – Belle’s red [black face? motif] singlet top/black short skirt [with red belt]/red converse shoes


Alf’s white [grey check] button up shirt

Brad’s off white jumper

Cassie’s rainbow colours [horizontal stripes] v neck long sleeve top

Colleen’s black [red floral motifs] blouse

Dan’s olive green button up shirt

Dom’s grey [shabby, sleeveless] shirt/khaki shorts

Drew’s grey t/faded jeans

Fisher’s olive green button up shirt

Fisher’s red button up shirt

Jazz’s royal blue plunge v neck long sleeve top [with black top beneath]/black long pants

Jazz’s white & black halter bikini top/black bikini bottoms

Leah’s sky blue v neck top

Sally’s brown (native Australian artwork) long skirt/black top

Sally's royal blue (with intricate red & silver design around the collar) singlet top

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