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Tues, 24 July 07 - Episode # 4467

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Martha’s New Flatmate “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 24 July 07 - Episode # 4467)

Note 1 – we had the opening credits for [an amazing] 2nd day in a row, and it’s the only time we saw Annie “in” this ep

Note 2 - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

DINER : Maddie tells Ric that she is way disappointed that she can not move into the vph. Maddie however still insists that she can NOT live at her old house.

HUNTER HOUSE : Alf enters, and is shocked to find the semi conscious Tony on the floor.

DINER : Martha approaches the counter and colleen comments on how kinda lonely it much be living lone – esp. in light of Sam being back in town [and living at same house as jack]. By the time that colleen has finished speaking, Martha has bailed.

HOSPITAL : Jack, Maddie & Alf ask Rachel what’s going on with Tony. She says that he has a hairline fracture in his cheekbone, as a result of what happened.

Rachel & jack speak to Tony [hospital bed] and he thinks tut Bruce did this.

CAMPBELL FARM : Jack speaks to geff, who desalt know where Bruce is at present, Geoff also tells jack that Bruce not say where he would be tonight, as Geoff & Bruce aren’t exactly talking that much at the moment.

Jack then gets a radio call from the police station.

POLICE STATION : Jack & Geoff enter, and another male officer is questioning brice [who was picked up by police n way back to farm].

Bruce tells jack that he was taking some sheep to the sale yards, but Bruce has no witnesses.

VPH : Next day, ric talk to Alf about Maddie’s search for a new home. They come up with a possible solution – for Maddie to move in with Martha [diner flat]. Ric “suggest” for Alf to ask Martha about this.

HOSPITAL : Rachel enters Tony’s room. he comments that she is waering same clothes as she was ast night – Rachel comments on herself doing many double etc shifts.

Rachel tells ton that they are going to keep him in here fro 24 hours – just in case.

As Rachel leaves the room, Geoff enters – he sounds very apologetic for all that’s happened [Aden, Bruce etc] but toy insist that none of this is geoff’s fault.

HOSPITAL : Geoff & Tony talk a bit longer, before Geoff bails from the room. He encounters, and clashes with, Bruce in the corridor.

When Geoff has walked away, Rachel notices that Bruce looks more tht a little shaky on his feet [bruce puts his hand against wall to steady himself].

DINER FLAT : Al wonders if Martha would at least think about having Maddie as a flat mat e fro a while. Whilst Martha is worried that she’s not that keen on being Maddie’s guardian etc, Alf thinks that it will be great for BOTH of them [Martha & Maddie] to have some company etc. Martha says that she will think bout it.

HUNTER HOUSE : Sam tells jack that she thinks that it might be one of her husband’s “associates” who did tis to Tony, but jack thinks that it is Bruce.

The duo kiss – and Rory comments unfavrabely about tis.

Jack offers to take Rory to the beach – Sam agrees to this, but insists that jack MUST really keep an eye on Rory [because of her suspicions about her husband]

HOSPITAL : Tony & Rachel talk about how they’ve both lost their partners recently. Tony also mentions that he has t find a better way [than countless one night stands etc.

Talk turns to various other concerns of Tony’s = incl who bashed hui. When Tony suggests that he think it might have been Bruce, Rachel tells him that [given when bashing happened] its impossibility – as Bruce had a medical appointment here at the hospital last night.

NOAH;S : Ric queries Martha about the whole Maddie moving into the diner flat plan. Martha insists that she’s not quite made out her mind.

Nearby, jack gets a phone call – and when he is off the phone, he asks Martha to keep an eye on Rory. She begrudgingly says yes – so jack bails.

DINER : Maddie is looking in the paper for places that she & ric can move into when ric approaches. He tells her that he might have perfect solution.

DINER FLAT : Maddie & Ric enters, and Maddie tells ric that this will be a great place to live for the time being [independent, without being alone]. Ric tells Maddie that Martha is still thinking about this.

CAMPBELL FARM : Jack approaches Bruce & Geoff as they fix a fence. Bruce sends Geoff to set something whilst he talks to jack. The letter tell Bruce he knows an the medical appointment. Bruce insists he not want Annie etc to know.

Bruce (and jack[ wonder who it could be – but then jack “wakes up”

NOAH’S : Rory is kinda bored, so Martha suggests that he should help Alf.

Maddie & ric approach Martha – who agrees to at least give this Maddie-living-at-diner-flat plan a go. Maddie is over the moon.

ON THE ROAD / POLICE STATION : Jack on mobile calls that station, and he tells that male officer who was questioning bruice earlier about his suspicions.

HUNTER HOUSE / ON THE ROAD : Sam [phone] books a train ticket for herself and Rory. When she gets off thephpone, jack phones her – she tell him that her husband was on day releases and escaped.

Sam is furious that Rory isn’t with jack.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB : Rory helps Alf about with some surf club things, before he is asked [by a woman in a live guard shirt] to help her. The woman asked Rory to take a box top a nearby van – when Rory & woman get there, someone inside the van grabs Rory and takes him inside. The van then hoons off. [end of ep]


The search for Rory is on in earnest

The van that he was dragged into crashes!!!

Someone doesn’t survive!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Martha’s orange vertical strapped [with black straps] dress

SILVER – Maddie’s apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Sam’s dark green v neck ti/red knee length shorts


Alf’s white [blue & faded red checks] button up shirt

Bruce’s white [checked] shirt/brown tie/akubra hat/brown jacket

Colleen’s blue tropical motifs blouse

Colleen’s sky blue [green leafy motifs] blouse

Geoff’s darn green [black check] shirt/blue singlet/faded jeans

Jack’s apple green polo shirt

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Martha’s orange thin strap singlet top/light brown long pants

Rachel’s black top/black long pants

Ric’s white (with 3 apricot vertical blocks on front) t shirt

Ric’s white (with orang horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Rory’s red [black “Vol Co” logo?] t

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