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23 July 07 - Episode # 4466

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!! Annie’s On The Opening Credits “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 23 July 07 - Episode # 4466)

Note 1 – the Bayside newbie is in the frame that was previously occupied by THE PLANK

Note 2 - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

VPH : Maddie ^ ric talk on back patio. Ric is extremely [pleased that Maddie is back – and Maddie admits that whilst she needs a change, going away with Rueben etc was the wrong move.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony & Alf discuss what happened to Geoff [the boot of car thing]. Luc enters excitedly – and tells them that Cass phoned – to say that Maddie is BACK!!

VPH : Cass, Brad & Sally are more than a tad surprised [kinda Ric too] when Maddie asks sally & bard if she can move into this [vph] place.

GYM : Tony leads a plumber to the gym – before seeing Aden in the pool room. Tony well and truly makes it clear that he thinks Aden & his mates are responsible for what happened to Geoff. Tony that tells Aden off that he is OFF the rugby team.

VPH : As Maddie tries to convince sally etc t let her stay, Tony enters- and is also surprised by Maddie’s plans to move.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony & luc try to convince Maddie to stay as her current house, but Maddie insists that, even if they redecorate, this [hunter] house hold too many memories for her.

VPH : Whilst bard and sally talks about how he’ll have a full day’s teaching tomorrow for the 1st time in ages, ric & Cass talks about the Maddie situation. Cass senses that ric isn’t so keen – he says that Maddie just “sprung” the plan on him, and he also thinks that it’s not the right choice.

CAMPBELL FARM : Its late-0ish at night, and Annie & Geoff look like they are about to head inside, having no doubt just fished some farm work, when a car with Aden & his mates “hoons” towards them. Aden makes Geoff well aware that he thinks that Geoff is Tony’s “golden boy”.

Annie & goof don’t like that the car is “tearing up” some of their paddocks – and when Bruce comes outside, he starts firing his shotgun at the now driving away vehicle.

CAMPBELL FARM : Geoff insist that annie should go inside whilst he talk to bruce. Geoff “suggest” that Bruce can't just fire at ppl like that – but Bruce insists that he has to keep Annie & Geoff save.

ON WAY TO SBH : Next day, Annie runs and catches up with luc. Aden [on pushbike] approaches – telling Annie & luc that Bruce is “loopy” [because of the gunshots].

DINER : Maddie is looking fwd to moving into the vph [decision still pending btw] but Cass makes her ware that ric isn't exactly rally keen on the idea.

SBH : Brad is hassled by some of the students [reminding him that he’s no longer principal], whilst, after chatting with Annie, luc tells Tony about what happened last night [at the farm].

OUTSIDE ADEN’S HOUSE : Tony finds Brice in his [bruce’s] Ute – waiting for Aden. Tony “suggests” that Bruce just can’t act this way. Tony also tries to convince Bruce that geoff should be going to school – but Bruce insists that geoff has all he needs at the farm.

SBH : Sally enters once of the classrooms and talk to brad [a class had recently finished for the sounds of things]. Brad comments on teaching all day like this being tougher that he remembered, whilst sally says that she can’t talk longer, as she has a meeting to go too.

As sally head for meeting, she sees Maddie – who tells her that there’s now no need for sally etc to make a decision about whetters Maddie can move into the vph.

GYM : Aden enters, and Tony immediately has a go at him for what happened at the farm last night. Tony also tells Aden that he is no longer a member of the gym. Aden insists that Tony will “pay” for all of this.

SBH : Whist teaching, brad is further hassled by students about his current situation. The bell rings, and brad insist that the leader of the [harassment] pack, a kid named Hugo, shall stay behind – as Hugo is on dentation.

SURF CLUB : Tony approaches Luc & Annie – and Annie agrees to phone Tony [pay phone just down the road form the farm] if there’s any more trouble like Aden & his mates “hooning” like they were.

Maddie confronts Ric about what Cass told her. Maddie & ric talk things over - and ric agrees to give this [Maddie live at vph] a go.

SBH : It’s the end of the school day, and brad comments to sally that he had forgotten how “biting” student’s remarks can be. Sally inits that she is trying to get department to agree for brad to go deputy principal.

Sally then reminds brad that they’ve still got to solve this Maddie situation before the night is through.

VPH : Maddie, ric, Cass, brad & sally at sit at dining table. Ric & Cass are muchly of the opinion that this is a family vote kind of deal, but whilst they both want Maddie IN the house, sally insists that maddi can’t stay here. Sally & brad thinks that there’s just too much going on in Maddie’s life right now, and given that ric & Maddie had a bit of a “tiff” today, sally thinks that ric & Maddie aren’t ready to live in same house yet.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony [with most house lights off] enters – and seconds later he is knocked to the ground by an unseen [by the audience] assailant. [end of ep]


The person who attacked Tony is not who we think it is [apparently]

Why is Don Fisher back in town???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Sally’s red low cut v neck top/black vest/black suit

SILVER – Cassie’s white [with red lining & dots of many colours] tube top/grey track pants

BRONZE – Brad’s white shirt/sky blue tie/dark suit


Aden’s yellow & red [lifeguard] polo shirt

Alf’s brown [with white check] button up shirt

Annie’s grey singlet top/faded jeans

Annie’s SBH uniform

Annie’s white [red floral] PJ top & shorts

Brad’s blue-grey tie/white shirt/faded black jacket

Bruce’s white [faded yellow] button up shirt

Bruce’s white shirt/grey woollen jacket

Cassie’s orange v neck dress

Geoff’s dark blue [white check] button up shirt

Luc’s SBH uniform

Maddie’s light blue singlet top/dark blue & white shorts

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Ric’s white (with orang horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Sally’s black top/black [pin stripes] jacket

Tony’s dark blue polo shirt

Tony’s red polo shirt/faded jeans

Tony’s SB gym t shirt

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