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Cold Blooded Killer

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Story Title: Cold Blooded Killer

Type of story: Long fic maybe short

Main Characters: Tracey, Eve and Peter

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Violence/Death Sexual Content Language Adult Themes

Summary: i dunno how to explain it so please read to find out =p

"What am i doing here? How did I get here?"Eve thought to herself, pushing herself up off the floor, her eyes stinging from the bright light,

"whose that?"

A woman walked into the room saying her name, Eve didnt recognize her at first,

"Eve, Eve are you ok, how'd you get in here? who put you here?"

She asked her so many questions, the truth was she didnt remember how she got here, she couldn't even remember how old she was,

"Are you Tracey? How old am I?"

I flooded her with questions, I had to remember how i got here and who put me here,

"Yes I am Tracey and your twenty three your the Summer bay Stalker,"

I couldn't believe Tracey when she said I was the Summer Bay Stalker, how could i be a stalker, if i were i wouldnt be in here,

"Let me guess your my accomplice? we live together?,"

"Yes I am and we do,"

"Is Peter still alive? Did he put me in here?"

I asked her i knew I hated Peter I remembered that much,

"he's still alive and I dont know if he put you in here, but i'm guessing it was him, but dont worry i'll get you out of here!"

She wondered if Peter put her in her to kill her, she knew he was a cold blooded killer, he wouldnt kill he, he wouldnt go bloody near her,

"The cold Blooded killer put me in here and thats none other than Peter Baker, he's going to kill me Trace!"

I cried to her,

"He won't go near you, I won't let him, he's gone out right now, that's why i'm here, i'm going to let you out"

Tracey told Eve, looking around to make sure Peter wasn't lurking around anywhere,

"Trace!! I know this place it, its the old abbatoir, i thought this got blown up?"

Eve swore this building had blown up,

"it had, but its still standing"

Tracey said to Eve, guiding her to the exit,

"I'm glad it is!! that cold blooded bastards going to die in there!!"

Eve spat in rage, she was pissed she let Peter drag her in there unconcious.

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