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Cold Blooded Killer

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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hee an update sorry its short I'll try and make teh next b it longer =p

"god help him Trace, when I get my hands on him he's dead!!"

Spat Eve in disgust, she wasn't going to let Peter win,

"well I hope all goes right for you, I just hope he doesn't get to you first, he'll be looking for you when he realizes your not in that room!"

Tracey said to Eve, she hoped Peter didn't get to her first,

"what I want you to do is bring Peter to me!"

Ordered Eve, she'd kill Peter he'd no longer be the cold blooded killer,

"what? you want me to bring a killer here? and what if he kills me first?"

Demanded Tracey, she didn't want to be killed, she was to young, even if it was for the love of her life,

"he won't kill you Trace, he thinks your working with him, he's a detective gone bad, he needs to die and fast!"

said Eve, she knew Peter wouldn't kill someone who worked for him or she'd be dead by now,

"Eve, just because I work for him doesn't mean he wont kill me **** sake he's gone crazy Eve!!"

Tracey replied furiously,

"if you cant do it I'll get someone else Trace, I thought I could trust you to do something like this but I obviously ****ing cant!!!"

Eve said angrily, she couldn't believe the one person she thought would do the job wouldn't, she'd have to call Laura and see if she would,

"I can ****ing do it!! but i dont want to die, what will you do without me?"

Tracey asked, she'd probably go crazy,

"If i knew you were going to die i wouldnt ask you to do it, but you won't trust me on this babe!"

Eve grabbed Tracey's hands and reassured her he wouldn't kill her,

"fine I'll do it, but if I die its your fault!!"

Replied Tracey, agreeing to get Peter.

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Tracey Snuck around the old abbatior looking behind her every second, she didnt want him sneaking up on her, he'd be angry because she let Eve escape,

"Peter are you here?"

Tracey yelled out,she couldnt see Peter anywhere,

"Trace,where the **** is Eve?!"

Peter spat angrily, he couldnt find Eve anywhere,

"I dont know Pete, why dont you come back to mine for a drink cool down, then we'll go out and look for her!"

Tracey offered, she had to get Peter back to her place somehow and that's all she could think of,

"ok, but we're going out straight after! I need to find her Trace"

replied Peter, she was one of his biggest threats and he had to kill her,

"yes ok dont worry we'll find her Pete don't panic!!"

said Tracey, walking to her car with Peter, smiling to herself.

Eve sat on the couch wondering why it was taking Tracey so long to get back, she knew Peter would be pissed and he'd make it hard for Tracey to bring him back here,

"Peter calm yourself down! your scaring me ok, we'll catch her!!"

said Tracey, walking through the door,

"Peter, Peter, Peter, think you can get away with locking me up? well you thought wrong, your a dead man!!"

spat Eve, walking up to Peter,

"How t he **** did you get here? Your a dead bitch, you should never of escaped you'll regret it!!"

Peter spat angrily,

"me dead? I don't think so but you will be!!"

said Eve, laughing hysterically,

"you cant out smart me Eve, I caught you once I'll catch you again!"

replied Peter, getting his gun from his back pocket,

"you caught me out of the blue then but not again Peter your dead!"

Said Eve, kicking the gun out of Peter's hands, catching it when Tracey threw it back at her,

"give me back that god damned gun, I will not lose to a bitch like you!"

Screamed Peter, he knew Eve wouldn't throw him the gun back, who would?

"Me give the gun back? I don't think so sweetheart"

said Eve, loading the gun and aiming at Peter,

"go ahead shoot me, you wouldn't have the guts!!"

Spat Peter in disgust, he finally gave up trying to get the gun back he knew he was a dead man, there was nothing he could do,

"I'm going to do just that you foolish Detective!"

Said Eve in disgust, she couldn't believe Peter couldn't figureo ut Tracey was working for her,

"well hurry up and ****ing do it!!"

demanded Peter, he wondered why she was taking her time in doing it,

"don't beg me to shooet you detective I'll do it in my own time!!"

Said Eve, finally letting go of the trigger and shot Peter dead.

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