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Fri, 20 July 07 - Episode # 4465

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Better Late Than Never ”

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 20 July 07 - Episode # 4465)

Note 1 : Sorry bout this ep guide being posted [a day] later than normal – family stuff.

Note 2 - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

SURF CLUB : Alf tells Tony that he believes that the rugby team “might” have been drinking lat night. Tony is naturally annoyed.

Tony goes outside and gets in his car – with Geoff still in boot – and drives off.

MANSION : Jazz enters the kitchen, and comments on Drew’s work attire. She insist that he not have t work – but drew insist that he wants t learn how to fix car himself.

VPH/SANDY BAY : Cass & ric are talking abut Drew’s forthcoming 1st day at garage [today] when the phone ring. Cass answers – its maddie, who is calling form pay phone.

Maddie insist that she is ok, but when she wonders if ric wants to speak to her, ric indicates to Cass that he has to go to work.

The call is cut off – as maddie is out of money.

SANDY BAY : Maddie approaches Rueben, who tells her that they are heading back to summer bay, as they have been summoned because of the trashing of the vph.

DINER : Drew apprroaches belle, who inits that she only went home lat night because of the added work that she has t do in thus HSC year.

After drew bails, Cass approaches belle, who tell Cass about what jazz said to her [allowing drew to have multiple partners etc].

Cass however is more worried abbot maddie – and tells belle that she isn’t going to school today. Cass has to speak to maddie in person. Belle is worried about Cass – after belle recently absconded form school – but Cass insists that she has to do this.

NOAH’S : Belle see jazz and looks like she is about to approach her when Annie approaches belle, wondering if she knows where Geoff is. The latter not come home last night. Belle eventually agrees to help – bunt not before Annie points out that just because she & Geoff are different to the other kids at SBH, it doesn’t mean that they can be treated like freaks.

GARAGE : Ric & drew arrives, and ric insists to drew to not try to become “top dog” on his 1st day.

Tony arrives, for car to be serviced – with Geoff still in boot.

GARAGE : Ric & one of his co workers are looking under the bonnet of one of the cars. They are talking about a rattle of some kind. The nearby drew suggest that the problem might be the carburettor, but guy working with ric tells drew that the car is fuel injected [i.e. no carburettor]. Ric “suggest” to drew that he shouldn’t be this boisterous on 1st day.

DINER : Belle enters, and she approaches jazz. Belle has a go at jazz for the letter’s thought that ppl can love other, and yet still not be tied down to the person. Jazz tries to sweeten the deal, by saying that bell can also have other partners, but that makes bell angrier.

GYM : Bruce porches Tony, wondering about Geoff. Even when Tony insists that he not know where Geoff is, Bruce says that it’s Tony’s fault that he is missing.

GARAGE : Drew claims to have heard something [Geoff thump against boot lid] but the others not believe him.

SANDY BAY : Cass sits beside maddie – and tells her about when ric & missing where in trouble at sea. Maddie insist stat she not think she would heave coped if she had known.

Cass tells maddie that ric has been “flat” ever since maddie left the bay – and that ric saw maddie ^ Rueben kissing [whilst here in sandy bay. Maddie tell Cass that she waaaaaaay still love ric, but Cass wonders that if maddie not want to lose another operon she loves, then it ;looks like [by run away] maddie might have lost ric anyway.

Before Cass bails, [to get back on bus], she wonders just what maddie is running away from.

GARAGE : Drew hears more banging, and only then do the others take him seriously they open the bot off Tony’s car – and find Geoff!!!

GYM : Tony & Bruce quiz Geoff about what’s happened. Geoff claims not to remember. Bruce is totally on his moral high horse, whilst Annie is worried about her bother.

SANDY BAY : Maddie ^ Rueben are talking when Bondy tells Rueben that his [Rueben] mum called – about the court case. Maddie is very annoyed when she discovers that Rueben’s mum died when he was just TWO years old – but Rueben tells maddie that she was the one who thought that his mum had died more recently.

Rueben wonders why maddie left the bay – esp. since keeps taking about it ALL the time. Maddie says that she didn’t want to leave the bay, she wanted to …. Maddie breaks off her sentance and walks away form Rueben.

DINER : Drew & belle talk abbot his 1st day and the garage. Talk then turns to jazz – and drew admits that jazz has said something to her.

MANSION : Drew enters the kitchen and confronts jazz about what she said to belle – about multiple partners. Drew insists that he is NOTHING like jazz.

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony almost can’t believe e it when bruce says that he is pulling goof about of school [and the rugby team]. Brice insists that Geoff is learning all he needs to on the farm.

Tony wonders if that is what Geoff thinks to – and Geoff aggresses with his grandfather.

VPH : Ric [kitchen] has a go at Cass for wagging school today. Cass insists that she had to speak to maddie face to face. Ric wonders what maddie response was. Cass tells ric that he can ask maddie that question himself. Maddie then enters [from the back patio] the room. [end of ep]


Don Fisher is back in town !!!

Rory, whilst in Martha’s care, goes missing !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Jazz’s silver [brown lattice motifs across the bust] spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Maddie’s light blue singlet top/dark blue & white shorts

BRONZE – Jazz’s black [with partly red backed] sports top/black long pants


Alf’s brown & yellow check button up shirt

Annie’s SBH uniform

Belle’s red (with black horizontal stripes, and black” stranger” logo) dress

Belle’s SBH uniform

Bondy’s orange t/dark blue board shorts

Bruce’s white [checked] shirt/brown tie/akubra hat

Cassie’s orange v neck dress

Drew’s sky blue overalls

Geoff’s dark blue [white check] button up shirt

Geoff’s powder blue button up shirt

Jazz’s white spaghetti strap dress

Reuben’s orange & blue board shorts/white singlet

Ric’s dark blue overalls

Tony’s dark blue polo shirt

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