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Wed, 18 July 07 - Episode # 4463

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Fire Bad, Tree Pretty ”

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 18 July 07 - Episode # 4463)

Note 1 – The ep title is courtesy of a line by Buffy in the S3 finale of one of the BEST shows EVER.

Note 2 - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

NOAH’S : Sally, Martha, pippa & the others eagerly wait for further news about what’s happened.

Rachel, Cass & little pippa enter, and Martha bails – Cass follows her.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Martha tells Cass that she can just feel that its jack that’s not amongst the rescued. Btw, Martha also tells Cass that she would rather it to be jack that’s not been rescued – as that would mean that it wouldn’t be someone else [Leah with Dan etc] that’s grieving.

Sally & the others then excitedly inform Martha etc that the rescue boat will soon be here.

BEACH : Sally, pippa, irene & co see the rescue boat approaching. They try to see who of the 5 men aborad the Blaxland is on rescue boat.

When the rescue boat arrives at the beach, the 4 rescued men hug their loved ones.

Martha can’t see jack – and naturally fears the worst – but he is told that he never got on the boat [received phone call just before the others went to sea.

HUNTER HOUSE : Martha enters and bangs ion the door & windows. Luc exits his room – and tells the excited Martha that he’s not seen jack today [as luc went to a party etc last night and had only just got up]

CITY : Jack enters a room, where he finds SAM lying in bed. She tells him that she suffered a broken leg when she fell down some stairs – Sam says that she that she was back followed.

Rory enters the room [different actor to last time] – he is REALLY pleased to see jack.

Jack insists that Sam & Rory should stay at his place in the bay at least whilst her leg is this way – as jack thinks that Sam’s husband’s associates won’t think that she will rtn o the bay.

HUNTER HOUSE : Sam, Rory & jack enter, and jack gives Sam & Rory a bay goss update, incl telling her about his divorce.

VPH : Sally, pippa & Cass are VERY pleased that Ric, bard & Alf are now safer & sound at home.

After Ric & Alf go to have some much needed sleep, sally suggest to bard that they need to talk about what’s happened [the proposal] but bard insist that he is just to tired to deal with anything that complex right now [note – that’s why I “went with” THAT ep title]

HUNTER HOUSE : Martha approaches the front door and she is plaed to see jack. Both say that they have got something to tell the other. Martha wonder why jack not seem t9 be letting her in the house.

When he does, Martha is schocked to see Sam [and Rory].

Jack & Rory bail – to get food form diner.

DINER : Leah, in kitchen, tells Dan that she thinks he is awesome for pretending to not remnber anniversary. She then open the pressie he gave her – she comments that its her FAVE, and form the fancy looking box I’[d say he bought her some perfume.

In the main area, Irene is somewhat surprised to see Rory enter with jack. She tells Rory that she is VERY pleased to see him etc.

Rory tell jack not to listen to Sam if she says that she doesn’t feel anything for jack – as Rory has heard her talk all the time about jack since they left the bay.

HUNTER HOUSE : Sam tells Martha that she is muchly still in love with jack, and is pleased that he is single once more. You may imagine what Martha is thinking right now.

VPH : After ric offers, and then takes, Pipps’s bags outside [she’s about to bail], pippa insist that sally – when she talk to brad – should just tell brad what is in her heart.

HUNTER HOUSE : Jack & Rory rtn with the food and Martha decide to bail. Luca asks jack for some money – which jack give to his bro. After luic bails, jack tells Sam that she & Rory can stay here as long as thatey like – and Rory loves it when jack & Sam kiss.

VPH : Brad & sally talk about recent events – and sally insist that she just might have a different answer if brad asks THAT question again, so brad [once more] proposes – and sally says YES !!!!

DINER : Jack enters and sees Martha. She says that she wants to talk to him. Jack tells Marsha that he now thinks that the divorce was the right thing to do [with Sam back in his life]. You’ll be “shocked” to hear that Martha doesn’t “speak up” and tell jack how she REALLY feels.

UNKNOWN APARTMENT BLOCK : Luc [from nearby, street level] looks up into the 2nd or 3rd story window – at NAOMI!!! [end of ep]


Belle is intrigued when jazz says that ANY of Drew’s GIRLFRIENDS can stay over.

Jack [in uniform] “busts” Luc watching Naomi’s every move

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Pippa’s green long skirt/white blouse/white top

SILVER – Martha’s royal blue [with a silver V across the bust] thin strap top

BRONZE – Jack’s sky blue & white “destination bate” t shirt


Sam’s black & grey [horizontal striped] v neck top/green short shorts

Sally’s black v neck top

Sally’s black [horizontal zig zag pattern across bust] top/grey jacket

Rory’s orange [black “ride it like you [something] it”] t

Ric’s dark blue jumper

Ric’s dark blue button up shirt

Pippa’s red long sleeve blouse/light brown [floral pattern] long skirt

Rachel’s royal blue scoop neck dress

Martha’s red spaghetti strap top

Naomi’s silver nightgown

Luc’s orange [“kings” logo] v neck t

Luc’s off white [red vertical stripes] PJ pants

Little Pippa’s blue [red sunrise-type motif] long sleeve top

Leah’s orange scoop neck DRESS

Irene’s dark green [floral motifs around collar] plunge v neck dress

Irene’s cream [brown swirls] top

Dan’s off white t/olive green shorts

Dan’s light blue long sleeve button up shirt/dark jacket

Colleen’s red [mottled] blouse/red top

Cassie’s white [orange tropical motifs] singlet top

Brad’s light blue (“naughts & crosses” grid) long sleeve shirt

Brad’s brown & white horizontal striped PJ pants/white singlet

Alf’s white [with mostly blue small unknown logo] t

Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

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