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Tues, 17 July 07 - Episode # 4462

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Telling A Story The “LOST” Way ”

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 17 July 07 - Episode # 4462)

Note 1 – this ep has NO teaser [and the usual no opening credits]

Note 2 - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

PRESENT - NOAH’S : Leah, Martha, Irene & sally all look worried. Sally esp. – as, form the sounds of things, brad & others are missing [storm raging outside] and sally tells that others that brad will be out there thinking that sally doesn’t care about him.

6 HOURS EARLIER -VPH : Sally enters and she tells brad the department’s decision. She wonders why he still upbeat. Brad says that he was expecting to not be able to teach again, so anything better is bonus.

Brad also says that there is another reason for him being upbeat. He brings sally close to him – and PROPOSES, but sally is rather shocked by thins, and she turns him down. Brad bails.

NOAH’S : Brad enteres, and the likes of Irene, Martha, Leah and ready to party, but brad tells them sally’s answer to his BIG question.

VPH : Sally is rather surprised when [her foster/adopted mum] Pippa enters. Pip is kinda surprised that sally said no – and she even mentions what brad has planed -= engagement party at Noah’s, cruise on Blaxland after.

Pippa continues by saying that she was already on her way [part of brad’s surprise] when brad informed her that sally said.

The 2 women talk about brad’s proposal – and, because sally is so unsure of whether she wants to marry brad right now, pip thinks sally’s decision [to say no] was a sensible one.

BLAXLAND : Brad approaches the wharf, and tells jack & Alf that sally said no. brad beats himself up a little for being so presumptuous.

When Dan arrives there, Alf nsuggets that the boys should go out on Blaxland today anyway, so a spot of fishing etc. they talk of expected rain, btw.

PRESENT - NOAH’S : Pippa enters, and tells sally, Irene etc that there’s been no word form the Blaxland since its initial distress call. She also says that rescue crews aren’t currently searching – seas/storm too dangerous.

Sally wishes that she was out there with brad & co, as that way he would at least know that she loves him. As you can prob gather, sally is WAAY berating herself up over all this.

NOAH’S : After getting word that little Pippa is totally going ok, sally suggests that they [Leah, Martha etc] should head for home, but Pippa suggest on staying here – as rescuers know that the girls are at surf club.

Leah asks Martha about if they have any more coffee at the bar – Martha says there should be some in store room. Martha picks up her divorce papers, and takes them with her into store room.

7 HOURS EARLIER -DINER : Alf asks Martha to help out with decorate surf club. She says that she’s heading over to see jack about the divorce. Alf is surprised that bothy jack & Martha have signed the papers. Martha insist stat she didn’t want either of them to sign, and is going to speak to jack about all this.

POLICE STATION : Martha enters and approaches jack with the divorce papers. He gets all annoyed when she approaches – thinking that she’s here to further drive in the knife so to speak, but before Martha can tell her that way she really feels, Lara tells jack that that’s got to bail. Form the way Lara way behaving, look like way important police work to deal with, so Jack & Lara bail.

VPH : Martha enters [normal entrance] and she finds brad on that back patio. Form the way that they are talking, its quite clear that Martha knows about his plan to propose. Indeed, Martha adds that although she will go to engagement party, she won’t go on the cruise – as having she & jack in a confined space to a boat is NOT a good idea right now.

POLICE STATION : Jack gives a person whose committed something like a traffic/speeding infringement a 2nd chance, and Lara is surposirsed by this. When the offender is gone, jack starts tell Lara what’s been happening with Martha.

NOAH’S : Lara enters, and she says to Martha that there is something you need to know.

BLAXLAND WHARF : Martha arrives and she calls out to the Blaxland to come back [so she can talk to jack] but the boat is too far away form the wharf for the guys aboard to hear here.

PRESENT -NOAH’S : Lah enters the store room, and she finds Martha in tears.

NOAH’S : Martha, sally &co continue to be worried about the 5 ppl missing [Alf, jack, Dan, brad & Ric]. Leah opens her handbag – and [unexpectedly] finds a pink gift box in there.

12 HOURS EARLEIR -DINER : Leah enters, switches in the lights etc, and when she enters the kitchen, she look at calendar, and is shocked to discover that its her & Dan’s anniversary today.

She phone colleen, to get her to work at diner today – as Leah now have things top do today.

SBH: Sally enters one of the classrooms, and finds Dan in there. He is doing up his lesson plans – as not have chance to lat night etc.

She tells his that she hope to get word formn department about brad today – and she is a little surprised/curious when Dan say that there will be plenty of reason to celebrate today.

DINER : Colleen & Leah are talking [kitchen] about brad’s imminent proposal to sally – and colleen is a tad surprised that Leah thinks that this isn’t cut & dried [that sally will say yes].

Dan enters, and Leah wishes him a happy anniversary. She makes a comment about him forgetting aniversrsary, and dan goes along with her on that, but when Leah exist the kitchen , he places a gift box in Leah’s bag.

PRESENT -NOAH’S : Leah tells ally that it’s her & Dan’s wedding universe today. This makes sally even more vulnerable about her decison to turn down brad. Pippa insists that she thinks the guys will be ok – but sally responds by reminding Pippa that that [the whole they'll be ok thing] is what she told sally & the other kids about Michel when he drowned. When Pippa insists that, like them she is just trying to stay strong, sally says that she REALLY wants Pippa etc to be HONEST about all this. Pippa hugs the waaaaaaaay upset sally.

NOAH’S : Colleen enters, and tells sally & co that one of the rescue workers [whilst get some soup] said that a helicopter has spotted the Blaxland. It’s currently partly capsized on a sandbar. Colleen continue by saying that there were FOUR ppl clinging to the hull when the chopper past overhead.

Martha, Leah & sally go outside – just to under the eave of the roof of the building [it’s still pouring with rain], whilst Pippa & Irene comfort each other inside. [end of ep]


As the rescue boat with the 4 ppl found approaches Sally & co, Martha tells Cass that she thinks that its jack who’s not been found

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Irene’s dark green [floral motifs around collar] plunge v neck dress

SILVER – Leah’s white & black [white at top, with a fade to black in bottom half] spaghetti strap dress

BRONZE – Martha’s dark skirt/yellow [with black lining] v neck t


Colleen’s red [with white streaks] blouse

Dan’s light blue long sleeve button up shirt/dark jacket

Jack’s black button up shirt

Lara’s grey jacket/light blue police shirt

Leah’s orange scoop neck top

Martha’s red spaghetti strap top

Pippa’s red long sleeve blouse/light brown [floral pattern] long skirt

Sally’s black [horizontal zig zag pattern across bust] top/grey jacket

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