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Fri, 13 July 07 - Episode # 4460

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Lost And Running ”

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 13 July 07 - Episode # 4460)

Note 1 – You can thank the latest single by Aussie band Powderfinger for today’s ep title

Note 2 - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

VPH : Cass & ric [pack patio] are way worried about maddie, but when they enter the house, they see that the place has been TRASHED [by Rueben & his mates no doubt]

LEAH’S : Sally & Leah talk about Alex, before the subject turns to drew – Leah can’t believe that drew has moved in with her. Leah thinks that sally has got a “good deal” teen wise with ric & Cass – which prompts sally to bail, to see you THAT party is going.

VPH : Cass & ric are trying to clean up when sally [with little Pippa] enters – she’s can not believe how much damage there is [incl TV smashed]

HUNTER HOUSE : Maddie phones kit, and leaves a msg – asking for kit to call maddie.

VPH : Jack talk to sally etc about what’s happened. He is pleased that they give him a registration number for the van that Rueben & his surfie mates drive.

HUNTER HOUSE : Next day, maddie is tad surprised when jack tells her about the vph being trashed, but as he continues to talk, maddie soooooo tunes out, and its only when jack calls out to her that maddie starts focusing on him again.

Jack then wonders what maddie has planned for today, as he’d like her not to be here this arvo. The forlorn maddie responds by affectively saying tat she is being kicked out of her own house. Jack insists not mean it that way – but the annoyed maddie bails.

DINER : Jack & Irene talk about what happen at the vph, before he asks both Leah & Irene for help with a meal with a friend today. Leah insists tat she has got the perfect idea, but just as jack says that leah's idea is excellent, Martha gets to the botton of the internal stairs. Jack then says that the muffins are perfect. Martha wonders what’s going on before bailing, whilst jack, Leah & Irene kinda laugh bout what’s happened.

VPH : Ric & maddie talk about what happened last night, and maddie [like Martha when the diner was trashed] goes all defensive, i.e. this WASN’T my fault.

Sally enters the room mid argument, and “suggest” to maddie if she’s only here to fight, then she should “perhaps” bail, which maddie does.

NOAH’S : Jack tells Martha that with his afternoon off he plans to watch as much as he can of the series of “24” that he’s recently bought on DVD. Although Martha is initially reluctant to join him, she eventually agrees.

After jack bails, Martha doesn't exactly like cassie’s suggestion that this “24” thing with jack is a date.

DINER : Jack tells salty & co that Rueben & his mates have been caught and they’ll be in town for a bit longer now – for police questioning.

Maddie enters and Cass approaches her. Cass gets the same defensive [vph trashed is not my fault] from maddie. Maddie also says that she was hoping for Rueben to get together with Cass at the party – and you get the feeling that maddie is trying to get cass to hate her, as that would be another person who she loves who won’t leave her in the future. After maddie walks away, Cass phones ric.

HUNTER HOUSE : Ric enters, and talk to maddie about what’s happened. Maddie insists that she didn’t kiss Rueben back, and that she doesn’t feel like this house, or the bay [esp. after sally snapped at her this morn] is her home anymore. The forlorn maddie say that she was lost everyone [beth, her brothers, kit] that she loves. When ric says that he is there for her, maddie insist that ric doesn’t know for certain that they’ll be together forever.

NOAH’S : Jack enters, and wonders to Cass if it’s possible to buy some beer. Cass only just says that he can [since it isn't legally late enough for the place to serve alcohol yet]. After jack asks to put this on his tab, when he gore to do so, he looks in a drawer, and see divorce papers.

HUNTER HOUSE : Jack enters, just as maddie is about to bail – with a large back. Jack suggests that she not go, but maddie does bail.

Alf enters with the food that Leah cooked for this “date” with Martha, and, after jack asks, Alf tells jack that Martha has mentioned the divorce papers to him.

NOAH’S : Cass comments on Martha getting “all dolled up” for the thing with jack, before the man in questions enters. Jack comments about one of the guys at the police station getting divorced, before telling Martha that he saw the papers.

They go to a nearby table, where, slowly, jack then Martha signs the divorce papers.

DINER : Sally approaches maddie, and she apologises for going off at maddie this mourn. Sally says that she thinks of maddie as family, and invites her to dinner tonight.

After sally bails, maddie texts someone.

MONTAGE : Jack enters the hunter house – he is all but in tears, whilst Martha [Noah’s store room] starts balling her eyes out.

Meanwhile, maddie [roadside] gets into a van - that I can only assume/hope is Rueben’s!!! [end of ep]


Brad proposes to sally

Pippa is in town

Several ppl [incl jack, Dan & brad] are lost at sea

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Martha’s electric blue spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Maddie’s white thin strap top/purple knitted sleeveless jacket/dark blue short shorts

BRONZE – Sally’s royal blue thin strap top/white shorts


Alf’s yellow (thin blue check) button up shirt

Cassie’s blue [with red & white lining] crop top

Cassie’s orange [white dots all over] spaghetti strap

Irene’s red scoop neck t

Jack’s black leather [2 white horizontal stripes on the chest] jacket/light button police uniform shirt

Jack’s light blue “layered” polo shirt

Jack’s white polo shirt/dark long pants

Leah’s orange halter top

Leah’s white thin strap top /dark skirt

Little Pippa’s red singlet top/white shorts

Little Pippa’s yellow thin strap top

Maddie’s green zip up jacket

Maddie’s white [with red straps etc] dress

Martha’s black [frilly collar] scoop neck top

Ric’s black [white “Scream feeder logo”] t

Ric’s sky blue [with brown horizontal bars] polo shirt

Sally’s light brown [autumn motifs] blouse

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