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Spice Up Your Life

Guest >>Emma<<

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Story Title: Spice Up Your Life

Type of story: One shot.

Main Characters: Jack, Martha.

BTTB rating: G.

Genre: Mixture.

Does story include spoilers: Erm...Nope.

Any warnings: Nope.

Summary: It's their one year wedding anniversary, what does Martha have in store for Jack? :P

Thanks to Rachel :D

Spice Up Your Life

Curry. Jack’s favourite. Yes curry would be great, a special way to treat him, although it was debatable whether or not her cooking was a treat. All the ingredients were placed on the work surface - that was the easy part done. And now for the cooking. Oh dear, this was where it could all go horribly wrong.

It had been an entire year since they had gotten to together. And they had lasted through thick and thin.

A whole year! Yikes! That was a record for Martha McKenzie, usually it was a month at the most. But there was something special about him, everything changed when he entered the room.

Drifting off, she started to get lost in a day dream, before shaking her thoughts off and looking down at the food, preparing herself for the dreaded task ahead.

"Hmm, how to relax?" She muttered. "Radio!"

Flicking through the radio channels, she stopped when something caught her attention. Turning up the volume she listened to the announcement intently.

"Spice girls are re-uniting, today at the press conference the girls were all smiles whilst talking about the upcoming tour…As well as a tour there will also be a greatest hits album coming out. If you want to be in with a chance of seeing the spice girls, you need to register on their site…"

"No! Way!" Martha said out loud. Her all time favourite band were getting back together! What better anniversary present could she ask for?!

"And as we’re celebrating their re-union, here’s one of their tracks to put you all in the spice girls mood!" The voice continued.

La la la la la la la la la

La la la la la la la

La la la la la la la la la

La la la la la la la

When you’re feeling sad and low

We will take you where you gotta go

Smiling, dancing, everything is free

All you need is positivity

She sang along word perfect.

Colours of the world

Spice up your life

Every boy and every girl

Spice up your life

People of the world

Spice up your life


This was her favourite track of all. And now, with a bit of girl power, she was certain she would make this the best anniversary dinner ever! Her life had definitely spiced up since the day she had met Jack Holden.

Tonight would be perfect. Spice girls and Jack Holden, all in one day; life couldn’t get more perfect than this. Yet again she went off into a daydream.

‘Beep beep beep’

Oh no! The fire alarm. Within a split second, Martha had been brought back to reality. Facing her nemesis once again; the cooking. She had completely forgotten about the curry she was making for Jack, and the last thing she would want to do was burn it, or give Jack food poisoning for that matter.

Her attention on the food however, was rather short lived, as the voice on the radio caught her attention again…

"Now as we said before, you have to register on their site for tickets, but here’s the good news folks; we have 2 exclusive tickets to give away! Now to be in with a chance of winning, just answer this simple question…Geri was also known as a) Ginger Spice b) Blonde Spice or c) Brunette Spice. Answer to be in with a chance of winning. The competition closes tonight, so be quick."

I have got to enter that, thought Martha. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that she wasn’t going to pass up!

‘Beep beep beep’

That damn fire alarm! Yet again she was brought back to the burning curry. She only hoped that Jack would like it. He certainly liked things hot, and she was sure it was hot enough.

She looked at the clock; it read, 5.30pm. Jack would be getting here at 6, and knowing Jack, he would probably be early. She turned down the heat on the cooker and went to get changed.


‘Knock knock knock’

Oh no, he was here already, and the food wasn’t even ready, well actually the curry was but not the rice. Argh, she had no rice!

“Martha, are you there?” The voice spoke at the door.

“Yeah, just coming” Martha yelled back quickly running to let him in.

“Wow, you look gorgeous, and whatever it is you’re cooking, it smells delicious” Jack smiled.

“Ahh yeah, listen, about the food…It’s curry, but I have no rice.”

“Right” he laughed, “well why don’t we see what it tastes like and if the worst comes to the worst, then we’ll order pizza?”

“Sounds like a great idea” Martha grinned. She quickly served up the curry minus anything to go with it, and surprisingly, tt actually looked alright.

Now for the real test; what would it taste like? They both sat down opposite one another, both not really wanting to try it. Eventually Martha plucked up the courage; taking a mouthful.

“OH MY GOD” She tried to find a glass to fill with water.

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked worried.

“Jesus, my mouth is on fire!” she screeched, before turning to him and smiling sweetly, “want to cool it off for me?”

Jack grinned back, “And what exactly do you mean by that Miss McKenzie?” Jack replied.

“I’m pretty sure you know what I mean…” But before Jack could respond, Martha had already kissed him, their lips lingering for a while before Jack pushed her off. Martha stood there, totally perplexed as to why he would do such a thing.

“Pizza?” smirked Jack.

“Sure…” Martha rolled her eyes. Men and food; just typical, she thought.

“Oh and by the way, I have a present for you” Jack said whilst finding the phone to order the pizza.

“It better be something good Jack Holden” she grinned. “Well?” Martha asked.

“2 VIP tickets to…the spice girls”


The End

Please comment :D And remember...

Girl Power - Equalization Between The Sexes :P (I just had to put it in)


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