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Thurs, 12 July 07 - Episode # 4459

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ At Least Jack Got Naked This Time Too ”

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 12 July 07 - Episode # 4459)

Note - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

LEAH’S HOUSE : Belle goes of at drew for stealing that cheque, and as they are about to bail, Irene enters, and has a go at belle and drew for how belle wasn’t at school today.

NAOH’S : Martha opens some mail – and Alf can see that Martha has been affected by it – she tells him that it’s her divorce papers, which she ordered form her solicirtor when she was going out with cam.

NEAR WHARF : Ric looks at THAT dream car that drew wants – and he think that it will take a lot of work to get it back into a decent condition. Drew wonders if Ric would ask if drew could have a job at the garage where Ric works, but Ric way that she doesn’t want to push his luck by asking.

SURF CLUB : In Noah’s, Martha phone jack – asking to meet for a chat.

Nearby, in the pool room, Maddie is talking to the likes of Emma, Cass & Reuben about a party that they’ve arranged to have at the van park house tonight. Rueben & Maddie t6alk about the topic they most have in common – the loss of a parent, and when Ric enters, he’s not that keen to see Maddie & Rueben physically so close to each other

LEAH’S HOUSE : Dan has a go at drew for the whole belle wagging thing, but when drew bails, Leah suggest that she and Dan need to speak to jazz [with out drew in the same room] to form a uniform front.

NOAH’S : Jack enters, and wonders why Martha phoned him – as in sounded important. Martha insist though that she just wanted to see how he is [and mentions nothing about the divorce papers]

LEAH’S HOUSE : Dan & Leah insist to jazz that all 3 of them must be on “the same page” about drew, but they disagree about various things – esp. jazz’s plan to buy THAT car for drew now.

BEACH : Martha & jack talk about various things – and are having a good time, when Martha suggest that they go skinny dipping. Jack is reluctant but he agrees. [note - soooooo thought of martha's nudie run after she l;ost bet to jack]

NOAH’S : Dan approaches drew, and offers him a deal – go back to school and Leah & darn will buy him a car at end of year. Drew way doesn’t like that idea – and jazz, who is lurking nearby, hears all of this.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric is very worried about how many ppl are going to come to this party tonight, and he wonders to Maddie just why the party has to take place her in the house. Maddie [with the likes of emma, Reuben etc in background] suggests that Ric should look at this as the 18th bday party that Cass didn’t have.

DINER : Belle talks to Ric – wondering if he can score dre2w a job at the garage. Ric thought that drew wasn’t being serious, but belle insists that drew is at least “driven” about this car, so Ric agrees to see what he can do.

NOAH’S : Jazz approaches drew, and she says that she will buy him the car now, IF he moves in with her. Drew declines the offer.

OCEAN : Jack & Martha are way enjoying their clothes free swim, when a police boat approaches. Lara tells jack that there have been some complaints.

NEAR WHARF : Drew approaches THAT car, and see that someone else is about to buy the car. drew offers that owner that full asking price for the car - and he buys the car.

BEACH : jack & mattha laugh some more about what's happened, but martha inists that they acn only have fun like this togther is its spantnious [ie waaaaaaay NOT planned]

NOAH’S : belle tells drew about ric asking about a job, but drew tells her taht56 he bought the car. ric enetrs, and says that his boss has offered drew a one wek trial at garage.

LEAH’S HOUSE : jazz appraches drew - she knows that he used her blank cheque to buyt car. she inisyts that that makes her the ownber of car, so unless dererw wants to loose car, he'll move in with her.

VAN PARK HOUSE : ric "suggets" to maddie, reuben etc that there won;t be alcohol at this party. maddie goes over and talk to rueben - mostly about Beth.

MANSION : jazz in siting on a bech on teh yard when she sees drew [with bags in hand and a look of drewad on his face]appraoch.

VAN PARK HOUSE : maaie & ruebenm are atlking oin the back patio. rueben suggets that maddie shou;ld jkoin him & his friends on the road - and maddie & rueben are about to kiss when ric intervenes [ie pushed ruebe away]. maddie bails.

HUNETR HOUSE : maddie is siting at teh dining table, when ric, emma & cass enetr the house. they want to talk about wht's going on with maddie, but she inists for ALL of them to go away, and its not a forceful voice either, more oine of total dismay with the world. ric & co do bail though - leavning the forlorn maddie alone in the house. [end of ep]


Looks like Maddie leaves town!!!

Will Jack & Martha get back togther???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s white [with red straps etc] dress

SILVER – Martha’s aqua [double ended triangles all over] scoop neck t

BRONZE – Emma’s strapless red dress


Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Belle’s SBH uniform [with black bra beneath]

Belle’s white [silver swirl pattern across the bust, orange cloud like motifs elsewhere] singlet top

Cassie’s orange [white dots all over] spaghetti strap

Cassie’s white halter top

Dan’s olive green [with several inverted black Vs] button up shirt

Drew’s dark blue board shorts/grey singlet

Emma’s white thin strap top/black long pants

Irene’s yellow & blue [village motifs] v neck top

Jack’s red [with silver tick motif] t

Jazz’s black halter neck dress

Jazz’s royal blue [v neck, mid thigh length] dress

Leah’s orange halter top

Maddie’s light green [purple floral] scoop neck top/light brown shorts

Ric’s sky blue [with brown horizontal bars] polo shirt

Rueben’s yellow t/off white button up shirt

Rueben’s red singlet/white board shorts

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