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Wed, 11 July 07 - Episode # 4458

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Just When You Thought That NOTHING

Could ‘Top’ Rhys Locking Kirsty In Her Bedroom … ”

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 11 July 07 - Episode # 4458)

Note - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

HUNTER HOUSE : Bruce grabs Annie and takes her outside. He then tells Luc that if he acts this way [morally corrupt] around Annie again, Bruce will have NO hesitation to come after Luc with a shotgun. Bruce [with Annie] bails.

Soon after, Tony gets home – and when Luc tells him about what happened with Annie & Bruce [incl the shotgun comment], Tony insists that Bruce just can't say/do things like that.

CAMPBELL FARM : Tony, at front door, calls out to bruce – and when Bruce gets to doorway, they have a clash about what’s happened.

Tony then sees lights in the distance, and he can’t belief that Geoff is out ploughing the field at this [late[ time of night. Tony also makes a sarcastic comment about when Bruce works 15 hours a day of farm when he was a kid. Bruce “suggests” that Tony should get off his land.

NEAR BAECH : Next day, drew admires a hotted up car that is for sale. Jazz approaches, and dew wonders if jazz will prove her love [for him] by lending him the money to buy the car - Jazz declines.

SPORTS FIELD : Geoff arrives late for rugby training, and several of the other – esp. Aden has something to say about that. Indeed, as the team is ruining, Geoff gets an “accidental” bump which knocks Geoff to the ground.

HUNTER HOUSE : Annie thanks Luc for all his help with the assignment, and asks that he continue to be her tutor. Luc insists that he can’t [shotgun etc] and annie looks a tad upset as she walks away.

SPORTS FIELD : Training is finished, and with Tony gone, Aden & some of the other boys starting harassing Geoff. Luc approaches and “suggest” that the others shouldn’t be hassling Geoff.

After the others bail, Geoff tells Luc that he didn’t need luc’s help [of course]

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Luc & Belle are talking about Naomi when Annie approaches – she is VERY pleased she, with luc’s help, got a C for that assignment. Annie then wonders if Luc would like have lunch with her, but Luc declines. However, after Annie walks away, Luc suggest that Belle should go to lunch with Annie – to improve Annie’s “street cred”

DINER : Belle does go to lunch with Annie, and she quickly realises that Annie has a crush on Luc. When Annie wonders about belle & Luc, belle proudly says that she is the 1st girl the Luc slept with. Annie looks a tad horrified – and spells out to bell her beliefs about no sex before marriage. After bells says that she thinks Annie will be “eaten alive” at school, she suggests that Annie should read the sealed section of a teen mag [that belle gives to Annie.

Drew approaches, and he kisses belle. Annie quickly bails – and belle makes drew aware that she is kinda annoyed with him [because of Annie]

he “suggest” that he & bell should spend some time together today, and bell thinks that study group [school] will be the perfect time – in a place that’s out of the way, like the mansion pool.

GYM : Aden confronts Tony about the way he seems to favour Geoff, but Tony rebukes this challenge.

DINER : Luc enters and he wonders, to belle, where Annie is. Belle tells him that she had told Annie about “the birds & the bees”, using Luc & belle as example.

NEAR BAECH : Luc approaches Annie, who tells Luc that she thought she knew him [and also though that Luc was innocent and that the older Naomi seduced him]. Luc insist that although he’s not into the whole no sex before marriage, he isn’t a person who believes in one night stands either. When Annie says that she thought she knew luc, he suggests that she just built up this perfect image of him and that’s why she’s disappointed now.

As Luc & Annie walk form each other, Bruce [from afar] sees them – and he doesn’t look happy.

DINER : After Dan & Leah knock back request for a loan for THAT car from drew, Dan likes it when drew suggest that he wouldn't mind learning ho to fix cars. Indeed Dan suggest that drew should [like Ric] go for an apprehenticeshiip to be a mechanic, but drew isn’t so keen on that.

SPORTS FIELD : After Tony has a go at the rugby team members for their lack of effort in training, Aden responds with a verbal attack on Geoff.

Tony responds [insert a word that’s much better than BRILLAINTLY here] by telling Aden & the others the difference tween their lives [video games after school etc] and Geoff’s [up way early each day, farm work, rugby training, school, rugby training, more farm work].

After the others have walked away, tony insist to Geoff that he’d go as far as going to the farm to train with Geoff.

DINER : Irene gives Dan his wallet, which he left in the diner earlier. Dan comments that belle must be unwell, as she wasn’t in study group. When dang ones, Irene says [kinda to herself] that belle better be sick – else.

MANSION : Belle & drew are enjoying themselves swimming in the pool when jazz approaches – she so doesn’t mind them being n there.

As jazz walks in the direction of inside the house, Irene approaches, wondering if jazz has seen belle., jazz says no – but Irene looks in te pool area anyway. She not find bell etc as they are hiding.

CAMPBELL FARM : Annie & Geoff are talking as the walk towards the front door of their home. They hear some banging, and when they go inside, Bruce is NAILING the WINDOWS of Annie’s room shut!!!

Bruce says that he saw Annie with luc today – and when Bruce tips out the contents of Annie’s bag, he sees the magazine that belle gave her. Bruce says that Annie has bought pornography into the house. He demands that she gets down on her knees and pray for forgiveness. Annie compiles – and when bruce & Geoff are out of Annie’s room, Bruce locks Annie in her room!!!!!!!!

HUNTER HOUSE : Luc sends a test message to someone before Tony enters the room. Tony wants to talk about Naomi, but luc says that he is totally ok with all of that now.

Seconds after Tony has walked away, luc gets a txt form Naomi – demanding that luc stop texting her!!!

MANSION : Drew tries again to get his mum to pay or loan him the money for THAT car. Jazz refuses, but after she bails from the pool area, Drew loks in her handbag, and sees his mum’s cheque book. Drew tears pout a blank cheque – and in the process, he takes NO notice of belle telling him NOT to do this!!! [end of ep]


Maddie & Ric are growing apart – Maddie even kiss Rueben

Jack & Martha go skinny dipping – it looks like they get busted by Lara Fitzgerald

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Jazz’s royal blue [v neck, mid thigh length] dress

SILVER – Drew’s grey & maroon [grey front, marron sleeves & back] t

BRONZE – Jazz’s white halter neck dress


Aden’s grey [white collar] rugby jersey

Annie’s SBH uniform

Belle’s SBH uniform [with black bra beneath]

Bruce’s brown “akubra” hat/off white shirt/red & blue tie/black weather proof coat

Dan’s olive green [with several inverted black Vs] button up shirt

Drew’s dark blue board shorts/grey singlet

Geoff’s red [white collar] rugby jersey

Irene’s yellow & blue [village motifs] v neck top

Jazz’s red jacket/black long pants/dark blue baseball cap

Leah’s orange halter top

Luc’s SBH uniform/dark blue zip up jacket

Luc’s sky blue [white unknown squiggly motif] t

Tony’s green & grey rugby jersey

Tony’s red & blue polo shirt

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