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Mon, 9 July 07 - Episode # 4456

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Living In Sin ”

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 9 July 07 - Episode # 4456)

Note 1 – Surprisingly for a Monday, no opening credits

Note 2 - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

VAN PARK HOUSE - Brad is looking a worried man as looks in mirror at bottom of stairs. He enters that lounge room, where sally assures him that all he has to do is tell the truth etc - and Alf agrees.

After sally & Alf bail, brad phones Rachel.

DINER - Colleen is annoyed with the discourteousness of a couple of SBH students.

Rachel tells brad that she’s feeling very empty at the moment – given all that’s happened.

Brad then sees Naomi, and approaches her. She insists that she IS going through with her plan, as brad did what he had to to survive [drugs thing] and not she is doing the same.

HUNTER HOUSE - Maddie enters the main area of the house, and Luc tells her that Tony is not impressed with the late nights that she’s been having of late.

Luc himself isn’t impressed – as Annie is about ½ hour late for her latest tutoring session. When Annie does arrive, she tells luc that she couldn’t get away earlier, as had to help Geoff on the farm.

SPORTS FIELD - Speaking of being late, Tony – like his son – isn’t impressed when Geoff arrives late for rugby practice. Geoff apologises, but just gets into tackling training, with giving Tony an explanation as to why the tardiness.

SBH - Bruce approaches sally. He’s NOT happy that Geoff is neglecting some of his farm duties to play rugby. Sally suggests that bruce should talk to Tony about it.

As Bruce walks towards that exit, he also chastises Annie [in front of the likes of Maddie & Luc] for not completing her farm work.

Jane Wallace [from the department] approaches sally, and the latter is surprised that Naomi is actually in town [as department wants fresh statements form everyone].

Jane interviews the 3 ppl in the centre of the case. Luc tells her totally the truth [incl lying to Naomi about uni at writers circle], whilst Naomi tells Jane that she informed Brad straight away that she had had a relationship with Luc. Brad insists that he only found out the day before the story “broke” in the media.

NOAH’S - Tony talks to Alf about how Geoff is regularly late – but both agree that he’s too good a talent to “cut” form the team.

Luke approaches Tony – and tells him that Naomi is in town !!!

Bruce then approaches tony, and the two go into the gym. Bruce is soooo not impressed with how Tony is encouraging etc Geoff to not do his farm chores, but Tony suggests that he should speak to sally Fletcher about it. Bruce is rather curious that sally has not taken brad’s surname, and Tony ha to point out that they not married.

SBH - Brad. At one end of the corridor, observes Naomi talking to Jane at the other end.

NEAR DINER - Luc, maddie & Annie talk about the whole Naomi business, before the woman in question approaches.

Maddie & Annie bails and Naomi insist that she didn’t want it to be this way [i.e. having to return to the bay to9 give new statement].

SPORTS FIELD - It’s raining, and sally [umbrella in hand] is assisting Geoff, who has a cut above his eye.

Bruce approaches, and he can’t believe that Geoff has been needlessly injured in this way. Bruce has a go at sally because of the lack of farm word that both his grandchildren aren't doing [because of school]. Sally suggests that Bruce should, perhaps, attend the P&C meeting this arvo. Bruce definitely agrees.

NOAH’S - Brad tells Rachel what is going on in his life, i.e. the BIG trouble with the drugs & Naomi.

SBH - Sally approaches her offices – and gets some phones messages brom the secretary befgiore she enters.

Jane enters seconds later, and she tells sally about Naomi’s accusations [the Western Australian drugs thing]. Sally insists that she WAAAAAAAAY believes brad’s version of events, re Naomi – whilst Jane thinks that it’s a good idea that she [Jane] too attend this P&C meeting.

In the corridor, Bruce sees Annie with maddie & luc. He has a go at Annie for being at school long after the final bell [Annie say she had assignment] and Bruce also has a go at luc for [i’m gathering] trying to “corrupt” Annie.

Luc, maddie, sally, Bruce, Jane & a bunch of concerned parents attend the P&C meeting. Brad arrives a tad late.

Before sally gets started, colleen voices her concerns about the students’ behaviour in the diner. Sally says that this will be spoken about at nest school assembly.

An unknown parent wonfded4ers what’s going on with the Brad suspension business and Jane informs everyone that the department is currently investigating that matter.

Bruce then says that he’s not surprised at the attitude of the students at diner etc, since Sally & brad are living in sin [not married].

Jane is quite surprised by the news of the sally/brad relationship, and tells sally that this “may” affect things – as sally isn't exactly impartial to the case. [end of ep]


Luc tells Naomi that he still has feelings for her, but does she still have feelings for Luc???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Jane Wallace’s off white silk blouse/brown velvet-y jacket

SILVER – Naomi’s choc brown shirt-dress

BRONZE – Rachel’s royal blue scoop neck top


Alf’s sky blue button up shirt

Annie’s SBH uniform

Brad’s dark suit/gold tie/white shirt

Bruce’s brown “akubra” hat/off white shirt/red & blue tie/black weather proof coat

Colleen’s dark blue (yellow rectangle pattern) blouse

Colleen’s red [with yellow floral motifs] blouse

Concerned parent’s red button up shirt

Geoff’s red rugby jersey

Geoff’s SBH sports [white with marron SBH logo] polo shirts

Luc’s SBH uniform

Maddie’s apple green (with sky blue lining) cami top/apple green (with red dots) shorts

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Sally’s red top/black jacket

School secretary’s silver long sleeve blouse

Tony’s olive green [with apple green strip across chest] polo shirt

Tony’s sky blue & white rugby jersey

Tony’s white [sB gym] t shirt

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