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Thurs, 05 July 07 - Episode # 4454

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Jazz Transforms??? ”

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 05 July 07 - Episode # 4454)

Note - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

HUNTER HOUSE - Tony talks to jack & Luc about how busy he is right now at work [since kimmy bailed].

After Tony bails, Luc tells jack that he’s seriously thinking of surprising Tony – with a replacement boat.

HUNTER HOUSE/NEAR SURF CLUB - Luca rings Alf, wondering about another boat. Alf thinks that he’s seen an ideal bote for seal, and he & Luc agree to meet soon to check it out.

NOAH’S - Drew & belle are talking about his job situation when drew thinks that maybe he could ask Tony if he needs someone at the gym – now that kimmy has gone.

Drew appradsches Tony, who says that they can talk a little later about this.

When belle says that she is going to head over to manda’s old place, drew suggest that maybe belle should get a key cut for him as well.

MANSION - Belle enters, and is rather surprised that not only is their a new tenant in her mum’s old place, but that that tenant is JAZZ!!!

The latter thinks that belle is the perfect person to give her a guided tour of this place.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Luc thinks that the $1500 price tag on the boat is too much, But when he & alf look closely at the watercraft, they find a de3cent sized crack in the hull. Alf thank that Luc may be able to score the boat for $700 if he lucky.

When Alf has walked away, Annie & Geoff approach. Geoff suggests that Luc has gone all prodigal son with this boat.

After the Campbell kids walk away, Luc prods at the damage, and Geoff of course see this – the look on his face suggest that he thinks Luc is up o no good.

MANSION - Jazz thanks belle for showing her around this house AND for giving her a go. Jazz open bottle and champagne – for a housewarming toast, and she eventually convinces bell to some a glass of champers.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Luc & the owner of the boat approach the craft. When Luc points out the crack in the boat, the owner suggest that Luc must have done that himself.

Luc bails - he’s way annoyed. Geoff then tells the owner what he saw.

MANSION - Jazz thinks it’s very intriguing how her son [drew] is now going out with the daughter [belle] of the woman [Amanda] whose now going out with Drew’s dad [peter].

Belle is a tad shocked when jazz thinks its quite COOOOL that drew “bagged” an older woman – after belle tells jazz about Drew/Amanda.

Belle gets a phone call, asking her to come to diner for a shift.

DINER - Leah & Dan are encouraged when Tony tells them about drew & the gym job.

Belle enters [she’s late btw] and she instantly drops a plate that Leah hands her. Irene then discovers that belle’s been drinking – and Leah & Irene not like that jazz are involved.

GYM - Drew speaks to Tony about the job, but he turns it down – as its only working at the counter, cleaning yup etc [and any gym instructor training will have to be paid for by drew himself].

NOAH’S - Jack enters, on the off chance that Luc is here – but he isn’t so jack bails.

Belle & drew talk about what’s happened today – drew not taking, belle getting slightly dunk AND jazz moving into the mansion.

GYM - Alf convinces Tony to be the coach of the local rugby union team.

HUNTER HOUSE - Jack enters, and tells Luc that he is here on official business, because of the damage to the boat. Luc is a TAD livid.

DINER - Irene phones jazz about way has a go at her.

There’s a clash tween Luc & Geoff about THAT boat [incl Luc wondering how Geoff thought be damaged it without something like a sledgehammer]. Luc & Geoff’s pushing and shoving leads to Annie’s already injured arm to cop another knock.

MANSION - Jazz is a tad surprised to see drew arrive at her house. He makes it clear that he wants her out of the bay, but jazz insists that although drew may not need jazz, she NEEDS him. Jazz insists that she wants to make up for all the bad things that she’s done in her life, starting with her woeful treatment of her son.

SURF CLUB - Alf gladly tell Dan that Tony is going to be their new rugby union coach. Dan’s joy about that is soured by the news that drew didn’t take that job at the gym.

LEAH’S HOUSE - Leah & Dan talk to drew about the whole job thing. Drew insists that he not want to do all that training [gym instructor] as it might not be wants he wants to rally do. Dan tells drew that unless he’s score a job within a week, drew is going back to school.

SURF CLUB - Luca approaches the dude that is selling the boat. Luc insists that Alf can vouch for him [about not damage boat], but all of this proves to be for nothing as the guy sold that boat to someone else.

HUNTER HOUSE - Luc talks to jack about how he has arranged – in place of the boat purchase surprise – a trip on the Blaxland for Tony & Luc, but when Tony enters the house, he says that he already has plans for this afternoon.

Tony then starts talking about how his star new rugby player will be arriving soon, and Luc is shocked/annoyed when Geoff [said star player] arrives. [end of ep]


Naomi is back – and knows a DARK secret about Brad!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Jazz’s violet [white leafy pattern] blouse/black long pants

SILVER – Belle’s red top [with white straps & white bows connecting straps with rest of top]/blue [white check] skirt

BRONZE – Annie’s green thin strap singlet top/blue jeans


Alf’s dark blue [yellow check] button up shirt

Boat dude’s blue polo shirt/black shorts

Dan’s green [yellow inkblot-like motif on the back] polo shirt

Drew’s black [white intertwined crosses pattern] polo shirt/black long pants

Geoff’s marron rugby jersey

Geoff’s white [with green & red check] button up shirt/denim jeans

Irene’s aqua (black leafy motifs) top

Jack’s black leather [2 white horizontal stripes on the chest] jacket/light button police uniform shirt

Jack’s brown board shorts

Jack’s light green polo shirt

Jazz’s brown & white halter neck swimsuit

Leah’s light yellow (v shaped straps) top

Luc’s mauve board shorts/ plum (unknown verse motif) t shirt

Tony’s dark blue shorts/white {SB gym] t

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