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Wed, 4 July 07 - Episode # 4453

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Parenting Preferences ”

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 4 July 07 - Episode # 4453)

Note 1 – no change to opening credits, i.e. PLEASE get rid of Kimmy AND add Annie !!!!

Note 2 - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

LEAH’S HOUSE - Leah & Dan are pleased that, with the rest of the ppl that live in the house [incl Ryan] out of the house today, that they will have some time to themselves for a change [later today].

After Leah & Ryan bails, drew enters the room. Dan suggest that drew should look in the paper for a job. Drew says he will – after he sees belle. Drew then bails.

RACHEL’S PALCE - Rachel enters, and Leah does seconds later. Rachel tells Leah that she stayed at the vph last night.

Rachel; also tell Leah that this house doesn't really feel like her place anymore, but Leah insists that Rachel should think about any moves she makes.

DINER - Alf complains to Irene about doing deliveries by foot these days, and having to “baby sit” cassie at Noah’s.

After Alf bails, Irene is surprised when [the just returned] Jazz enters, and orders a coffee.

RACHEL’S PALCE - Rachel asks to Leah about everything that’s happened, esp. that she almost wishes she HAD gone with Hugh. She also tells Leah that although Martha knows Hugh’s address, he has barred her form telling Rachel. Leah thinks that is a good idea – because she not ant Rachel to make a hasty decision she may regret.

NOAH’S - Maddie talks to the on duty Cass. Maddie is worried about lots of things - the loss of her family from the bay, and how Cass is going fwd with her life [bar job] whilst Maddie’s life is standing still.

Alf enters, and he is pleased with the work that Cass seems to be going very well in her new job.

Alf bails and Cass give Maddie a free drink – for helping sing cassie’s praises to Alf.

LEAH’S HOUSE - Dan is surprised to see jazz when she enters. As they talk, jazz is clearly flirting with Dan, and when Leah arrives, she is WAAAAY death starring jazz.

NOAH’S - Belle, Maddie, Cass & drew are talking when jazz enters. After jazz “returns fire” when drew says that he doesn't want her in his life, Cass “accidentally” spills a drink in jazz’s top. Jazz is not impressed – she mouth off a bit before bailing.

DINER - Leah kinda rants to Irene about jazz’s rather blatant flirting.

SURF CLUB - When drew & belle suggest a doubles match of pool, Maddie says that she will go away and try to get Ric away form watching some football on TV.

After Maddie bails, drew & bell talk about Jazz – and the frustrated drew accidentally tears the felt of pool table. He & belle quickly bail.

NOAH’S - Cass looks at the mail that the bar got today. The nearby Rachel is REALLY intrigued when Cass says that Martha got a postcard form Hugh.

Not surprisingly, when Cass goes to the store room, Rachel “borrows” the postcard.

LEAH’S HOUSE - Dan is worried about drew, but Jazz [who at one point was dressed only in a towel in this scene] isn’t so stressed.

Jazz is way more interested in Dan, and she flirts with him further as he does up the zip of her dress.

Jazz & Dan bails, and seo9nds later, drew & belle enters. Both are kinda stressed about what’s happened [pool table].

SURF CLUB - Alf “goes off” to Cass about the pool table. He insists that she MUST tell him if she’s suspects who did this.

RACHEL’S PALCE - Rachel, with THAT postcard beside her, starts writing Hugh a letter.

LEAH’S HOUSE - Alf arrives and MAJORLY has a go at drew because of the pool table, but the just returned to the house Jazz doesn’t bat an eyelid before giving Alf a cheque etc for $300.

When Alf is gone, belle thanks jazz, but drew insists that jazz can't just buy him like that.

DINER - Belle tells Irene that she is way frustrated that drew won’t give jazz a chance, but Irene reminds belle of how long it took belle & Amanda to have a decent relationship.

Nearby, Leah is worried when Rachel says that she saw the postcard and wrote him a letter. Leah rally urges Rachel to thinks about this.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Cass insists to Maddie that she just had to tell Alf about drew about the pool table – as her job was on the line.

NOAH’S - Alf talks to Dan about what’s happened with the pool table. Alf admits that he was a tad harsh on drew because Alf is frustrate because of this eye business.

DINER - Leah is WAAAAAY not impressed when Dan tells her of what happened with the pool table. She IS pleased when Dan says that jazz could flirt with him til the cows come home – as he ISN”T affected by it in the slightest.

As Dan is about to exit, Rachel drops some papers, and Dan offers to help, but Rachel says that it’s ok.

BEACH - Rachel walks along for a bit, before ripping up the letter that she wrote. [Note – “black hearted valentine” by the tulips was playing during this scene. Muchly thoughts of when kirsty bailed form the bay in the midst of her pregnancy lie a few years ago].

LEAH’S HOUSE - Dan & Leah has a major clash with jazz about drew [who is also in the room]. Jazz insists that if drew lived with her, he certainly wouldn’t have this constant pressure to get a job etc, as jazz thinks that drew should be having some fun in his life right now.

LEAH’S HOUSE - Soon after, Leah & jazz clash some more - about not only drew, but jazz’s flirting with Dan.

Leah eagerly tells jazz to WAAAAAAY move out of her home. [end of ep]


Why is jazz REALLY back in town???

[btw, it looks like she’s now living at Amanda’s former abode]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Leah’s spangly leopard print top

SILVER – Belle’s grey [face of biker chick motif] t/bone skirt

BRONZE – Jazz’s royal blue thin strap top


Alf’s sky blue [white check] button up shirt

Cassie’s bright yellow halter top/denim skirt

Dan’s apple green button up shirt

Drew’s black [unknown grey motif] t/white & grey “camo” board shorts

Irene’s green long sleeve blouse

Jazz’s white [black ducks? motifs] dress

Maddie’s light pink thin strap singlet top/dark blue [light pink floral] shorts

Rachel’s black [red rose motif] long skirt/black v neck top

Rachel’s red scoop neck t/black long skirt

Ryan’s blue t shirt

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