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Tues, 3 July 07 - Episode # 4452

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Don’t You EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Come Back !!!!!!! ”

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 3 July 07 - Episode # 4452)

Note 1 – Why is Kit’s child listed [closing credits] as Archie HYDE ???

Note 2 - This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

CITY – Kit isn’t that keen to let kimmy in, esp. since she wants to seriously get sleep – as she has 2 job interviews tomorrow. Kit relents, and says that he can come in for a little while.

RACHEL’S PLACE - Brad enters, and before he even really gets to speak, Rachel is already way teary, and brad becomes her shoulder to cry on.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Maddie & Cass enter, and Maddie apologises for not rally being a barrel of laughs tonight, but Cass says that she understands [with the whole kit bailing ting].

Sally enters the room and just after Maddie goes posturers, sally tells Cass that she is rally concerned about cassie’s studies. When Cass suggests that she is kinda focusing on the future [saving for uni] sally thinks she should concentrate on this school year.

Maddie re enters that room just as Cass & sally are talk about why sally is still up –she is wait for brad, who is talk to Rachel as kimmy isn’t home yet.

RACHEL’S PLACE - Rachel [still teary] tells brad that at she can see that he is disppoint6ed in her. Indeed, Rachel says that she NEVER thought she’d be the sort of woman to do this [cheat on husband].

CITY - When kimmy tells kit that Rachel compared them sleep togther to Rachel/Hugh, kit tends to agree with Rachel.

Kimmy changes the subject – commenting on what a “dump” this place is, but kit insists its all she could afford when arrives in city.

Kit then “suggests” that kimmy should bail. He even gets out the door – before kit opens in again and let him in.

NOAH’S - Next day, Cass is cramming for her maths test – and talk to Ric & Maddie as she does.

Alf tells Ric that maybe he won’t go for that eye test today, but Ric insists that he has to.

Cass looks enthused when she sees the “bar staff wanted” poster, whilst, nearby, Martha talks to Rachel. the latter insists that she knows that she did something wrong, but she also suspects that kimmy is with kit right now,

CITY - Kit wakes, and gets up. She sees that Archie is already wake – and begins to get prepared for some job interviews today. Kimmy [who slept beside her] wonders what will happen with Archie, and after kit says that a friend called Amy will look after, kimmy suggest that he will.

Kit however wants kimmy to bail. She tells kimmy that he’s only here because he is hiding from Rachel. Rachel insists that kimmy MUST make a decision.

CITY/ RACHEL’S PALCE - Seconds after kimmy to the bathroom, rachel phones kit, who doesn’t confirm or deny that kimmy, is there. Kit insists that Rachel has to talk to kimmy [as kit not want to get caught in the middle even further].

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cass enters and tells sally & brad that she thinks she aced maths test. Cass is more excited that Martha has given her 3 shifts at Noah’s each week. Sally takes offence to this – insisting that Cass must tell Martha that she isn't gouging to take the job.

After Cass bails, sally seems a tad frustrated that brad didn’t back her up at all.

CITY - After kimmy puts Archie is his cot, he heads for bathroom. Kimmy then way takes offence when the landlord just walks into kit’s apartment. Kimmy mouths off to the guy – and gets kit EVICTED!!!!

NOAH’S - After Alf & ric enter, Ric tells Martha that the doctor said that Alf does have a loss of peripheral vision. Doctor also gave Alf a referral to another specialist.

Cass enters, and Martha offers to teach her some bar job basics, but Cass tells Martha about what sally said.

CITY - Kit enters, and is most annoyed when kimmy says that he got her evicted. She goes off at kimmy for always thinking of himself 1-st. kit tells to go home. She’s way emotional btw.

Kit locks herself in bathroom, and iniust to kimmy that she wished the he chose her. Even when kimmy does say that he choose kit, she [way in tears] then him to get lost.

DINER - Sally & Alf talk about his eye test, and about cassie’s proposed new job.

Colleen comments on some ppl having things harder in life, like the nearby Rachel.

Rachel then approaches maddie, who totally denies that she knows anything about where kimmy is etc.

CITY - Kimmy is deep in thought near the opera house, as is kit as she packs her clothes into suitcase [after being evicted].

Kimmy returns to kit’s place, and they WAAAAAAAAAAY kiss.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Brad & Rachel are talking about kimmy etc when Rachel sess his car nearby. She rushes to it – but kit & Archie are inside!!!

Kimmy approaches – by Rachel not keen on listen to anything he have to say.

RACHEL’S PLACE - Brad WAAAAY verbally attacks kimmy [about how Rachel stood by kimmy despite the whole kit “mess”] but Rachel “suggest” to brad that she will handle this. Brad bails.

NOAH’S - Sally talks to Martha about this whole giving Cass a job business. Martha suggests that she should give Cass a two week trial, and sally likes that suggestion.

Brad approaches – and Martha wonders what’s wrong.

RACHEL’S PLACE - Rachel insists that she REALLY can’t watch kimmy pack/leave – and she way cries.

HUNTER HOUSE - Kit says goodbye to maddie, who is waaaay in tears when her sister bails.

BEACH - Rachel is in tears. She is sitting on the sand, but when she gets up and begins to head in the direction of home, she sees the new happy family [kit, kimmy, kit] head past the surf club.

This brings on MORE tears. [end of ep]


Jazz is back – and she well and truly has her eyes on Dan!!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Rachel’s black [red rose motif] long skirt/black v neck top

SILVER – Maddie’s white [kinda billowy] dress

BRONZE – Kit’s white [black floral] v neck top


Alf’s light blue [brown check] button up shirt

Brad’s way light blue jumper

Brad’s white t/white long sleeve top/white [with a large blue cross] board shorts

Cassie’s yellow & black singlet top

Colleen’s yellow [darker yellow floral motifs] blouse

Kit’s red [with light grey sleeves & white dog motif] long sleeve top

Landlord’s red & blue check shirt

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Martha’s red [with a black button on each strap] top

Rachel’s navy blue [with white collar & red striped pockets] polo shirt

Ric’s yellow (with occasional orange & blue horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Sally’s black [with red & blue curvy motifs] top/black jacket

Sally’s light brown (with vertical stripes) PJs

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