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Mon, 2 July 07 - Episode # 4451

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Oh Look - Another Annoying, Drawn Out Storyline Involving Kimmy ”

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 2 July 07 - Episode # 4451)

Note – This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

BEACH – Rachel approaches kimmy, and they have a massive verbal argument. Kimmy seem to particularly take offence to Rachel’s suggestions that her sleeping with Hugh is no different to when he slept with kit whilst LOST. Kimmy storms off.

VPH – Martha is with little pippa when sally enters. Martha tells sally her concerns about both Alf’s eyesight and how Noah’s is understaffed at the moment.

Sally why Martha is baby siting little pippa – Martha says that brad is out.

DINER – colleen approaches the rather relaxed brad, and she’s not too happy that he seems to be “swanning around” doing, well, not too much at the moment. She esp. would like him to look at her mobile home’s septic tank.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Rachel talks to Leah about what’s happened with kimmy. Rachel wants to try again to talk to him, but Leah suggests that Rachel should, perhaps, let things cool off a bit.

GYM – kimmy is sitting on one of the pieces of exercise equipment when a customer arrives at the door. Kimmy rather forcefully say that the gym closed right now.

SURF CLUB – Martha & jack are talking [Noah’s] when Alf enters with some supplies. He assures jack that he has been for the eye tests.

The trio hears a crashing sound – and when they enter the gym, they send that there’s a dent in part of one of the walls. Kimmy assures them it was an accident, but when they suggest that kimmy should calm down, he “suggest” that they should go away.

VPH –Sally talks to brad. She thinks that he is maybe taking things too easy at the moment [whilst wait for news form the department].

Before sally bails, she asks brad to definitely get cassie to study for a maths test that she has tomorrow.

GYM – jack enters, her he finds a still way annoyed kimmy, who insists that there’s a BIG difference tween him kissing kit and what Rachel did with Hugh.

Kimmy MUCHLY “suggest” that jack should go away, esp. after jack says that kimmy REALLKY should calm down & talk to Rachel

NOAH’S – Martha makes Alf VERY aware that she’s not happy that she had agreed with his licence lie to jack. She also isn’t pleased that Alf isn’t keen on hiring any more staff for the bar.

RACHEL’S PLACE –Rachel phones kimmy. She gets his message bank – and urges that they talk.

NOAH’S –kimmy approaches Martha, and he is NOT impressd that she knew about Rachel & Hugh sleeping togther [and that she not tell him].

After kimmy walks away, Martha is further frustrated – as the money in the til of the bar has been stolen.

HUNTER HOUSE –Rachel talks to jack about what’s been going on. Jack tells her that kimmy was ranting oat him about what’s occurred. Rachel is WAAAAY worried that this might be the perfect excuse form kimmy to go to/be with kit.

NOAH’S –Alf confronts Martha about a “bar staff wanted” poster that he saw as he entered the surf club. Martha tells him that they lost aprrox $200 today.

Martha also continues to be annoyed when Alf says that he is going to continue to drive, despite feeling that eye test.

Seconds after Alf nails to pick up some supplies, Martha tells the just arrived sally what’s happened.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB – sally tries to stop Alf from driving, but [with jack having just pulled up in his police car], Alf turns hard right out of the car park and sally just manages to get out of the way before she is hit by Alf’s car. Jack tends to sally – whilst Alf keeps on driving.

RACHEL’S PLACE/CITY –Rachel phones kit, wondering if kimmy has been in touch. Kit says that she’s not spoken to kimmy in days. Rachel urges kit to get kimmy to contact Rachel [if kimmy phones].

ROADSIDE –sally drives along, until she finds Alf’s ute by the sided of the road. Alf has run over some traffic cones. Sally gets out of her car and when she gets to Alf’s car, she tells him that he almost ran her over. Alf hands her his car keys.

VPH –sally & the others [Alf, Martha, and brad] are pleased when jack says that he won’t be pressing charges about all this. Alf then agrees to talk about the Noah’s staffing issue [with Martha] tomorrow,

After jack & Martha bails, sally is rather annoyed when brad tells her that cassie rang earlier – and will be late home.

Colleen enters, and says that that sceptic tanks is now even more faulty, so Alf & brad agree to check things out.

Before brad bails, sally REALLY has a go at him for her recent behaviour [incl not knowing about Rachel’s current crisis] but she IS pleased when he says that he’ll get his solicitor to “put a rocket” up the department.

GYM – Martha enters, and is surprised to still see kimmy there. The latter insist that he’s got nowhere to go.

Martha insist to kimmy that Rachel acted WAY more honourably with all this Hugh business, incl waaaaaaaaay choosing her marriage over the family that Hugh could have given her.

Martha insists that kimmy should go home and talk to Rachel, unless he has somewhere better top be [note : I get the feeling that line was said tongue in cheek, despite the way that – see below – kimmy took it]

RACHEL’S PLACE –Rachel tries phone kimmy again, before Leah enters. Rachel wonders, esp. in light of current issues, where kimmy is.

CITY – kit answers the door, and looks shock that its [the UBER moronic] kimmy on her doorstep. [end of ep]


Who will Kimmy choose???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Little Pippa’s sky blue [black floral? pattern] dress

SILVER – Rachel’s navy blue [with white collar & red striped pockets] polo shirt

BRONZE – Martha’s black blouse & matching shorts


Alf’s dark blue [white check] button up shirt

Brad’s white t/white long sleeve top/white [with a large blue cross] board shorts

Colleen’s bright multicolour floral blouse

Jack’s black leather [2 white horizontal stripes on the chest] jacket/light button police uniform shirt

Kit’s red scoop neck t/black long pants

sally’s red v neck top/light brown jacket & long pants

Leah’s black thin strap top/white long pants

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