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Fri, 29 June 07 - Episode # 4450

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ The Moral High Ground ”

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 29 June 07 - Episode # 4450)

Note 1- This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

Note 2 – no changes [i.e. newbies] in opening credits

RACHEL’S PLACE – Rachel lights the candles etc for her romantic dinner with kimmy, but she is going frustrated that he is not back yet. Phone rings – it’s Leah, and Rachel tells her about what’s happening right now.

Kimmy returns – and tells Rachel that kit has bailed form the bay.

DINER – next day, Rachel talks to Leah about what’s happened. Rachel wonders if kit has done this to punish kimmy, and Rachel is feeling very unsure about herself & kimmy, but Leah insists that Rachel should give things some more time.

Martha enetrs the kitchen via the internal stairwell – and Irene asks her to remind Alf about some deliveries that he has promised them.

Back out in main area of the diner, Rachel tells Leah that she is going to try to make things work, despite her thoughts that kimmy is TOTALLY focussing on Archie.

HUNTER HOUSE – kimmy enters, and jack tells him that they’ve had no word form kit. When jack enquires, kimmy admits that he & kit kissed, and to why kit has bail. Jack “suggests” that kimmy should talk to Rachel about all this.

RACHEL’S PLACE/CITY – kimmy tries to phone kit, but she ignores his calls – as she is way busy scoring herself some pretty cheap accommodation. The landlord “suggest” that if Archie cries too much, then kit will be bailing even sooner that the couple of weeks she says that she’ll be here.

Only when kit is [with Archie] alone in her room does she listen to the message that kimmy left – he REALLY wants to talk about all of this.

ROADSIDE – jack pulls over Alf for a random breath test. Alf is already agitated – and things aren’t help when jack asks to see Alf’s drivers licence. Alf looks in wallet – says that he must have left it at home. Jack then asks Alf to do the breath test. Naturally, it shows up that Alf doesn’t have any alcohol in his system – jack even comments that he knows it wouldn’t, as Alf is way too grumpy for that.

CITY – kit hears a knock on the door. She opens it – and a woman who introduces herself as Susan gives kit an item of baby gear that kit must have dropped.

Susan tells kit that the landlords are a married couple who often [verbally] fight. Kit says that she won’t be her that long – but Susan responds by saying that that was her plan too, but she’s been here 6 months.

Susan wonders about Archie’s father, and kit tells her that he is a married man.

RACHEL’S PLACE – Rachel is in the bedroom doing some tidying up. She finds an old birthday card form Hugh, and she throws it in the bin.

VPH – jack thanks Martha for telling her about what Tony’s been up to lately, he also mentions that they [tony & jack] have talked about this, and now the situation is better].

Talk turns to kit – they’ve still had no word form her, and maddie’s been crying al lot since kit bailed.

Alf enters the room – and jack lets Alf aware that he knows that Alf didn’t produce his licence today, as Alf doesn’t have one right now!!!

DINER/CITY – kimmy phone kit, who is in the kitchen [with Archie & several other residents] of her new place. Kit insists that everything is fine, even after kimmy hears Archie crying. Kit insists that kimmy MUST stop calling her for awhile, as SHE made the decision [for them] that he couldn’t.

VPH – Alf tells jack that he will definitely get his licence renewed – as he just forgot that it had expired.

When Alf has bailed, Martha is annoyed with jack that he didn’t tell her [about this Alf business]. Even when jack says that another police officer would have been much harder on Alf for this, Martha still thinks that jack is being that annoying cop that he always seems to be.

RACHEL’S PLACE – kimmy arrives, and finds kit in the bedroom working on some hospital stuff. Kimmy wishes that they spend their days off like they used to. Rachel starts crying – but she insists that they are happy tears, as she not expect to hear words like that from kimmy. They start kissing.

HUNTER HOUSE – Alf tells Martha that the reason why head’s not renewed licence as that he can feel that he is going blind, as his grandfather had glaucoma and that it’s a hereditary

RACHEL’S PLACE – Rachel & Kimmy are WAAAAAY pashing, but Rachel break it off. She says that she just can’t do this, and runs out of the room.

DINER – Rachel tells Leah, at base of the internal stairwell, that when she was kissing kimmy, she was reminded of THAT night with Hugh, and felt WAAAAY guilty. Rachel hopes that that guilt will subside in time.

CITY – Archie is crying, and kit gets that way too, as she hears the loud verbal stoush tween the couple who own etc the accommodation she’s in. kit lies beside Archie. He cuddles him – but both her, and his, crying continues.

RACHEL’S PLACE – Rachel returns, and tells kimmy that they rally need to talk. She admits about sleeping with Hugh, but she also gets him to confess about kissing kit.

Rachel says that she was felling WAAAAY neglected when it happened, but kimmy is already out the door by the time she finished speaking. [end of ep]


Who will Kimmy choose???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Rachel’s red low cut top

SILVER – Leah’s black thin strap top/white long pants

BRONZE – Martha’s black blouse & matching shorts


Alf’s dark blue [whit check] button up shirt

Archie’s blue jumpsuit

Irene’s green long sleeve blouse

Jack’s light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Kimmy’s brown button up shirt

Kimmy’s dark blue [with 2 white vertical; stripes] track pants/white singlet

Kimmy’s grey [raised Peugeot logo-like motif] t

Kit’s red scoop neck t/black long pants

Rachel’s navy blue [with white collar & red striped pockets] polo shirt

Susan’s black thin strap top

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