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Thurs, 28 June 07 - Episode # 4449

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Jack Holden – Chef Extraordinaire ”

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 28 June 07 - Episode # 4449)

Note – This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

VPH – Tony is way reading the riot act to Lucas, who insists that he REALLY didn’t men this to happen. Just before Tony & Lucas, the latter totally death stares Geoff.

RACHEL’S PLACE – Rachel tells kimmy that she’s looking fwd to her night out tonight with the girls. She also wonders why she’s not seen Archie of late, and kimmy says that he’s been spending time with the bub [lately] whilst Rachel’s been at work.

HUNTER HOUSE – jack comments that he is cooking up a storm, but kit brings him back to earth – by saying that he, instead of using gravy powder, is actually using a drinking chocolate mix.

After kit lies on couch [headache], Lucas & Tony enter, and they are still at war. Tony tells jack about the boat sinking, whilst jack “suggest” that they shouldn’t be annoying the ill kit like this.

Tony takes offence to kit saying that Lucas isn’t the only one regretting recent actions [think Naomi] – so Tony bails.

OUTSIDE SURF CLUB – Rachel speaks to Martha [who is work at shift at Noah’s]. Rachel wonders if Martha has heard for Hugh, and Martha says that he sent her an email. Since Martha mentions that it contains his new address, Rachel wonders if she can have it [for other staff at hospital], but Martha says that Hugh insists that Martha can’t give Rachel the info.

After Rachel walks away, Martha sees Tony exit the surf club – with yet another different woman.

SBH [outside] – next day, sally is showing Annie & Geoff around the school. Annie is worried about the other kids teasing her, but sally insists that, with the extra tutoring that the newbie is going to receive, Annie will be up to speed in no time.

After sally takes Annie is the direction of the bathroom, Lucas approaches Geoff. When the latter goes all Christian on Lucas [you shouldn’t lie etc], Lucas think that Geoff should start living in the real world.

DINER – Martha sees that Tony is wearing the same shirt that he was in last night. She tells tony that she’s seen him with all these different woman lately, but Tony soooo isn’t ready to talk to her about what’s going on.

SBH – Lucas & Geoff clash once more. Geoff says that Lucas is dishonouring his parents by lying. Lucas pushes Geoff against lockers several times, and wrestles him to the ground – at no time did Geoff tries to fight back.

Annie tries to stop the scuffle, and sally DOES stop it.

SEAPLANE WHARF – kimmy talks to alf about how his marriage is on way shaky ground, and Alf insists that any marriage IS worth fighting for.

SBH [inside] – Sally tells Lucas & Geoff that this kind of behaviour won’t be tolerated. Sally tells the boys that there’s no actual punishment, but after Lucas bails, Tony insist that Lucas has to be held accountable somehow.

SBH [outside] – with Tony right beside her, sally tells Lucas that she wants him to help Annie with her reading. Lucas isn’t keen, but agrees.

HUNTER HOUSE – Kit is on the phone to colleen, who now can’t baby-sit [as Irene has been delayed for her latest shift at diner]. Both jack & the just arrives Martha can’t look after Archie right now either. Kit then bails – whilst Martha tells jack about Tony’s recent [different girl each night] antics.

RACHEL’S PLACE – kimmy is VERY dismissive when kit asks him to look after Archie today. Kit insists that if she was in the city now, she’d have had another plan. Kit also tells kimmy that she got til she picks Archie up this arvo to make up his mind, ie kit or Rachel.

SBH – Annie seems to go pretty well as Lucas helps her to read. Indeed, so much so that Annie KNOWS that Lucas ISN'T teasing her when he deliberately copies one of the only words that she said wrongly, i.e. Lucas also says gril instead of girl.

Lucas suggest that its snack time, and he is about to give Annie some potato chips when Geoff burst into the room and ”suggest” that Annie should eat the apple that he packed for her.

This leads to another lucas/goeff clash, in which Lucas pushes Geoff to the ground. Sally breaks them up again.

OCEAN – jack & Tony are siting up their surf boards, with the main beach in background. Jack wonders what’s going in – with all those girls that Tony’s been seeing. Tony insists that he’s trying to stop feeling totally empty.

Talk turns to Lucas – and jack insists that Tony can’t give up on him.

SBH [inside] – sally insist to Lucas that they need to sort out why he is behaving this way. When sally comments about Tony being worried, Lucas is VERY dismissive. Sally then wonders if Lucas has anything that he would like to tell sally.

SBH [outside] – Annie doesn’t like it when Geoff says that he doesn’t want her to be anywhere near lucas. Geoff thinks that Lucas is a bad person – but Annie thinks that Lucas is just feeling waaaaay sad right now.

DINER – Tony approaches Lucas, and Lucas wonders if sally has spoke to Tony. Tony says that she hasn’t. Tony then says that he thinks that he’s given Lucas too much space of late and that Tony is going to “be there“ more for Lucas, which the latter appreciates.

RACHEL’S PLACE – Kit raves to pick up Archie. Kit & kimmy kiss – but after that, kit is annoyed that kimmy still hasn’t made up his mind. Kit [with Archie] then bails

RACHEL’S PLACE – Rachel arrives, and she & kimmy are about to have dinner when she sees that there’s some of Archie’s things on the floor. Kit says that he looked after Archie today. Kimmy then bails – to the item next door.

HUNTER HOUSE – when kimmy arrives, there’s no one home. Kimmy, however, sees an envelope on the dining table.

Kimmy opens it – and the note form kit says that if kimmy REALLY wanted to be with kit, his decision shouldn’t have been so hard. Kit says that she will let kimmy know where she & Archie are when SHE figures things out.

Kimmy naturally looks way affected as [with Kit voiceover] he reads her final words “goodbye” [end of ep]


Rachel tells Kimmy that she slept with someone!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Martha’s white kinda low cut [buttoned] v neck dress

SILVER – Kit’s maroon singlet top

BRONZE – Annie’s SBH uniform


Alf’s brown polo shirt/khaki shorts

Jack’s black leather [2 white horizontal stripes on the chest] jacket/light button police uniform shirt

Jack’s red polo shirt

Kimmy’s grey [raised Peugeot logo-like motif] t

Kimmy’s white (starry shield) t shirt

Kit’s blue singlet top/brown long pants

Luc’s SBH uniform

Luc’s yellow (grey “urban” motif) t shirt

Martha’s light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Rachel’s black v neck dress

Sally’s black top/grey jacket/grey skirt

Tony’s brown [orange horizontal stripes] polo shirt

Tony’s dark brown long sleeve button up shirt

Tony’s light blue v neck t

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