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Wed, 27 June 07 - Episode # 4448

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ When Maddie Met Annie ”

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 27 June 07 - Episode # 4448)

Note 1 – Intriguingly, once more, Annie is shown [end credits] as main cast, whilst Geoff is listed as guest cast.

Note 2 – This summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

Sally, Maddie & belle are at bottom of the stairs at the vph. They are worried about Cass [who is upstairs]

The trio go into the lounge room, where Alf & brad are. Alf “suggest” that Jules is no doubt, “long gone” form here.

Tony [hunter house] is working on the motor of the boat. Jack arrives – and jokes about an incident with Tony & a toaster. Tony wonders when Lucas is gong to cassie’s party – he says the will go soon.

Maddie & Alf then arrive – maddie sys that party is over already, whilst Alf wonders why jack might think the Tony’s boat was stolen. Because of the boat talk, Maddie & Lucas give each other a worried look.

Drew [Leah’s] goes on and on, to belle, about how Jules has betrayed him. Belle looks VERY annoyed as she listens.

Next day, Belle [beach house] tells Irene that drew hasn’t even thought of how similar this whole Jules/jazz thing is to when drew got together with Amanda.

Drew arrives – looking for his I-Pod. When he can’t find it at beach house, he suspects that Jules has stolen it.

Maddie & Cass [vph] bail to go to school, whilst Alf also exits – to check out the condition of Jules’ van.

Brad suggest to sally that he should try to speak to Annie’s grandfather about all of this, but sally says that now the department would have sent out letters etc to Bruce. Sally tells brad that it’s out of her hands now – because of his actions.

Cass & Maddie arrive at school. Cass can’t believe that she’s got herself into another mess [re this whole Jules business].

Brad [obviously taking no notice of what sally said] arrives at the farm. He sees Geoff, and they start take about Annie’s education, incl brad telling Geoff that the department should have sent out a letter about Annie’s schooling.

Annie [on her pushbike] arrives at where brad etc are speaking. Brad starts talking to her about her education. She “suggest” that she could be swayed [into going to school] if brad takes she & her brother into town. Geoff isn’t sooooo keen, but Annie is persistent.

As they get into brad’s car, Bruce [from afar] sees them do so – he is NOT happy.

In the corridor of SBH, Cass, Maddie, Lucas & Belle are talking when drew arrives. He breaks into Jules’ old locker [with a screwdriver] and finds/grabs that I-Pod. Sally way takes offence, but drew si already on his way out of there.

Irene [diner] suggests that Annie should do some adverting for the diner –as she seem to REALLY like the food etc. when talk turns back to Annie’s education, Geoff says that he thinks Bruce just threw the education letter in the bin.

Sally is teaching an English class [incl Lucas, Cass, Maddie] when the bell goes. As the other students bail, sally asks Cass to stay in the room. They talk about this latest “mess” [Jules]. Cass worries that she always picks the wrong guy, but sally says that all that makes you realise just how good the good ones [thoughts of Flynn and, to a lesser extent, brad] are.

Annie [diner] worries about ppl perhaps not liking her if she goes to school. Geoff suggests that Annie will love it – and that leads to talk of when Geoff used to go to school.

Maddie & Lucas enter the diner, and when brad introduces them to Annie & Geoff, Maddie & Lucas look/sound under whelmed to meet the newbies.

Sally enters the diner – she can’t believe it when she sees brad with the Campbell kids, and neither is Bruce. He “suggest” to Annie & Geoff that they bail – and he doesn’t want anything to do with brad, and the disobedient ways that how’ve taught annie & Geoff [as they’ve left lots of work that hasn’t been done yet today on the farm].

Maddie & Lucas [sBH] talk about how they might be in big trouble, since Geoff was there on the beach the day they sank THAT boat.

Annie [farm] suggests to Geoff that he goes back to school with her, but Bruce isn’t pleased when he sees that kids talking and NOT working at same time.

Geoff then shows Bruce the education department letter that Geoff got out of the bin. Geoff & Annie rally plead their case to have Annie at school.

It works – as Bruce takes Annie & Geoff to SBH where he speaks to sally. Sally says that she isn’t worried about Bruce’s concerns about a uniform for Annie, and how to get her to school each day – as ally will arrange all that.

Annie tells sally that Geoff is keen to go to school too – and Geoff reluctantly agrees, but Bruce says that Geoff can’t [as he has to run the farm etc].

Bard [vph] apologises to sally for what happened today, but she thanks him – and tells him the good news about Annie. When she tells him about the Geoff situation, brad insists that he has a Plan B.

Tony enters the diner where he is surprised that Lucas is locking the paper for a new boat for Tony. Lucas says that he is REALLY into the idea now. Alf, nearby, suggest that he may be able to line up another boat form them.

Meanwhile, drew [diner kitchen] connies to “go off” about Jules/jazz. Belle can’t take it anymore – and reminds drew about how he ACTUALLY slept with Amanda several rimes, and HASN’T ever apologised.

Brad goes to the farm, where he confronts Bruce. Brad “suggest” that if Geoff isn’t allowed to go to school, brad might have to say something about the money that was put aside for Annie & Geoff’s education in their parents’ will.

Bard also uses Bruce’s spiel [about himself having to leave school when he was just 13 - to help on the farm] to his advantage – by saying that Bruce should let Geoff have the chance that Bruce didn’t.

Irene & belle are talking [beach house] when drew enters. Irene conveniently bails form the room, and drew WAAAAAY apologises for everything. He then kisses bel on the knee, before they hug & kiss the conventional way.

Tony, Lucas & Alf [vph] are talking about the boat that Tony is wanting when Geoff arrives at the door. Brad is surprised to see him – but is V glad to hear it when Geoff asks him for enrolment forms.

As brad goes and gets them, toy & co talk about the “misplaced” boat, and Geoff tells Tony etc that Lucas & his mates sunk it!!! [end of ep]


Will kimmy decide who he is going to be with [Rachel or Kit]???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Belle’s dark green [with black lining] spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Maddie’s sky blue dress/pink cardigan

BRONZE – Belle’s red [black check] strapless dress


Alf’s light brown [black check] button up shirt

Alf’s white [red & blue check] button up shirt

Annie’s light blue top/brown jeans

Belle’s red long pants/black scoop neck t

Belle’s SBH uniform

Brad’s brown [white vertical stripes] button up shirt

Brad’s white t/white long sleeve top/denim jeans

Bruce’s grey overalls/white [check] shirt/green tie/old black hat

Drew’s [way dressy] black button up shirt

Drew’s brown (with green mist like motif) t

Geoff’s denim jeans/blue singlet

Irene’s blue nightgown

Irene’s red [white floral] v neck top

Jack’s aqua (surf themed) t

Luc’s green & grey horizontal “bars” polo shirt

Luc’s SBH uniform

Luc’s yellow (grey “urban” motif) t shirt

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Sally’s bone v neck dress

Sally’s red v neck top/black jacket

Tony’s dark brown long sleeve button up shirt

Tony’s dark grey t/brown long pants

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