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Tues, 26 June 07 - Episode # 4447

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Nothing Happens Before Coffee ”

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 26 June 07 - Episode # 4447)

Note 1 – no changes [no newbies] to the opening credits

Note 2 – this summary is mostly in sequence [i.e. no A & B story split]

Jazz tells Jules [his van] in no uncertain terms that she WILL tell Jules that had a “ting” for her in the past, incl climbing into her bed on a ski trip a few years ago.

Leah & Dan [their back patio] are annoyed that jazz not home yet [as its way late]. They are about to head inside [and leave back door open for jazz] when drew arrives. They are surprised, but drew insists that this is still his home.

Next morn, sally [vph back patio] gives Cass her bday pressie – a beautiful necklace. Cass goes into the house where Ric, Maddie, brad, Alf & little pipa wish her a happy birthday. Little pippa even give Cass a painting etc that she did.

as sally prepares to bail, brad wonders why she can’t satay form breakfast longer, but sally insist that she’s got lots to del with at school – esp. this Annie business.

Jazz [Leah’s] tries to talk to drew about things, incl mentioning THAT skiing trip.

After drew walks out of the room, Dan wonders why jazz doesn’t just yell at him. Jazz insists that NOTHING happens before coffee. She then cheekily looks at Dan, and changes that [coffee] statement, i.e. she says that ONE thing can happen beforehand. Dan [of course] bails.

As belle gets ready for school [beach house], drew tells her about jazz’s behaviour, i.e. she gets bored easily after she gets together with a guy and that jazz has no [ethical] problems with moving on to a new “target” if she feel something form them.

Drew backs this up by saying that this latest marriage break up of Jazz’s had come from her, i.e. jazz’s latest husband is devastated.

In SBH corridor, Cass & Maddie are talking when Jules approaches. Cass seems kinda surprised when he says that he has got a present for her [that he will give her later].

Sally approaches with a large heavy looking box in her hands – and Jules offer to take it to where sally wants it [in her car].

Outside one of the SBH buildings, belle & drew talk about jazz [she still think the he should give her a go]. They also are look fwd to cassie’s party tonight.

Drew catches up with Jules [by sally’s s car]. Drew is still way annoyed because of lat night, but he agrees to give Jules just one last chance.

Jules [diner] thanks Maddie for warp up his present to Cass. As Jules is about to exit, jazz is entering the diner. Jazz is most intrigued to discover that Jules is still in town because of his feelings for Cass.

Near the beach, Jules give Cass her present, and she loves the moonstone that Jules has given her. As they talk, Cass notices that Jules is distracted. She sees Jazz walking on the beach – waving to Jules & Cass.

Leah & Dan [their house] are talking about the whole drew-jazz situation – and they’re not being complimentary about jazz. The latter overhears them – and suggests that the longer she stays here [in this house] that longer she’ll have to get through to drew.

After jazz wonders where her phone might be, she heads over o the van park. She finds it in Jules’ van – he’s not in there, btw.

Jules gets a text message to call her daughter Bree – whilst Cass [at that moment] slips a note inside the van. Jazz reads the note [meant for Jules] “see you at 4”

Soon after, Cass enters Jules van. She is surprised that jazz is in the van. Jazz then tells her about THAT night on the ski trip, AND that she was in Jules’ van late last night.

Cass exits the van and sees Jules. She confronts him about what jazz said, and when he doesn’t deny either, Cass says that NEVER wants to see Jules again.

Cass then storms off – whilst jazz “suggest” that there’s no reason for Jules to stay bayside now.

Drew sees Cass near the seaplane wharf. He wonders why she is locking upset. She suggests that he should ask Jules or jazz, but drew wants to hear it form Cass.

Jules [with bags packed] has just exited his van when drew approaches. Like Cass, drew confronts Jules – and once more, he can’t deny either THAT ski trip night or last night. Drew punches drew in stomach – and tells him to TOTALLY get lost.

As she enters Leah’s house, jazz gets what sounds like an annoying phone call. She then tells Leah & Dan that she has to bail to the city for a few days.

Colleen, Ric, Alf & little pippa are on the vph back patio – all are looking fwd to Cass arriving for her party. Belle arrives, and she wonders why drew isn’t here yet - or Jules.

Inside the house, sally insists to brad that she wants to handle things her own way about Annie Campbell, after brad suggests that he got some info about what’s happened in the past.

Sally & co are alerted to the fact that Cass is approaching – but they are shocked when she enters the house in TEARS!!! [end of ep]


Sounds like Drew/Belle are on rocky ground again [over what happened tween Drew/Amanda]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Cassie’s Irish green silk top & matching skirt

SILVER – Belle’s SBH uniform [with black top & short shorts beneath]

BRONZE – Jazz’s white [light orange occasional floral pattern] night gown/white night dress


Alf’s blue & yellow check button up shirt

Brad’s brown [white vertical stripes] button up shirt

Belle’s red [black check] strapless dress

Colleen’s orange & green [kinda jungly] top

Dan’s sky blue button up shirt/dark blue suit

Drew’s [way dressy] black button up shirt

Drew’s light brown [black tiger motif] t

Drew’s sliver & black [horizontal bars] “4300” polo shirt

Jazz’s white [with partly black straps] v neck dress

Jazz’s white top/off white skirt

Jules’ dark suit/mustard-yellow button up shirt

Jules’ green [yellow “Norton” logo] t

Leah’s black thin strap top

Leah’s white [soft toned multicolour pattern] PJs

Little Pippa’s baby pink top/blue shorts

Little Pippa’s green halter top

Maddie’s SBH uniform

Maddie’s sky blue top/pink cardigan

Ric’s grey [way dressy] button up shirt

Ric’s white (with 3 apricot vertical blocks on front) t shirt

Sally’s bone v neck top

Sally’s peach top/bone jacket

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