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Mon, 25 June 07 - Episode # 4446

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, The Beach House REALLY Still Exists ”

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 25 June 07 - Episode # 4446)

Note 1 – I “slightly” missed that Hugh bailed form the bay in the previous ep

Note 2 – rather surprisingly [and I’m not being sarcastic when I “say” that]. no start of the week opening credits [i soooo want to see Annie in them]

Note 3 – this summary is mostly in sequence [ie no A & B story split]

Kit & Kimmy [hunter house [] continue their kiss for a while, and only just stop before Maddie enters the house. Kimmy bails and you can clearly see that maddie thinks that she interrupted something.

Leah & Rachel [lea’s back patio] are talking about Hugh. Rachel admits that Hugh gave her that deadline so she would make up her mind one way or the other.

Jazz overhears this chat, and them joins Rachel & Leah on back patio.

Belle & drew are talking, and then kissing in kitchen of the beach house. Jazz enters via the front door of the house. She suggest to Irene that if Irene not let drew stay, he’d have to come home. Irene not like that – but when jazz want to speak to drew, belle tells her that he has bailed.

Kit goes next door. She calls out t kimmy. He doesn’t answer – despite being on his bed.

Belle & Jazz [beach] talk about drew [incl relationship with belle] before jazz wonders where drew might be.

Jules [his van [] talks to drew about jazz. They both suggest that she’ll chase anything with pulse. Naturally, jazz is outside the van when this is happening.

Kimmy [his place] tells Rachel that kit hasn’t bailed form town as yet. Kimmy himself then bails – to help Tony with gym rosters he tells Rachel.

Ric [diner] does a decent Alf impression when he suggests to drew that he should get a flamin’ job. Ric & Maddie wonder if Jules & drew might help them with cassie’s bday party.

Belle netrs – and drew isn’t pleased that bell told her where he would be [the van] earlier. Belle suggests tat drew should give jazz a break.

In Jules’ van, Jazz tells Jules to bail form the bay [say it’s a family emergency] or jazz will tell drew everything.

Kimmy [diner] is surprised when its co0llen whop tells him that Hugh has left the bay. Maddie, nearby, seem to be paying close attention to Kimmy, to the point where Ric wonders if she is listen to him.

Jules [beach] tells Cass about him having to bail. He also tells Cass about the surprise party, but only after she said that she was plan on doing something else Cass [after stripping down to her bikini] enters the water – follow by Jules.

Maddie [hunter house] wonders what is happen tween kit & Kimmy. Kit tells her about the kiss, and that Kimmy is avoiding her.

Kimmy [his place] talks to rachel about Hugh. She says that things were strained tween them [because of work]. Rachel then bails.

Jazz [Leah’s] is annoyed that Leah & Dan let Jules stay here in this house. Leah suggest that Dan has a habit of that [invite troublemakers] – and Leah feels worse after Dan suggest that jazz came stay her a few more days [nothing else in bey decent].

Leah goes into longue – and Rachel enters the house. Rachel is crying – sying that she can’t be near Kimmy because of that night with Hugh.

Cass, Ric & Jules are talking at the vph. After Ric suggest that he is head tobed, Alf suggest that Jules should bail [its pretty late].

Drew goes into belle’s room [beach house] and is annoyed that belle seem so for the idea of him work things out with jazz. Irene takes offence to seeing drew in belle’s room this late. Indeed, Irene tells drew that he really should go home [can’t stay here any more].

Rachel tells Leah that she rally wishes that she’d been stronger throughout all this. After Rachel bails, Dan wonders what’s happening. Leah says that it’s just a “best friends” chat. Leah also suggests to Dan that he really shouldn’t be encouraging jazz in any way.

After stressing some more at her house, Kimmy goes next door, where he insists to kit that he needs time to9 think about this [Kimmy/kit]. Kit insists that he can’t come over here til he does [make a decision]

Drew can’t believe it when Jules [the latter’s van] won’t let him stay the night. When drew gone, jazz reveals herself [she was in a spot in van unseen by drew]. She tells Jules “that wasn’t so hard, was it?” [end of ep]


Will Jazz’s plan to destroy Cass/Jules work?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Maddie’s aqua singlet top/red [blue check] skirt

SILVER – Belle’s sky blue [white “starlet” logo/grey & black bikini top/dark blue shorts

BRONZE – Maddie’s white [red love heart motifs] PJs


Belle’s red [unknown gold motif] singlet top

Cassie’s orange [black tropical motifs] top/denim jeans

Cassie’s white (rainbow coloured swirl pattern) singlet top/light blue shorts

Cassie’s white [blue dots] bikini

Colleen’s blue tropical motifs blouse

Dan’s waaaaay light blue [with unknown writing] t

Drew’s faded blue jeans/black t

Drew’s light blue shorts

Drew’s sliver & black [horizontal bars] “4300” polo shirt

Irene’s black (white rope pattern) top

Jazz’s white [with partly black straps] v neck dress

Jules’ brown [yellow ‘disco band” motif] t/white [blue quicksilver logo] board shorts

Jules’ green [yellow “Norton” logo] t

Kimmy’s olive green [lime green “coin head” motif] t

Kit’s blue scoop neck t

Leah’s peach double thin strapped top

Kit’s red [with light grey sleeves & white dog motif] long sleeve top

Rachel’s black v neck dress

Rachel’s red vest/black top/black long pants

Ric’s maroon (gold crest) t-shirt

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