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Story Title: Kidnapped

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Jack Holden, Martha Holden, Peter Baker, Corey, Tasha andrews, TOny holden, Beth hunter, Robbie hunter

BTTB rating: T

Genre: drama

Does story include spoilers: yes

Any warnings: V/D

Summary: Jack is working on a case with Detective Baker. But this case might just coust him his mariage. on his way home, for once on time, martha is kidnapped by a mysterious visitor. Can Jack save her?

Chapter 1: left alone

She was sitting all alone on the couch. Waiting. All alone, just like last night. And the night before. Waiting for her husband. Waiting for him to show up like he promised. Today he had to show up. She had to tell him something important. She looked on her watch, he was only ten minutes late. He would still come. He had to.

Jack was sitting at his desk, looking at the phone. He was debating whether he should call Martha or not. He was only ten minutes late, but still it was the third time in a row. He put out his hand to pick up the phone, when the new girl walked in. ‘Hey. Constable Holden. Peter Baker sends you this file.’ ‘Thanks. And for the last time it’s just Jack.’ He opened the file and he sighed. He wasn’t going to be home in time.

The clock on the table marked it was midnight. Jack closed the door softly behind him. He was late, three hours late to be exact. He looked around the dark living room. He saw candles all around the room. Candles that three hours ago were probably burning, but were now burned out. He looked at the table and saw the meal she had made for him. Slowly he moved towards his room. He found Martha sleeping in the bed. He looked at her and saw that her eyes were red, she had cried. He kissed her forehead. And lied down beside her. It would take a miracle for her to forgive him this time.

She could hear the birds whistle outside. It was morning already. She sat up in her bed and looked around. No Jack. She looked beside her and found a note on the pillow beside her. ‘I’m sorry. Love you, Jack.’ She smiled a little, unbelievable. He really thought a note would just fix everything. She got out of bed and got dressed. There was no point in staying in bed any longer.

‘Morning.’ Jack smiled at her when she walked in. she just ignored him and sat down. He put her breakfast in front of her, but she ignored it and just grabbed her purse. ‘I’m going.’ ‘Martha wait, come on don’t be like that.’ ‘Like what? Ignoring you? Forgetting? Oh no that’s you isn’t it?’ Jack sighed, he knew this wasn’t going to be easy. He opened his mouth to say something else when his phone rang. It was Peter, time to come to work. He looked at Martha. ‘Go Jack. I’m going anyway.’ ‘where are you going?’ ‘Shopping with Tasha. At least she won’t forget me.’ She turned around and walked to the door. Without saying another word she just left.

Jack sat down beside his father. ‘I really screwed up last night, but I don’t understand why she’s this mad.’ Tony sighed. ‘Jack you know nothing about women do you?’ ‘and you do?’ ‘apparently more then you do. Look she doesn’t understand how you feel and you don’t understand what she feels. You have a communication problem.’ ‘What. Dad we do talk.’ Tony sighed and looked at his son. This wasn’t easy. ‘yes you are. You are talking, she’s is talking. But your not talking to each other Jack. You’re talking through each other.’

Martha put op a dress she liked. Tasha was looking at some other clothes. ‘I’m just saying Mac, you have to tell him. You can’t keep something like this to yourself.’ Martha sighed and shook her head. ‘ I want to tell him. Believe me, he just never stays long enough for him to give me a chance.’ Tasha looked at Martha and smiled. ‘Didn’t he just call you to tell you he would be there tonight?’ ‘Yeah but he said the same thing last night, and the night before that.’ ‘Just give him one more chance he deserves it.’

Jack closed his file and looked at his watch. He was going to be in time for once, Martha would like that. Peter walked in and looked at him almost apologizing. ‘No. peter you promised me.’ ‘I know but.’ ‘no no buts, I promised Martha I would be there. And I will be there. No matter what you say now.’ Jack walked out of his office, peter followed him. ‘Jack. We have to solve this case. If we are right, these two events were no accidents. And their lives could still be in danger. Plus an innocent men could be in jail.’ ‘I know all that, but I promised her.’ Peter looked at Jack and finally gave in.

Martha looked at the table one more time. He would come tonight, he had to this was his last chance. She looked at the clock, she had another fifteen minutes. Everything was going to be alright now. Peter picked up the phone, and wished that he hadn’t sent jack home yet. ‘Detective Baker. I call to tell you that a dangerous criminal escaped from prison, and some people in your town might be in danger.’ ‘Which criminal?’ when he heard the name of the criminal he really wished he hadn’t send Jack home yet.

Martha looked up when she heard somebody knock on her door. He was early, maybe he was trying to make up for all the times he was late. She opened the door while saying. ‘What did you forget your keys?’ the moment she saw the person at the door, she thought her heart was going to stop. Out of simple fear. She tried to close the door, but he stopped her. He was to strong. She screamed but nobody heard her.

She ran into the room and tried to get away from him. But she couldn’t he grabbed something that was on the table. The last thing she saw was the smile on his face. Then there was only darkness.

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hey, sorry it took so long but here's chapter 2

Chapter 2: darkness

Jack opens the door of his car. He’s home and on time. Pretty much a miracle these days. He walks to the other side of the car and gets out a bunch of roses. He smiles and looks at his watch. Then his phone rang, it was his boss. Great just now that he was going to be on time. But when he hears what his boss has to say, he’s glad he’s home. Little does he know that he’s to late.

Martha had a killing headache. She was lying down, she couldn’t even remember she lied down. She opens her eyes and looks around. She’s lying on the cold floor. It’s one of the smallest rooms she has ever seen. Where is she? How did she get here? She tries to move but every time she does her head starts hurting even more. She closes her eyes again.

Jack ran to the door, but it was already open. One look in the room told him he was to late. All of the food was lying on the floor. The couches, the table,…everything had been moved. And obviously not by choice. A sudden panic hits his heart. He grabs his phone and calls his boss. This couldn’t be happening. Not now.

Martha opens her eyes again and looks around. Everywhere she looks, there’s a wall. There are no windows, only a door. She gets up and ignores the pain. She looks at her hand and notices she’s chained to the wall. Then she does the only thing that came to mind. She screamed. It didn’t take to long before somebody answered her scream. But when she saw who it was, she wished she hadn’t screamed.

Tasha and Robbie where at Beth’s house when they heard the sirens. Tony and Beth were sitting on the couch, while tash and rob where in the kitchen. They looked at each other when they heard the sirens stop next door. They all ran out Tony duck next to jack when he saw him sitting on the ground. Jack’s boss told them what was going on. Robbie put his arms around Tasha, while Tony hugged jack.

‘Hey Martha.’ Whispered Corey. Martha looked at him in shock. She didn’t knew what to say or what to do. ‘you not going to say anything? Ok then I’ll talk, you’ll probably be wondering how I got here. Well lets just say that they should guard the prisons more. But I wanted you Martha, I loved you. And you you betrayed me and now you’re going to pay for that.’ ‘what are you going to do to me?’ ‘I haven’t decided jet.’ He threw a bottle of water next to her on the floor. Then he turned around and left her there.

Jack was sitting at the police station next to his father. Robbie and Tasha were sitting at the other side. Cassie and ric, sally and Alf had just arrived. They were now being told what had happened. Jack still couldn’t believe this. Corey had gotten out, and he had Martha. This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be happening.

Martha had been lying there for hours, maybe longer. She had no idea how long she was there. But she did know that wherever she was, jack would find her. Eventually. But would he be on time? The door opened and Corey walked in again. ‘Hi Martha. You know I’ve decided that you have to pay.’ Martha looked at him and shook her head. ‘Corey please, don’t hurt me. Please.’ ‘Why? You deserve to be hurt.’ He took out a gun and continued ‘you deserve to die.’ Martha panicked she didn’t knew what to do. ‘No, Corey please no. my baby.’ She started to cry. Corey stopped. ‘you’re pregnant? You are going to give Jacky boy a kid?’ ‘yes, please.’ Corey shook his head. ‘you really think I care?’ he looked at her one more time and then pointed the gun. Martha closed her eyes. Total darkness, this was the end. She just wished she could see jack one more time. But there was not more time left. All she could do now was wait. Wait for the shot to end her life. Her life and the life of her baby.

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I'm really really sorry it took so long. Here goes.

Chapter 3: the phone call

Jack was sitting at the police station. He seems calm, but he's really completely panacking. Tony is sitting next to him, Tasha and Robbie are sitting at the ohter side of the room. Beth was at home with Luke and Matilda. Jack's boss is filling in Alf, Ric and Sally. Jack looked up, his brain was working extremelly fast. What was taking so long? They knew what they had to do. The note was very simple. He had to call the number Correy had given him. And hehad to do that within the hour. He looked at his watch. There was just one problem. The houre ended Five minutes ago.

Peter walked in and looked around. The second Jack saw him he ran to him. Without giving Peter time to say something he started to panick. 'Peter. Where the hell have you been! He took martha, he has marhta, i have to call the number he told me to. And if I don't she could be that and...' Peter cut him off. 'Holden! Calm down. Everything is going to be alright. Tell me why didn't you call the number yet.' Jack pointed at his boss. 'He won't let me. If I...' 'Calm! Here talke my phone call the number. But it on speaker so I can hear it. Everything will be ok, try to stay calm. If he knows you're panacking, he'll only take adventage of that.' Jack took the phone and started to dial.

Martha was still waiting with her eyes closed. For a shot that seemed would never come. Maybe he was really hesitating. Maybe he didn't wanted to shoot....A very loud shot shattered the silence. And nothing happened. She felt no pain, she was not bleeding. She was still breathing. She was not dead. How was this possible. She opened her eyes and looked at Correy. He was laughing. She looked at the well. About a meter next to her there was a bullet hole. He hat shot in the wall. Her hearth was beating extremely fast. Had it been an accident? Or on purpose? Correy started to laugh. 'Keep this in mind. Next time, I won't miss.' He turned around and left Martha there alone.

She saw the door close and started to cry. Out of pure fear. How did this happen. How did she get here. Jack, she needed Jack. And she needed him now. SHe started to panick and wanted to scream. But she didn't, she remembered his words. 'Next time I won't miss.' She had to think of her baby. Jack would save her, he had done that the last time and he would do it again. He had to. He would come for her, and her baby. With a shock she realised he didn't know she was pregnant. And if he would talk to Correy he would probably hear it from him. And not from her like he should.

Jack started to panick. The phone was still ringing and he hadn't pickud up yet. Suddenly he heart his voice. 'You're late Jacky boy.' 'Where's Martha.' 'She's ok.' 'I don't believe you. I want to talk to him.' 'Relax she'll be fine. So will your baby be.' Silence. Correy started to laugh. 'you didn't know? oh how sad.' Jack found his voice again. 'How do I know you didn't hurt her? what do you want?' 'Money what else.' 'you want money you let me talk to her. Now!' 'Fine. Two minutes.'

Martha heart door open and started to panick again. Correy smiled at him and handed her the phone. 'Talk to Jack. You have two minutes.' Martha took the phone and whispered: 'Jack.' 'Martha. Oh thank god.' Marhta felt herself calm down when she heart his voice. 'Are you ok?' 'I'm fine.' 'Did he hurt you.' 'NO. I'm fine. Jack get me out of here.' 'Marhta I will find you you will be ok. Do you hear me...Martha?' But martha was no longer holding the phone, correy was. 'Listen to me very carefully jack. She's ok. You want her to stay that way? Get me money. And a lot of it. Bey Jacky boy.' Then there was only beeping.

Hours had passed since he had talked to Martha and no progress had been made. He was still sitting there, they had no idea where he was. And he had no more money than he had then. The only thing that had changed was that he felt worse every second that passed. He just hoped she was alright. Martha was looking at the ceiling. She was still waiting and getting hungry and thirsty. The door suddenly opened and she jumped up.

Correy smiled at her and trew a couple of things at her. 'There you go.' He smiled and walked to her. He sat down and touched her face. Marhta backed away. Correy simply smiled and tried to kiss her. Martha Slapped him across the face. He grabed her arm and pushed her against the wall. Martha started to cry. 'I wouldn't try that again. Remember your life and the life of your baby depent on me.' He kissed her again and then let go of her. 'Don't worry I won't hurt you.' He got up and smiled. 'Nighty, nighty.' He turned around and walked away.

Marhta crawled to the bag. In it there was bread, water and a blanket. She put it around her and drank of the water. Then she remembered he had tried to poissen Irene. But she didn't care. She was to scared. 'Please Jack, Please come and safe me. Please.'

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Chapter 4: darkness

Jack was still sitting at the police station, just waiting. He wanted to be out there, he wanted to be looking for Martha. But he has simply no idea where to start. She could be pretty much anywhere. All they had was Corey's letter and his phone call. A baby, he was going to have a baby. He was going to be a father. Suddenly he understood why Martha had wanted him home so badly. She had wanted to tell him, and he hadn't listened. If he had, maybe he would have been home that night. And then Martha would be safe.

Martha looked around, the food was still lying untouched ont he cold floor. Just like she was. She knew she had to eat, if it was just for the baby. But she wasn't hungry. The only thing she had done was drink from the water. And stare at the door. She had not slept, and if she had it had not been long. Just a couple of minutes, maybe. The door opened again and Corey walked in smiling. Oh god, not again.

Peter came out and told Jack to call the number again. Maybe they could trac it, maybe they could find Martha. He told Peter that Corey had told him to call in 30 minutes. He was afraid that if he would call sooner then Corey would hurt Martha. Peter understood, he said they could wait 30 minutes. He put his hand on Jack's shoulder and wispered 'Everything is going to be ok. We're going to find them. It will be ok.' Jack nodded, he heard what Peter had said. He even wanted to believe what Peter said. But he couldn't. He was to afraid for that.

Tasha sat beside Robbie. She felt his arm around her shoulder but she didn't notice anything else. Her best friend kidnapped, in the house right beside the one she had been in. And she had not noticed a thing. Her best friend. And she couldn't help but think that this was all her fault. She was the one who had convinced Martha to be there that night. And it was all her fault.

Martha looked around. Corey had left when he had gotten the phone call and he hadn't returned yet. Not that she minded, but she couldn't help but wonder what had happened. Had he left to leave her here to die? Had he gone out to make planes to kill her? Had he gone out to find Jack and kill him? Had he gone out to kill anyone else? She looked up at the ceiling, she could have sworn she heart someting. Maybe it was her imagination.

Jack was walking next to Peter. They had found out where Corey was hiding and now she was walking around in the empty house. Guns drawn and without making noise. He wanted to scream her name, but he knew that was stupid. If Corey was here it would alarm him. They went trought the entier house cheking door after door untill they ended up in the basement. Jack looked at Peter who nodded. 'Martha!' he screamed. 'Jack!' He looked around she was close.

Martha's heart jumped up at the sound of Jack's voice. Her jack. 'Jack!' She screamed hoping that was enough to get him to her. And it was she heard Peter's voice next. Next thing she knew the door was open. She started to cry and then she screamed. 'Jack, behind you!' Peter got knocked on the head and fell on the floor before he could turn around. Jack did turn around and saw Corey walk in. His gun drawn. Corey walked into the room and pointed his gun at Martha.

'Let go of the gun, Jacky Boy!'

'No.' 'I'll shoot her!'

'I'll shoot you first. I can shoot faster.'

'You willing to bet her life on it? Your baby's life?'

Jack just stood there, then he let go fo the gun.

It all hapened so fast. Nobody really knew how fast. Nor what had happened first. Corey changed the potition of his gun so fast. He had never inteted to kill Martha. He had always wanted to kill Jack. Jack wanted to go to Martha and hug her. He wanted to tell her he loved her. But there was no time. Peter woke up and saw what Corey was about to do and ducked to his gun and shot but he was to late. A shot shattered the silence and hit Jack. Before he could move. He hit the floor but kept his eyes open long enough to see Peter shoot Corey. He heart Martha scream out his name and then there was only darkness.

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Chapter 5: It will be ok

Jack could feel the darkness around him, almost as if it would swallow him. A couple of seconds ago he could still here Marhta scream. But now he heard nothing. He felt better when he could hear her, at least then he knew she was alright. Now there was darkness and silence. And the silence was more deafening then the shot had been.

Peter saw it go down in front of him, one of his worst fears. Losing one of his man, one of his friends, in front of his eyes. And not being able to do anything about it. He wished he could, but he wasn't fast enough. His gun was to far away. He wished he could move faster, but he couldn't. He saw Jack being shot just as he fired his gun. Too late but not for revenge.

Martha could honestly say she had never in her life felt more relieved then the moment she saw Jack enter. But then Corey had come in and everything had happened so fast. She wanted to get up and safe Jack. She wanted to be able to stop Corey. But she couldn't move. She didn't know if it was because she was paralysed with fear or because she was chained.

When she saw Jack fall on the floor she screamed. As if her screaming would help him. As if her screaming would wake him up. She saw Peter shoot Corey; at least he wouldn't bother them anymore. But she wasn't happy, she wasn't relieved. She couldn't smile. All she could do was scream. Hoping her screaming would wake up Jack.

Jack was still in the darkness. He wondered if this was dead, if he would be like this forever. Stuck in darkness and silence. Or maybe it was just that long dark tunnel they always talk about. He looked around waiting for the white light. But it didn't came. Wait, wasn't the pain supposed to go away when you die?

Suddenly the darkness around him became lighter. It became more grey then black. He could hear voices around him. He felt somebody trying to wake him up. Then he heard Peters voice, from very far away. Then he heard Martha crying. He was having trouble breathing. Wait if he could breath, that means he was still alive. And if he was still alive he could open his eyes.

When Peter saw Jack open his eyes he felt relieved. Then he started to laugh. 'Thank God. Arn't you glad I made you hang on for five minutes out there to put on those damn Bulletproof vests?' Jack laughed a little bit. 'I can't breath.' 'Relax mate. You probably just broke a couple of ribs.' 'Martha.'

'Jack.' Martha was crying. He turned his head to face her and he smiled. He didn't really feel like smiling, he was having trouble breathing and he wanted to sleep, but he smiled. If only to make her feel better. She started to cry. Jack saw her cry and he felt his heart break. He moved towards her, it hurt like hell, but the most important thing for him right now was calming Martha down.

Martha felt jack's arms around her. Finally. She held him tight, but not to tight. She didn't wanted to hurt him even more. She felt him kiss her head and whisper. 'It's going to be ok. Just hang in there. Everything is going to be ok. Just breath. It will be ok.'

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Chapter 6: in the hospital

Jack let go of Martha and fell on the floor. He had held her in his arms for as long as he could. But now the pain was enough to knock him out. He fell down and smiled at Martha. He wanted to say something, but he was having enough trouble breathing as it was. Martha started to cry. He wanted to hold her again, if only to calm her down. But he couldn't move.

Martha saw Jack lie there and she tried to smile. But she couldn't, the fear she had felt over the last couple of days overwelmd her. She just started to cry and she couldn't stop anymore. In the background she could vaguely hear Peter's voice. He was probably calling for an ambulance. She wondered if he had actually killed Corey or just wounded him.

Jack woke up in the hospital. Somewhere between letting go of Martha and arriving at the hospital, he past out. He couldn't really say when it had been. As a matter of fact he didn't remember much of what had happened after he had hold Martha in his arms again. Marhta. He looked around but he was completely alone in the room.

Martha opened he eyes and looked around. She was hoping that she would see Jack. But he wasn't there. She wished she could go to Jack, but Rachel had told her not to move. At least untill they made sure that her baby was alright. She looked at the door and smiled at Tash, who was just walking in.

'Hey, Mac, you alright?' 'Yeah. I'm good.' Tasha smiled. 'Do you know where Jack is?' 'Euhm. Last time I talked to Tony, about 10 minutes ago he was stil unconscious.' Martha closed her eyes. 'Hey Mac; come on. I'm sure he's fine.' Martha smiled, but she didn't say anything.

Jack tried to get up but as soon as he did he fell back down. Tony and Peter walked in together. 'Hey, mate. Don't try that again.' Jack looked at his dad and smiled. 'Shut up dad.' He got back up and this time he managed to stay up. 'Not a word. I'm going to see Martha and I'm going now!' He got up on his feet but fell down inmeadiatly. Peter reacted fast and grabbed him before he hit the floor.

Martha looked up when she heard the door open. Then she smiled. 'Jack.'Jack walked in supported by Peter and Tony. 'Martha.' He sat down and took her in his arms. She finally felt safe again. After so much time.

Martha was still lying on the bed, jack was sitting on a chair next to it. The doctor, who was about to perform the ultrasound, smiled at them. 'Now, this is going to be cold.' She looked at the screen and started to smile. 'There you go. That's your baby. Perfectly fine.' Jack smiled and hugged Martha. Everything was fine now.

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Chapter 7: At night

Martha closed her eyes. She was lying on the couch. She had left the hospital about three hours ago. And now she was here, in the house. The same house Corey had taken her from. She was lying on the couch she had moved while trying to get away from him. While he was... No. For the thousand time that day she reminded herself not to think about that.

Tasha walked in from the bathroom. Jack had asked her to stay with Martha while he was still in the hospital. He should be getting home soon. He had only staid a little longer because the docters wanted to make sure there were no internal bleedings. Or someting like that. She sat down beside her best friend.

Jack walked, well it wasn't exactly walking, he was leaning on his dad more then anything else. But still, he walked into the house and saw Martha and Tasha sitting on the couhc. They were talking, about silly things. He smiled, he knew it would take some time before she could calm down, but she would be alright. He would be there to protect her. And this time Corey would never come back. Never.

Hours have passed. The night has fallen, it's getting dark outside. Tahsa and Tony went home hours ago. Jack and Martha are still lying on the couch. Martha is leaning on Jack's shoulder. They're watching tv, well she's watching tv. He's watching her. He doesn't want to look away. He's afraid something might happen to her.

An hour later. Martha's almost sleeping. Jack moves and she opens her eyes a little. 'Hey, sorry. Did I wake you?' 'No. I wasn't sleeping. Yet.' He smiled. She was always like this,never willing to admit anything. Not even that she was tired. He turned the tv of and smiled at her. 'Come one. Let's go to bed. You look tired and our baby needs sleep right. Our little boy.'

He stood up and walked to the bedroom. 'Hold on, who told you it was a boy. It could be agirl. I'd rather have a girl.' 'Oh no. I want a boy.' 'Shut up.' He smiled. She smiled. She always felt better when he smiled at her. It made her feel safe, it showed her that he really did love her. And right now that's what she needed. To feel safe.

She turned around again. She couldn't sleep. Every time she closed her eyes she saw him. And she felt like she was in that horrible room again. Even though she knew that she was lying in her own bed. And she was home. And Jack was lying next to her. She turned around, she knew she would feel better if she could feel him. But he wasn't there. She sat up when she realised that he wasn't lying there.

He must have gone to the bedroom. It didn't really matter. He would come back, she knew he would. She turned around again and closed her eyes. She was determined to sleep; if itfor her baby.

Marhta opened the door smiling, she saw him smile back. 'You betrayed me and now you're going to pay for it.' 'My baby.' 'you're pregnant? You're going to give Jacky boy a baby?' He smiled and pointed the gun again. 'You really thing I'd care.' 'Next time I won't miss.' 'Remember your life and the life of your baby depend on me.' He pushed her against the wall and kissed her. She saw Jack get shot. 'NOooooo.'

She screamed and sat up. Jack came running trough the door. 'You alright.' He walked to ther side of the bed and turned on the light. He saw her cry and shake and he inmeadiatly understood what was going on. She must have dreamed about Corey. He saw Kim and Rachel appear in the doorway. 'Everything ok.' 'Yeah. It was just a nightmare. I've got it uner controle.' 'I'll get some water.' 'Thank you.'

'It's okay. It's okay. Stay calm.' She heard what he was saying, but the words didn't get trough to her. She couldn't calm down. She just couldn't. 'Hey. Shtttttt. Calm, calm.' He was still sitting next to the bed, trying to calm Martha down. Kim and Rachel had gone to bed after he promised them that everything would be ok. And that he would cal them if they needed anything. He looked at Martha, the girl that had always been so strong, and who know seemed so broken so wounded again.

That was the second time she looked like that. So helplesss and it was because of the same guy. He wanted to protect her, he wanted to make her feel safe. He wanted to reasure her that nobody would harm her. That he would protect her. But how was he going to do that? He smiled when he thought of something. He got up and lied down in the bed. He turned around and put his arm around her. 'It's ok. Just try and sleep. It will be ok. I'm right here.'

He knew that if they would just get trough the night it would all pass. Eventually she would calm down. Everything would be ok again. He kept his arm around her, pulling her closer to him. To reassure her that it would all pass. He knew that it would all pass. And that's when her realized, it gets the worst at night.

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OK. I'm a little slow, I just realize I wrote the last two chapters to this fic but never posted them. Kept forgetting, and eventually figured I probably did posted it. anyway since I stopped studying for today, thought I post them.

Chapter 8: the storm

Months have passes since she got kidnapped. And everything is going well. Her pregnancy is going perfectly. Jack is home every night. Tasha, Robbie and Ella spend a lot of time with them. It's all perfect. And yet she still can't seem to calm down. She keeps expecting him to show up. She looks after her every time she walks the street. She locks the doors, closes the windows, and it's still worse at night.

But slowely she's calming down. She knows he won't come back. He couldn't not this time. And she knew that Jack would protect her, no matter what happened. And slowely the panick turned into happiness. And she started to fight with Jack. Over stupid things. The name for their kid. He wanted a boy, she wanted a girl. He wanted to call him Billy she hated the name. She wanted to call her girl Claudia, he hated that name.

Everything they had to decide turned into a fight. But they weren't long once. They had already seen what could happen if they did. Jack kept wondering what could have happened if he hadn't found Martha in time. He would have never forgiven himself. She kept wondering what would have happened if Corey had shot him in the head.

But it was all over now. Corey was dead, Jack, Martha and the baby were alright. Everything would be fine from now on. Kim, Martha and Jack were sitting on the couch. They were about to watch a movie, they were playing the mask of zorro. They were actually waiting for Rachel to come home. They could hear it rain outside. It was raining extremelly hard, they wondered if Rachel would even be able to get trough it.

It had only once in summer bay rained harder. That they could remember anyway. It had been when the cyclone hit the bay. But now it was raining hard. Kim walked to the door and opened it. He walked outside and came back in three seconds later. Soaking wet. 'I don't think we're going to see Rachel anytime soon. Nobody could get trough that.' Martha suddenly sat up. 'Oh no.' Jack smiled at her. 'Relax, I'm sure Rachel's alrigth.' 'No, no My water just broke. We're having the baby. Now Jack.'

Jack and Kim froze. They didn't knew what to do or what to say. For about a minute. Then Kim ran to the phone to call Rachel. Jack sat down next to Martha. 'Try to calm down, ok. It will all be ok. Rachel will be here soon.' Kim walked back to them. 'Hey. I just got her. She's trying to get here, but the storm is to bad. She doesn't know if she will make it in time.' 'what!' martha wanted to cry. It couldn't be, after everything that had happened, something wouldn't go wrong now, right?

Jack tried to calm down his wife, but he was not so calm himself. If Rachel didn't arrive in time he and Kim would have to delivere the baby. But how where they going to do that? He had no idea how. Oh god, oh god, this could only end badly.


Martha tried to breath but she couldn't anymore. She has no strenth left. She looks at Jack who is holding her hand, Kim is the one delivering the baby. The baby is there yet, she has to be strong. She could rest in a while. Outside the storm still goes own. Then another contraction hits her. She screams. And then she hears a baby cry. She falls down on the floor, it's over. Jack kisses her head and whispers 'you did it, baby, you did it.'

Kim wraps the baby in a blanket and gives it to Jack. Martha couldn't get up but she wanted to see the baby. Jack put the baby in her arms. He had never looked so happy in his life. Martha looked at the crying baby in her arms and laughed. She look at her husband and said 'a girl, it's a girl.' Jack smiled. 'Alright, alright you won. It's the most beautiful girl ever. Just like her mother.' Martha looks at the baby. Everything was going to be alright now.

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last chapter

chapter 9: family

Jack was sitting next to martha's bed. They had arrived at the hospital 20 minutes ago. The baby had been tested and she was perfectly healthy. So was her mum. Both were currently deep asleep. Because of the storm that was just settling down nobody had arrived to the hospital yet. The only one who was there was Kim. And Rachel of course.

Martha moved and opened her eyes. 'Hey. You awake?' 'the baby?' 'she's perfectly fine. She's sleeping.' Martha smiled and closed her eyes again. She had to rest. She felt Jack hold her hand. She would sleep with him and her daughter by her side. She would sleep just fine.

Hours have passed since the little girl was born and the storm had finally settled. People would start coming in soon. Martha was wide awake and holding the little girl. Jack sat next to her, smiling. 'Ok how about Melody?' 'No. Ok what about Rachel?' Jack shook his head. 'There's nothing wrong with it but no, we have to find another name.' 'Uehm. Bianca?' 'No. Elizabeth?' 'No. Sabina.' 'Please tell me you're joking.' She smiled. They would figure it out eventually.

The door opened behind them. Tony, Luke, Beth, Mattie, Alf and Ric walked in. 'Hey.' Mattie walked to the bed. 'Oh. How cute. Can I hold her.' 'Sure. Here you go.' 'Oh.' Mattie held the kid very tightly. Ric and Luke walked to her side to take a better look. 'Pretty. SHe looks like Martha.' said Ric. 'Thank god, imagine if she would look like Jack. Poor kid.' Luke laughed. Jack jumped up but didn't do anything. 'Do you have a name yet?' asked Mattie. Jack and Martha looked at each other. 'No.'

The three kids left. Leaving Tony to hold the baby. 'God. I can't believe it, I have a granddaughter. I'm a grandfather. Ok I feel old now.' He passes the baby to Alf who answers. 'YOu feel old. I'm a greatgrandfather. How do you think I feel?' Everyone laughed.

'Ok. There's got to be a name. You never tought about this, you told me you wanted a lot of kids. You never thought of names?' 'No. I mean. Yeah, but you're saying no to all of my names.' 'You're saying no to all of mine.' 'Oh oh, guys you're not fighting right?' Tash walked in. 'No, we can't agree on a name.' Oh. 'But we have decided something else. Tash will you be a godmother?' 'Sure.' Tasha laughed, she loved this. 'Rob while we're at it, you ready to be a godfather?' 'Sure why not.' 'wow that sounded like you would really love it.' 'shut up idiot' 'Rob. Not in front of the baby.' Tash and Martha at the same time. Everyone smiled.

Jack was looking at martha who was holding the baby. They were all alone. There was a name he would love the baby to have, but he didn't know if he should say it. 'Say it.' 'what?' 'You look like you want to say something. SO say it.' 'I thought of name. For a reason.' 'Which one?' 'Katie. Like my mum.' Martha smiled. 'I love it.' 'Really?' 'Yeah. Euhm...' 'what?' 'My mum's name was Jane. I would like the kid to have the name to, if that's ok.' 'Katie Jane Holden. I like it.' 'You don't have to like it. She does. Do you like it? Katie Jane Holden?' The baby laughed. 'I guess that's settled.'

Tony and Luke walked in again. 'You called?' 'Yep. We have a name.' 'Alright.' Martha whispered somthing in Jack's ear. Jack takes the baby and gives it to his dad. 'Katie Jane Holden.' Luke looked at Martha who nodded. Tony smiled. 'I like it.'

Martha was sleeping with the baby in her arms. Jack was holding Martha in his. He would protect them forever. He loves them so much. They would be ok now. They were a family. And he smiled at the thought, they would be happy. The three of them.


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