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Thurs, 21 June 07 - “ Everything Is Empty ”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Everything Is Empty ”

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 21 June 07 - Episode # 4444)

Note – this summary is mostly in sequence [ie no A & B story split]

Lucas [hunter house] gets some meat out of fridge. Tony suggests that the steak is off, and that he will cook something else for everyone. Lucas wonders about this – given their recent unease. Tony insists that they all still have to eat.

Maddie enters the house – tells Tony & Lucas about Archie. After Lucas &^ Tony say they want to go to the hospital, Maddie suggest not too many ppl, i.e. her, Lucas, Ric but not Tony.

Kit [hospital] is worried about Archie, but she also confronts Rachel about what she sais. Rachel; insist that kit heard was her trying to make a professional point to Hugh.

Rachel sees that Hugh is talk to the doctor that she wants to see Archie. When Rachel goes over to Hugh. He says that paediatrics flat out and that he will tend to Archie.

Hugh tells kit that he has ordered a range of test on Archie.

Ric & brad [vph] are talking when Lucas & Maddie enter. They ask ric to drive them to hospital. Ric says that he will – after he gets dressed.

Back at the hospital, Hugh tells kit that they are still waiting on those tests. Maddie & co arrive, and go with kit to the nursery with Archie, whilst Rachel thanks Hugh for what he’s doing for her. She also tells him that she thinks that kimmy will be angry at her for this happening.

When Rachel walks away, nurse Julie comments on Hugh being a dark horse [about not tell everyone yet about scholarship]

We then see a montage – of kit with Archie, Rachel kinda stressing [bout Hugh and Archie], Tony [hunter house] looking into an all but empty fridge, and back to Rachel – who is asleep on the chairs in corridor at hospital.

Next day, Hugh sits with Rachel, he says that he has something t tells her – but then kimmy enters the hospital. Rachel tells him and kit that they are waiting on tests still. Nurse Julie approaches – she says that one of other nurses has done up an incident report over what happened with Archie. Kimmy wonders what’s going on – but rachel tells him not to worry. After kimmy & Rachel walks away, Hugh surprises Julie by scrunching up the report, and saying that he doesn’t care about it as he is out of her as of tomorrow.

Meanwhile, kit [nursery [ tells kimmy about that “panic” comment form Rachel. Kit starts to cry.

Brad [vph] has just got off the phone with sally. He kinda complains to Alf about all the handyman work that he is doing these days. Brad’s mood gets worse when Maddie ^ Ric enter the room, form upstairs. He is annoyed that no one was consulted about Maddie sleeping the night here.

Brad is working out at the gym. He is also talking to Tony about how sally isn’t keep him in the loop about school things. Talk turns to Lucas – and Tony admits that she has handled things badly.

Rachel [hospital[ tells Hugh that she just knows that kimmy WILL take kit’s side in all of this. Hugh puts a comforting hand on rachel shoulder, and Rachel looks at him with much appreciation.

Maddie, Ric & Lucas [hunter house] are talk about Archie. They still not know what’s up with him. Tony enters house with much food shopping. He suggests cooking the family a big roast dinner, but Lucas really isn’t interested.

Tony talk to Irene [Noah’s] about how empty his life, the fridge, EVERYTHING is without Beth.

At hospital, Hugh & Rachel tell kit & kimmy that Archie is suffering foam a viral infect6ion, and that there is nothing that kit has done to make it happen etc.

Kimmy [hospital; corridor] verbally attacks Rachel over what’s happened, and when Hugh tries to tell kimmy the fact of the matter, kimmy tells him to stay out of this.

After Tony [Noah’s] hears brad complaining about all these handyman etc things that sally is get him to do, Tony thinks that brad should be WAAAAAAAAY grateful that he has someone like sally in his life.

After brad bails, and Tony indicate to Alf that he is plan on stay around for a while, Alf goes to store room, but by time he has bought back a nice bottle of cognac, Tony has bailed – he followed an attractive unknown woman who just bailed for the bar.

Maddie [hunter house] tells ric that she is way worried about kit, i.e. that she REALLY is leaving so soon. Lucas enters – he’s pleased that Tony isn’t home [or trying to ram a meal or a boat down Lucas’ throat].

Whilst kit & kimmy are with archer in the nursery room of hospital, Rachel approach nurse Julie about the incident report. Julie tells her what Hugh did – and why he did it [south Africa posting]. Julie is surprised that Rachel not know.

Rachel goes to the diner flat, where Hugh tells her that the ONLY reason that he’ll stay in oz is if he & Rachel can truly be together. If he is going, and NOT come back [end of ep]


Will the likes of Rachel & kimmy follow their heart?

Who is leaving Bay forever?

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD – Irene’s white (red floral) blouse/pink top

SILVER – Hugh’s aqua button up shirt

BRONZE – Maddie’s sky blue singlet top/black (light pink floral motif) shorts


Alf’s blue & yellow check button up shirt

Alf’s bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

Archie’s sky blue top

Brad’s dark green [yellow check] shorts

Brad’s white (black pin stripe) button up shirt [with green t-shirt beneath]

Brad’s white [small blue BONTY logo] singlet/dark pants

Hugh’s white [purple tropical motifs] button up shirt

Kimmy’s off white (brown tropical motifs) t

Kit’s red [with white patch beneath] v neck top/denim jeans

Luke’s brown [pink horizontal stripes] polo shirt

Luke’s red [small white sports logo] singlet top/light blue board shorts

Maddie’s off white [green leafy motifs] thin strap top/light pink shorts

Nurse Julie’s white (with little blue medical type motifs all over) blouse

Rachel’s royal blue scoop neck top

Ric’s black [unknown green logo] t/black shorts

Ric’s red [white & blue vertical stripes] shorts

Ric’s white (with orange horizontal stripes) polo shirt

Tony’s brown [orange horizontal stripes] polo shirt

Tony’s sky blue button up shirt

Tony’s white [sB gym] t shirt

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